Public hunting land in Florida – Secured areas to hunt in Florida

Florida has a wide variety of public hunting land available to the hunter looking for a place to hunt deer, dove, turkey, quail, duck, or many other different types of animals. It is essential to find out what you can and cannot hunt in public hunting land in Florida so that you do not get in trouble with the law.

Also, Florida’s public hunting lands offer various species, terrain, and hunting opportunities for visitors and citizens. From the south Florida swamp to east-central Florida’s rolling sandhills, prairies, and ridges, Florida has many different types of hunting grounds available for hunters.

While getting your hunting license map and tag, knowing the suitable public land to hunt and the kind of animals to track there is somehow a difficult task for tourists and those who live in Florida.

However, we have got you covered on this post with the list of the public lands you can hunt in Florida.

Public land to hunt in Florida – Florida hunting zones

Public hunting land in Florida

1. Sumter in Florida

The State Wildlife Management Areas in Sumter is a well-known public hunting tract. It is situated in Sumter County, and the land covers about 11,000 acres which are widely used for hunting. The atmosphere is welcoming and accommodating for all hunters. Above all, it is a safe place to hunt.

It is public land, and there you can easily hunt animals such as whitetail deer, dove, turkey, hog, duck, and quail. Hunters are allowed to use archery tools, shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, and pistols to hunt.

2. Calhoun

Calhoun is also one of the public hunting lands that boast 900 acres for hunters. The land is mainly covered with grassy upland, wetland, and forest. On the ground, you can easily hunt animals such as whitetail deer, turkey, and hog.

The land is closer to Clarksville, and hunters can use all kinds of weapons such as rifles, bows, pistols, and many more for hunting.

3. Monroe

If whitetail deer, duck, predator, or exotics are your choice as a hunter, you will want to consider hunting more in Monroe. It is public land for hunting, and it is closer to key west in Florida. With over 400000 open lands to hunt, you’ve got all you need as a hunter to perform exceptionally.

Also, the land consists primarily of freshwater wetlands, salt marsh wetlands, hardwood hammocks, and mangroves. It is a place where you also get to meet with other hunters.

4. Kings bay Dr

If you love to hunt turkey, duck, deer, predator, and exotics, you might want to consider Kings Bay Dr near crystal river Florida. The King’s bar is a refuge for many hunters as it boasts 31000 acres mostly covered with brushy uplands, grassland, wetlands, and forest.

Hunters are only allowed to use archery, rifles, and shotguns in this land, as others are not allowed. Hunting on this land gives you a comprehensive range platform to keep an excellent record. It is the reason it is a popular place among hunters.

5. Crystal river

Crystal River is another public hunting land you need to consider as a hunter if you love to keep a close tab on exotics. It covers 61000 acres of land, and you can use rifle and archery equipment alone on this site.

6. Goodland county

Hunting exotics in Florida is common in some places than in some. One of the places you can hunt freely on public hand for exotics is Goodland County. The land is closer to Immokalee, and it boasts 35000 acres for hunters to explore.

It is one of the popular areas in the state, and you are only allowed to use archery and rifle.

7. St. Marks

In St. Mark, there is public land with 68000 acres for hunters to explore the areas. The area keeps a record of visits for whitetail deer, duck, predator, and exotics. So, if you are interested in hunting any of the mentioned animals, St. Mark should be your destination.

Also, the acres are situated among Wakulla, Jefferson, and Taylor counties along the Gulf Coast, and you are only allowed to use rifles, shotguns, and archery.

8. Vero Beach

The Vero beach is another choice of consideration for anyone on the lookout for a public hand to hunt in Florida. It is a perfect hunting site with 5376 acres of land for those who hunt dove, turkey, duck, whitetail deer, and exotic.

It is a place where you need to visit with your waders for waterfowl hunting and ensure you have your gloves if you ever want to set out decoys on the ocean. As a hunter, you are allowed to use rifles, shotguns, and archery.

9. Titusville

A better place to hunt predators, exotics, whitetail deer, turkey, and dove is the land in Titusville. The area boasts 140000 acres of land for hunting. There you have the right to use archery, shotguns, and rifle for hunting.

It is a perfect public hunting site for experts and seasoned hunters. Furthermore, it is a haven as you remain in control of your hunting activities.

10. Chiefland

Chiefland boasts 53000 acres of land for hunting. It is also a public hunting land for visitors and citizens that reside near Chiefland, Florida. Some hunters have to fly down to the state because of the good records of some hunters there.

It is safe to hunt Whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail, duck, predator, and exotics. Hunters are allowed to use rifles, shotguns, and archery in the area.

11. Fulton

Fulton is another hunting area where you can hunt Whitetail deer, turkey, dove, hog, quail, duck, and exotics. The site is blessed with 200000 acres of public land for hunting, and it is covered with open land, brushy uplands, wetland, and forest.

It is very close to Milton, and hunters can use their pistols, rifles, archery, and shotguns. It is also one of the safest places to hunt in Florida.


If you are in Florida for a visit or reside there and hunting is your passion, you are just in the right place. Here on this page, we have done serious research to gather the list of the public hunting land in Florida for you.

We do our best to ensure we share in detail all you need to know about each area, what kind of animals you can hunt, and the types of weapons allowed there. We hope you get satisfied with our information.

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