Where to Put a Safe in your House?


If you have a safe in your house, you need to place it according to your use and safety. But placing a safe in the right corner of your house is quite tough actually. But one thing for sure, placing a safe is a very important thing to think about. You cannot place it anywhere you want. One should keep in mind the importance of placing it. So, to help you with this bitter confusion, we have come around with some simple tips. Let’s get on with it.

Why should you keep safe?

You need to keep a safe just to keep all your valuables intact. You never know when any burglar attack occurs. So, you need to keep a safe just to keep all these things intact. Also, there are times when you need to keep some dangerous stuff such as guns and other equipment out of the reach of others. A safe can always give you that opportunity. Also, you can keep your money, jewelry and important valuables on the safe. That is why you will need to have a safe.

Where to Put a Gun Safe in your House

Where to put a safe in your house? – Simple Tips

Now comes the real part. Where should you place your safe? Well, all we can tell you is that you need to think about some important things. Or should we say you need to make some slight consideration? Now in this part of the content, we are going to talk about these considerations. Make sure you keep a keen eye on them.

To save it from the burglars.

If you look to keep your safe out of the reach of any burglar, you will need to find a remote place where locating your safe is hard. But we recommend you keep the safe in your guest room closet. This will help you to place the safe with assured security. But the safe should be hidden within the wall. Try to bolt it with the wall and the safe should be blended with the wood door. This way, the safe will be safe from burglars.

To save it from fire

This is another top consideration. If you have a safe or you’re a house is near any chemical industry or factory, you need to think of saving the safe from fire. In this case, keep you safe in the two corners of your rooms outside the walls. This place will provide the best protection in case there is any fire at all. If your house has multiple levels, you need to keep them safe on the ground floor. This goes true for heavy safes.

In case of flooding

There is always a chance that your house might get washed up with the flood. If you are living near the river or ocean area, you may face this problem. But if you have a safe to keep, you need to find a good location. But to save the safe, bolting it to the wall will help you. You need to make a steel base to do so. Why not keep the safe two feet above from the ground level.

If you use frequently

If you use your safe frequently, you need to find a location where your safe will be within the hands reach. Placing the safe inside your bedroom is a good idea in this case. But make sure the safe is bolted to the floor.

Weather and weight

If the safe is very heavy and you change your house quite often, keeping them safe on the ground floor is a good idea. If the temperature and weather conditions may harm your valuables, you can always keep it on a warm and safe place in your house.

Where not to keep a safe in your house?

Try to avoid the garage and the outside part of your house’s master bedroom. These two places are the most common places for a burglar to look for something.


If you are worried about where to place your safe inside the house, need not worry. Placing your safe is not a big deal. You just need to make some simple considerations. These considerations will help you choose the exact location of your safe. We tried to give you some simple tips on this case and hope this will help you get a good idea about the places around you can keep safe.

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