Best torque wrench for scope mounting 2021 – Top 3 Experts Recommendation

Most of the rifles are fitted with the mounting facilities or the pre-drilled options to fit the scope. However, there are somewhere you have to do the mounting yourself, and this is where the scope mount torque wrench comes in quite handy.

If you don’t use a torque wrench, you might be able to fix the scope. However, on the downside, there are risks like,

  • Incorrect mount of a scope that can easily shift/ slide even at the slightest recoil of the rifle.
  • Too much torque can strip off the thread where the rings are made of aluminum.
  • Scope rings in steel can even break.
  • Severe damage to the scope where the rifle scope is made of aluminum.

In short, your rifle scope is too precious to take a risk without the scope mount torque wrench.


Best torque wrench for scope mounting

Here we bring to you three of the best torque wrenches in the market, discussed in detail.

Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque wrench


Easy to assemble and even easier to operate, this is one of the superior designs you would find in a torque wrench.

  • This wrench is hand driven and can easily provide a torque between the range of 10in/lbs to 65in/lbs.
  • The screw adjustment is equally reliable for every screw, and the model only takes turns in the clockwise direction.
  • There is a click sound to let you know when the torque target is reached.
  • It comes with an S2tool steel bit and is highly versatile.
  • It can easily help with the settings of scope rings, windage screws, guard screws, base screws.
  • Sturdy materials in construction, Ensuring durability.
  • Accessories include hex to square adapters, T15 Torx, T20 Torx, Leupold specialty flat blade, etc.
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The only possible downside is that the higher torque levels may damage smaller screws, and the tension levels will take some effort to adjust them.

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Wheeler Scope Mounting Combo Kit

If precision is what you are looking for, then you might want to try this wheeler engineering mounting kit. Not only does this kit keep your mount from getting damaged, but it also makes way for easy maintenance of your firearm.

  • It comes from a reputed brand like that of wheeler who is known for their torque wrenches and other accessories.
  • The reticle leveling adjustments help to make the firearm more accurate.
  • It can assist with the handling of trigger guard screws, scope rings, action screws, and base screws.
  • It ensures tighter connections, which further paves the way for easier adjustments when needed.
  • Accessories include lapping bar handle, lapping compound, 1 inch, and 30mm scope ring alignment bars and ring lapping bars, bubble level-level, etc.

The downside is if the reticle-leveling is not aligned properly, the tool cannot correct the windage errors in the gun.

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Vortex Torque wrench mounting kit

Well built and easy to use, the torque wrench mounting kit from Vortex optics offers you the best performance. You can be assured of accuracy in tension on the scope screws for every user.

  • There is a certificate of calibration offered with this kit.
  • In terms of standards in accuracy, the wrench meets the requirements of ASME and DIN, regulatory bodies that guarantee quality in manufacturing.
  • The accessories include T25 Torx bit, socket adaptors, viper clamp bolts, etc.
  • Easy to set and read, and it offers accurate and fast tension every time you need it.
  • There are bits and accessories to handle all kind of screws and makes the job of mounting optics very easy.
  • The screwdriver offered alongside can work with Hunter and viper clamp bolts too.
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There is no click sound when the torque target is achieved, and there is no scale for conversions with this model.

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The job of a gunsmith could be quite challenging. Thanks to the tools like the scope mount torque wrench, the job is now less daunting. Available in different designs, with a whole range of accessories and bits to suit different screw sizes, these torque wrenches can make scope mounting an easy task. These wrenches do not just help with accurizing your firearms, but they can also help to fasten other gadgets in terms of the rotation force to be applied. When making a choice, consider the accuracy, ease of use and construction before buying a scope mount torque wrench.

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