Zero Tolerance 0350TS Review

Tough and dependable, the Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS folding knife is 10-percent lighter than its predecessors in the ZT0300 series. Its G10 handle affords the user a strong, comfortable grip, and holds up well against the elements. Likewise, the 3.25-inch S30V stainless-steel, tungsten DLC blade is designed to enhance hardness and resist corrosion.

Best of all, the knife’s “SpeedSafe” opening system lives up to its name: it opens quickly with minimal jolt and locks in place securely, requiring only one hand. This knife is composed of premium materials and boasts a state-of-the –art design, none of which come cheaply. The retail price reflects this fact.

Zero Tolerance 0350TS review


  • This knife is 4.575 inches long when closed; it is 7.575 inches when the blade is at full extension.
  • The ZT0350TS weighs in at 6.2 ounces.
  • The plain edge 3.25-inch blade is made from S30V stainless steel and treated with black tungsten, diamond-like coating (DLC).
  • The G10 handle is textured for a more secure grip and easier usage.
  • Its light weight and streamlined design make the knife easy to carry in any style of wardrobe.
  • The blade deploys by means of the SpeedSafe opening system and is held safely in place by a liner lock.

Zero Tolerance 0350TS blade


Zero Tolerance 0350TS blade

The advantage of a stainless steel blade over its carbon counterpart is its durability. Stainless steel weathers better under adverse conditions, and is more resistant to rust and water damage. It also sharpens easier than a carbon steel blade. The S30V stainless steel of the ZT0350TS is hardened through a sintering process that binds molecules closer, thereby strengthening the knife’s ability to cut through dense materials. The tungsten DLC coating enhances the knife’s utility by diminishing surface friction and eliminating reflective glare, both necessary properties for combat, survival and hunting purposes. Whether you are field dressing or clearing thick brush, an edge that is less obtrusive and penetrates with greater ease will be more versatile in the outdoors.

The dimensions and weight of the ZT0350TS qualify it as an EDC – an everyday carry knife. Accordingly, the knife should be—and is—usable in any number of situations. You may need to cut yourself out of a locked seatbelt; to pry open a rusted container; to gut fish or game; or—sadly, in this world—to defend yourself against a dangerous aggressor. In every case, the hardness and durability of this blade makes it a more efficient tool. Rope of any thickness likewise proves no challenge for this blade. The 0350 blade also comes in a serrated version (ST), which cuts better should the knife happen to dull. Both versions sport a cool, tiger-stripe pattern.

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ZT 0350TS Handle

Man meets knife at the handle and this handle is most accommodating. G10 laminates are frequently used in electronic devices because they absorb little, if any, moisture. They are also used by civil engineers in structural supports, so it goes without saying that a handle made from this substance is solid. At one half-inch thick, its design provides a comfortable and secure grip that you can sustain over long periods. This comes in handy (pardon the pun) when working on big projects like breaking down thick cardboard boxes after moving or cutting through the thick muscles of a moose. The handle also has a clip for carrying it on a belt, and a hole for running a lanyard through.

The base of a knife—or pommel—is often practical as a pounding device or hammer. One drawback to the ZT0350TS, however, is the pommel jimping, which makes this secondary function more difficult. Nevertheless, the jimping can be helpful when employing a reverse grip, such as when you might chip away at thick ice.

Opening and Locking

The SpeedSafe opening system of the ZT0350 allows for easy one-handed brandishing. Applying pressure to the thumb stud releases the torsion bar that holds the blade in its folded position. Ideally the pressure should be gentle but this is open to interpretation; let’s just say it should be sufficient. Using the flipper is said to open the blade with less effort. Once opened, a vertical lock bar—known as a liner lock or leaf spring— secures the blade firmly in place at the tang. It gives this folding knife all of the strength associated with a fixed-blade.

The Bottom Line of zero tolerance 0350ts

Quality construction and incorporation of the latest knife technology combine to make the ZT0350TS one of the most durable and versatile implements of its kind. Furthermore, it is well suited for prolonged work against resistant objects. Small enough for conceal carry yet substantial enough for a relaxed while unshakable grip, this knife shoulders the burden and conserves effort for its user. Although it is officially small enough to count as an EDC, its sturdy construction and thickness make it nearly indestructible. The point and edge of its blade make clean and complete cuts.

ZT knives are all American-made, and employ designers like Ken Onion and Tim Galyean, two of the most visionary knife creators around. The 0350 represents the newest in knife conceptions and encompasses only superior materials. Useful in hunting, camping, yard work or what have you, it promises to get the job done time and again. While pricey, it gives the buyers their money’s worth in challenges met and time saved. In addition, it is well-accessorized for easy and stealth carrying. This knife may not be suitable for everybody but every shopper should give it a look.

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