sa sports empire terminator crossbow review

Sa Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow Review

Nothing is more exciting and thrilling than being involved in the world of outdoors or sports activities, specifically hunting. You may say that this is an unfamiliar or little-known type of recreation or sport but over the past few years, the crossbow hunting trend has increased significantly. It is now one of the most usual things a father and his son do over the weekends to bond over and spend quality time.

Also, different companies are now showing up here and there and starting to produce or manufacture new and improved crossbows having the latest technological advancement in the field of archery. One of the latest and most efficient crossbows today is the 260-fps Empire Terminator™ Crossbow by SA Sports® for having a low and reasonable price without sacrificing good quality.

SA Sports is a company that has made so many product contributions in the world of archery. They are known to have made durable and top-notch long bows, composite bows and crossbows. They also make a lot of accessories which can come in handy on your hunting trips.

Their latest crossbow production is the 260 fps Empire Terminator Crossbow which is intended for customers with budget limitation or financial difficulties but want to experience the thrill of shooting a bow. Hence, they made it affordable while maintaining great durability and competitiveness.

It holds high ratings over different e-commerce website and archery stores and has so many positive reviews or feedback from satisfied users.

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  • It has a speed of 260 feet per second. It is fairly fast given that the product is very affordable compared with other crossbows.
  • The limbs have a strong hold on the string and a nice bend. The strong limbs are enough to fire a bolt at an alarming speed and hit the target accurately and fast.
  • It measures about 26 inches from axle to axle and a power stroke of about 11 inches.
  • The weight of the crossbow is 4.5 pounds making it light and easy to carry around. It is much preferred for hunting as heavier crossbows will tire you fast during your hunt. In addition, light crossbows are easy to point and shoot.
  • It includes a scope on top of the crossbow. The scope is nicely detailed that provides you with great targeting for accurate shooting. Very effective over a long distance.
  • The strings are very strong. It won’t break easily even if it is used extensively.
  • There are free bolts included in the set—two pieces of sharp and sturdy bolts that can pierce through most objects.


  • With the scope, you can hit a target accurately over 30 yards. The scope’s accuracy and the power of the crossbow go nicely with the bolts included in the set as a target that far can still be pierced through.
  • The weight, speed, limb power and sturdiness of the string is all proportional.
  • It is highly affordable and easy to obtain. You can be a great hunter in no time by just investing a small amount and a little practice.
  • This is best for users of all skill levels. It can be used by a beginner, amateur, expert or professional.
  • It requires minimal assembly and effort as it comes with a nice and very detailed instruction manual.
  • Each part of the crossbow is made from high-quality and very durable materials.


  • The trigger system or mechanism of the crossbow loses its integrity over shooting several bolts. It is more likely to be the first thing that will break over time.
  • The two pieces of bolts seem a little light wherein air greatly affects its trajectory making the scope useless.
  • The limbs look delicate. It makes you conscious or worried that you don’t want to prolong cocking the crossbow.
  • Some of the screws located on several parts of the crossbow are a little bit loose. You have to use bigger screws so that it can be held together properly. Loose screws endanger the crossbow because there is pressure applied in some areas when you hold the string back.

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The SA Sports® 260-fps Empire Terminator™ Crossbow is the best for hunting sports. You can start as soon as you like due to the fact that is very affordable. You do not need to worry about the price affecting the quality of the bow because it is guaranteed to give you fun and excitement for a very long time.

It is also a good practice crossbow for beginners and a good hunting crossbow for experts. With it being lightweight, you can carry it around comfortably while you chase your target.

Take your time in aiming at what you are about to shoot at because the weight won’t make you tired. The crossbow also levels well with your shoulder, giving you a nice posture that will save you from neck and back pains.

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Possible Alternatives

If this product does not satisfy your needs and preferences for a good crossbow, then you can opt to have a look and test out the Fang 350 Crossbow by PSE. This is slightly expensive compared to the SA Sports® Empire Terminator™ Crossbow but is far more competitive in most of its features and benefits.

If you don’t have any issues or concerns with the price of a crossbow then the PSE® Fang™ 350 Crossbow will definitely satisfy you with what you are looking for. It is highly accurate, easy to handle with a great design and comes with 4 pieces of free bolts.


The product, SA Sports Empire Terminator™ Crossbow, in general, is a great investment if you want to start your hunting experience. You can buy it for you and your children to have a great outdoor and hunting adventure.

It has great durability, sturdy construction, accuracy, power, weight and shooting speed—all that for a great and affordable price. This product holds high-rate and reviews and has made it in the list of the best-selling crossbow products in the world of archery.

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