Spyderco Police 3 G 10 review

Marketed in some quarters as “a big knife for big boys,” the Spyderco Police 3 G-10 plain edge knife is relatively large as folding knives go. Still, dimensions can be deceiving, in this case leaving the impression that the knife is unwieldy and difficult to manipulate.

In fact, this model has endured for two decades due—in large part—to its ease of use and effectiveness in executing tasks typical for police officers and other first responders. From the point of its VG-10 blade to the pommel of its G-10 handle, this piece of quality cutlery is famous for adaptability and endurance under heavy use. The current model reflects the features most sought-after by the law enforcement community.


Spyderco Police 3 G-10 review



  • In a folded position, this knife is 5.56-inches long. The blade measures 4.35 inches in length while the open knife extends to 9.91 inches. At .118-inches in blade thickness, this knife weighs in at 4.9 ounces.
  • The G-10 laminate handle is more finely textured than other Spyderco cutlery products, and resists temperature extremes, discoloration, peeling and chemical damage.
  • The lock is positioned toward the middle of the handle, holding the plain-edge blade inalterably in place and preventing an accidental closure.
  • The pocket clip can be set four different ways—for left or right carriage, with tip up or tip down.

The Blade

The cutlery grade VG-10 refers to a particular stainless steel from Japan. Originally used primarily for swords and kitchen knives, this material has proven an excellent component in sporting knives, as well. Consisting of carbon, cobalt, chromium and other metals, VG-10 steel is famous among knives for its capacity to hold an edge, withstand rust and endure multiple other stressors without exhibiting damage or corrosion. The strength of VG-10 steel makes it perfect for police work, be it as a rescue tool or an instrument to cut through and pry open compartments. This material provides long-term staying power for any blade.

The Spyderco Police 3 G-10 blade is flat ground, meaning it tapers from the spine to each edge. The advantage to this type of grind is that the blade is relatively easy to sharpen—if need be—against a stone or other hard surface. For the user’s comfort, the blade features a thumb ramp and finger choil for greater wielding control. The tip is suitable for a piercing knife and the edge slices through resistant material with razor-sharp ease. All in all, this blade adapts to a plethora of tasks, although its size makes it a challenge for everyday carry.

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The Handle

When multiple layers of fiberglass cloth are immersed in resin, then compressed and baked, the resulting product is called G-10. Because it is hard, durable and light, G10 is a popular handle for knife users and enthusiasts. The Police 3 handle is textured with scales, like other Spyderco knives, but textured more finely as to provide a strong and comfortable grip while feeling smoother to the touch. It is also more streamlined, and provides two indentations for fingers, which further increase the user’s control over this weapon. In addition, the G-10 laminate stands up well against extreme cold, heat, rain and other hostile climate conditions.

There is some debate among professional soldiers and law enforcement agents regarding the need for a finger choil. Although technically part of the blade, the choil’s presence will obviously affect how the handle is gripped, since it serves as an unsharpened indentation for the index finger. There is a consensus, nevertheless, that larger knives benefit from the choil. In fact, the Police 3 added the choil in a nod to law enforcement desires.

Locking and Deployment

The Police 3 employs a “lockback” blade locking system. This traditional mechanism is tried and true, allowing for only the barest vibration from an open blade. A notch in the blade tang receives the lock bar so that the blade is fixed in position. When you wish to unlock the blade, a spring-activated rocker bar releases the blade from its extended position. A dent added by designer David Boye serves the Police 3 as a preventative against accidental disengagement of the blade. Only your intentional intervention can liberate it. Rest assured, this blade is not going anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Any Spyderco Police 3 review must acknowledge that the size of this knife makes it unsuitable for everyday use. At the same time, it well executes its specific charge as a police tool, and can be used for self-defense by undercover or decoy officers who are unable to carry a firearm in their assignments. Accessorized with features for enhanced grip, this knife is optimal for a skillful and well-trained user who is expert at responding in emergency situations. Although the version 3 is plain-edged without any serration, it gets the job done with almost any rough or unyielding material.

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