Best Ways To Motivate Yourself as a Hunter in 2021

There are indeed days you want to get rid of your hunting gear and quit hunting because you feel less motivated and discouraged about your performance after having a review of your accomplishments. We all have been there at one point or another.

The truth about life is that nothing comes easily. You have to fight and push harder to get what you desire. Those who you look forward to as mentors were once like you, but something helped them achieve the more significant feat, and that is self-motivation.

This post will show you ways you can pick yourself up even when you go out to hunt and never come back home with any animal. We say never give up.

Best Ways To Motivate Yourself as a Hunter

Ways To Motivate Yourself as a Hunter

Change your pattern

One of the things you need to do whenever you feel you are underachieving is to change your pattern of doing things. An adage says if you are doing something with the same formula for a thousand times, you will always get the same result. All it takes is just a change of formula.

If you are doing things the way you ought not to, you will always get the wrong result. And at that point, when you realize you have not been having a breakthrough with whatever you have been doing, you should consider having a change of style and strategy to hunting.

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Change location

Not doing too good with hunting might be as a result of not choosing the right location, there are some watches for hunters and devices that can tell you the best location for the particular animal you want to hunt. There are certain places where you will find deer, and if you do not go there, you have zero chance of killing a deer.

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So, if you are concerned about having a memorable day in hunting, you must be willing to get yourself to the exact place where your preferred animal love to visit. If it takes you to leave your location or environment that you are used to, you just have to do that.

Get around some motivated people

This part is very important, and you must never overlook it. Getting yourself surrounded by some people that will pick you up when you are down is the best thing that could ever happen to a man in life. Even the strongest gest weak and weary, but being around positive minded fellow will boost the energy in the person.

This story is not related to hunting, but it is one that I will forever remember. I was so down and discouraged about my niche site not doing good as expected while I was seeing my friend’s site doing good. The annoying part is that they do not know more than I do, and they ask me for counsel and advice most time.

So I was so furious and decided to quit, and my fiancé told me that the pace of my site growth is different from others and that I should never quit. She said I have a reason for starting in the first place, and I should always remember that. That word picked me up, and I’m glad today that she said those words.

She didn’t give me money, she never has an idea of whatever I was going through, but those words were more than gold and silver. It shows how important is it to get oneself around people that can motivate and inspire you not when you are doing good, but when all is bad and heading south.

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Listen to others story

Smiles. I’m sure you must have heard about this or seen it somewhere that coca-cola sold only just one bottle in her first year of production. That actually looks like a big loss to those who invested their money in the vision and business then. But now, I don’t think the owner of the companies can have a record of the total number of coca-cola that has been sold.

Whenever I want to give up, this story pops up in my mind, and I just have to smile and pick myself up. There are many hunters that have had bad days too. There are stories and videos online to watch, books to read to motivate you.

Truth be told, no one who is an expert today achieved that feat in just a single day. It takes sacrifice, persistence, consistency, and more to get to that level. So always have a reason to keep your head up, and one of those ways is by listening to others’ stories.

Take a break

Nothing is wrong about you taking a break. If you notice you are having a series of a bad days in hunting, you might just need to give yourself a break. It doesn’t mean you are quitting. It means you are taking time off to recharge your battery and reminisce on what you have been doing and ways you can actually do them better.

Make good use of the break to relax, try all you can to avoid bringing back memories of your bad day in hunting. Stay positive, stay away from hunting, and ensure you do all to come back strong with fresh ideas and strategy to hit the ground running.

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Practice more

One of the mistakes young hunters do is that they set out too early in life without adequate training. It is so true that you can never give out that you don’t have. So as a hunter who are truly aspiring to become one of the best someday, you must devote your time and energy to training and practice as it is the only way you can become what you have in mind of becoming.


The bottom line is, do not always depend on others to pick you up whenever you are down. The best you can do to yourself is to be your number one source of encouragement. Tell yourself you can do better and do all you can to motivate yourself.

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