Parker Challenger Crossbow Reviews For Youth

Parker Challenger Crossbow Reviews
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Your younger years is the best time to expose yourself to hunting and archery. It is because that is the time where kids start to become more sensitive towards their wants and interest, and start making decision about which ones they’d like develop. If you want your children to have the an appropriate introduction into the world of hunting and archery, you will want them out there using the right gear.

Choosing a setup which doesn’t fit them will only reduce their satisfaction with the hobby, as they struggle to handle the complicated gear. And, from there, it’s only a matter of time until their interest in the sport wanes.

Using the wrong gear can also be dangerous, as younger, less experienced users may accidentally fire on themselves or someone else. However, if you can invest in the right gear for their needs, your children will be able to perform at their very best. With this kind of experience in hand, they will be able to make an informed judgment whether this hobby suits them, and whether they want to develop it to a more advanced level.

In choosing the right crossbow for your child, there are a few chief considerations that you’ll want to consider. You need to make sure the crossbow that you choose is equipped with safety features that make it fool proof for someone with no experience and lesser muscle control.

Youths may not be able to make the best safety judgments for themselves, so they may accidentally injure themselves or someone else, while they are hunting. This isn’t their fault, but it’s important to make sure you take any and all safety precautions you can.

Obviously adults need to be there to provide supervision whenever youths use a crossbow, but the type of equipment you use is also crucial. You should look for a crossbow that has features such not accidentally firing when someone is not ready.

The next feature you might want to consider, when getting a crossbow for youth is the velocity and power the arrow can be fired at. You need a higher draw weight, in order to achieve higher velocity, but for younger users that are still growing, they their muscles may not be fully developed, yet. So you’ll need to choose their draw weight carefully, in order to challenge them, while making sure, at the same time, not being too difficult to draw the weight properly. An average ideal draw weight for a child is between 200 to 250 feet per second.

The last consideration to getting a crossbow is its durability. Youths may easily end up spending three to five years of their time using this crossbow, before transitioning to an adult crossbow. So you need to find something that can last for a long time, because crossbows are certainly a pricey investment.

Sometimes spending more for a better quality crossbow is more economical, over the long term, because it can last longer and develop better performance.

Parker Challenger Crossbow Multi-Reticle Scope X400-MR

The Parker Challenger Crossbow series is mainly designed for women and children. If you are looking for something for women or youths, you’d have to try hard to go wrong with any model from Parker Challenger Crossbow series.

It is a lightweight crossbow with just 5.5 lbs weight and a smaller frame, to fit a woman or child’s smaller body size. It can be specially customized with an adjusted draw weight, from 125 to 150 lbs.

It has the ability to shoot an arrow at 300 feet per second, at its maximum draw weight. Even the lowest draw weight in this device is sufficient to hunt down most game.

The lightweight build of this crossbow allows youths to carry it around the forest for a long period of time, without feeling fatigued. Besides that, the lightweight build allows young hunters to maneuver the gear, quicker and with greater ease.

Another great feature of this crossbow is that it is fitted with a 4 x 32mm multi-reticle scope. This scope is built to use gathered light, and produce improved magnification, with greater accuracy and precision.

It is designed to be used with a crossbow that shoots at or faster than 300 feet per second. The 4x magnification allows you to see and aim further and more clearly. It is a battery operated scope, so you need to make sure your scope has sufficient battery life, or bring spare ones along, in case the existing model runs out of juice in the middle of hunting.

Parker crossbows proudly claim that their crossbows are the easiest to cock in the entire industry. This is achieved through technology known as Parker’s Exclusive Energy Cams, that able to reduce cocking time by more than 50% when using it together with Red Hot EZ Roller Rope Cocker.

This package comes together with premium red hot optic, four arrows with field points, and a quiver that fits four arrows.

On the safety side, the Parker Challenger Crossbow is fitted with an anti-dry-fire mechanism. This mechanism prevents you from firing the bow when no arrow is in place. So you will be able to protect your device from being damaged as, when the trigger is pressed for firing, it creates a huge draw weight pressure, which should be used to fire an arrow at high velocity.

When the arrow is not present in the device when triggered, the pressure can typically damage the gear. Many manufacturers will no longer accept warranties from devices if you have caused a “dry-fire” on the crossbow.

Another safety feature in the Parker Challenger Crossbow is that it has a vented forearm, with a safety finger flange to assist you in keeping steady, while aiming at your target.

Pros of Parker Challenger Crossbow

  • Lightweight
  • Able to shoot at 300 feet per second
  • Attached with 4X multi-reticle scope
  • Fast cocking with Parker’s Exclusive Energy Cams and Hot EZ Roller Rope Cocker
  • Equipped with an anti-dry-fire mechanism

Cons of Parker Challenger Crossbow

  • The scope is battery operated, so you need to carry spare batteries or scopes with you while hunting

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The Parker Challenger Crossbow is one of the more well-known and reliable crossbows on the market. It is specially designed for smaller-sized individuals, so children will find this crossbow easy to use. Though it is smaller-in-size, it still manages to produce powerful performances, with speeds of up to 300 feet per second, allowing users to easily bring down a large-sized deer with only a few shots.

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