Smith and wesson tactical knife review

Whether in movies or the evening news, U.S. Navy Seals represent the quintessential warriors: physically hard, mentally tough and risking their lives with unmatched professionalism. Any student of combat and survival is curious to learn the Seals’ techniques which, in turn, are dictated by the tools they use.

The most basic and primal of a Navy Seal’s arsenal is his knife, which must be top of the line in terms of quality, durability and usability. Smith and Wesson makes just such a Navy Seals knife. With a supremely hard stainless steel blade tanto blade, this knife excels at piercing, making it optimal for entries, escapes and self-defense. Since it is partially serrated, the Smith and Wesson Navy Seal knife is also an effective cutting tool.

smith and wesson tactical knife review


  • Handle is 4.8 inches long while blade measures 3.325 inches. Opened knife is 8.825 inches and weighs 4.5 ounces.
  • The 440 stainless steel, partially serrated tanto blade with full convex grind lends devastating power to pierce, puncture and perforate.
  • The handle comes equipped with a belt cutter and glass breaker, both necessary for extrication from an endangered vehicle.
  • Convenient thumb stud for easy one-handed opening and a liner lock for an unyielding blade when in motion.
  • Carried on either side with pocket clip or accompanying sheath.
  • Reasonably priced by most retailers relative to its solid construction and constituent materials.

The Blade

Type 440 stainless steel ranks very high in the Rockwell hardness scale—an authoritative measure of its durability under stress. No less would be expected from a Smith and Wesson Navy Seal knife. Because they contain more carbon than other steels, 440 blades stand up better against the oxidation and corrosion caused by the elements. This makes for an attractive knife to outdoors enthusiasts as well as serious tactical users. Unlike other tanto blades, the extremely strong point is not the only selling feature. This knife sports a partially serrated edge that allows it to slice as well as pierce. If food becomes an issue, this knife is effective in field dressing.

The increased carbon in the blade’s composition allows for another advantage: it needs sharpening less frequently. Longer outings, therefore, are no problem for this Navy Seals knife. This ability to maintain its edge for longer periods means the knife can be utilized for more tasks without having to resort to other tools.

The Handle

A knife handle should be judged on two criteria: the grip and alternate uses. Online reviews confirm the comfort and security of the grip for extended durations. This is particularly important for anyone who must continually pierce and pull when climbing challenging terrain. Moreover, the handle has a built-in belt cutter and glass breaker. Extricating yourself from a burning or submerged vehicle requires a fast release from seat-belt restraints and closed windows. Fortunately, the butt end of this knife can do both of these things in short order. It has multiple uses for camping, rock climbing and everyday carry contingencies. The working end of this knife is, well, either end.

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Open and Lock

Fast opening and a stationary blade are musts for any tactical knife. The easily accessible thumb stud releases the tanto blade which is then held securely in place by a liner lock mechanism. Also called a leaf spring, the liner lock bar adheres to the tang (or tail) of the blade to hold it in a static position. This part is designed to make blade and handle one with each other—and one with your arm. Any who worry that the blade might shake or move independently can put fear to rest. This folding knife has all the power of a fixed-blade.


This knife comes with a sheath—a nice option for those who do not want to clip it to a pocket. The sheath cradles the knife while allowing the user rapid access to it should an emergency occur. For those who prefer the pocket clip, the knife affixes securely to either side for easy reach.

The Bottom Line

This folding knife is a lethal weapon and a sturdy, reliable tool. It is made from top-flight substances and designed for tasks of varying difficulty. Smith and Wesson began designing custom knives in the 1970s, producing them out of a Springfield, Massachusetts facility. The unique designs and production make their knives surprisingly affordable despite the superior components acquired for manufacturing. This knife is no exception and definitely worth a trial run.

If you want a knife that can pierce the toughest fiber and even puncture metals, the Navy Seal knife may be for you. If you want an all-purpose tool that can be utilized in unanticipated circumstances, e.g. car accidents, consider this knife. Finally, if you seek a reliable combat knife for self-defense, this knife is designed with you in mind. After all, if it’s good enough for the Seals…

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