Mora Bushcraft Black Tactical Knife Review

The Swedish knife maker Morakniv takes a different approach to their blades than most other knife companies. Morakniv is all about simplicity and value, and they prove it with an incredibly low price point for such a quality fixed-blade tactical knife.

It’s not only value though, the Bushcraft line has some of the best features available, including a high-quality carbon steel blade, rubberized handle that won’t slip or turn in your hand, and a rugged sheath with a drainage hole for easy carry in all weather.

mora bushcraft black review



* Mid-sized fixed-blade knife is 9.3” long with a 4.3” Sandvik carbon-steel blade, weighs 5.7 ounces
* Includes a high-impact plastic composite sheath with belt attachments for wear on either the right or left-hand side
* Ergonomic rubberized handle with finger guard is incredibly comfortable and slip-resistant
* Blade is powder coated black to cut down on glare and protect against corrosion
* The spine of the knife is ground to provide the perfect surface for striking a spark with a firesteel
* Sheath can be attached with either a belt loop or clip, both are included
* Aggressive Scandinavian-ground blade is easy to sharpen and maintain in the field
* Thick blade resists bending or breaking even when used to pry or baton
* Optional package includes a sheath-mounted diamond whetstone and clip-on firesteel
* Imported from Sweden
* Backed by a lifetime warranty from Morakniv

The Blade

One of the best things about Morakniv is their use of high-quality Sandvik steel. Sandvik is a Swedish engineering company that provides Morakniv with the steel that they use for all of their blades, and they’re known for their outstanding products. This steel has a finer grain with more regular carbon deposits than other steels, which makes it even tougher and more durable than knives made with other steel. In fact, Morakniv has gotten so popular that other knife makers are importing Sandvik steel for some of their premium knives.

Regardless of the steel manufacturer, Morakniv makes use of the sort of high-carbon steel that is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. It’s tough enough that you’re not likely to chip the edge, and the blade itself is over 1/8” thick, which provides protection against breaking off the point of the knife. Since it’s made from high-carbon steel, Mora’s Bushcraft knife does require a bit of maintenance to guard against corrosion, although the black powder coated finish improves rust resistance quite a bit.

MoraknivBushcraft Carbon Black Tactical Knife

Another feature that sets the MoraknivBushcraft carbon black tactical knife apart from the competition is the Scandinavian-ground edge. A Scandi grind, as it’s known, is easier to sharpen and maintain that hollow or flat-ground blades. The long, uniform taper of the edge of the knife means it’s easier to find the ideal angle for sharpening when you have this knife on a whetstone.


The Handle

The Bushcraft, like most of Mora’s offerings, has a rubberized handgrip for comfort and stability. It’s extremely slip resistant, even in wet or muddy conditions, and easy to hold on to when you’re wearing gloves or have very cold hands. This is the same material that combat knife manufacturer KA-BAR uses in their line of personal defense knives, because once you have a grip on the rubber-coated handle it’s nearly impossible to accidentally let go.

Even apart from the superior feel of the handle, the MoraknivBushcraft carbon black tactical knife has excellent ergonomics. Mora has included a recessed finger guard as well as a slightly curved handle in order to match the contour of your palm perfectly. The end result is that the Bushcraft is a very comfortable knife to work with, even during tough jobs over long periods of time. Your hand just won’t get tired and sore as fast with a MoraknivBushcraft compared to other, similarly-priced, knives.


One thing that absolutely stands out about the Bushcraft tactical knife is the sheath. Made of lightweight and tough plastic composite, the sheath for this knife is as good as any on the market. The handle of the MoraknivBushcraft fits snugly into place, popping in and out of the sheath with just enough effort to keep it secure as you move around.

Another feature of the MoraknivBushcraft is the thick spine, which has been ground to provide an ideal surface to strike sparks. Unlike some knife manufacturers who round off the top of the spine, the Bushcraft has an edge that’s designed to be the best at striking sparks from a ferrocerium rod. If you’re looking for a survival knife that works well for starting fires in the bush, Morakniv have exactly what you’re after.

Some packages come with a multi-purpose sheath that includes a diamond whetstone and ferro rod fire starter. The whetstone is built into the sheath itself, and the firesteel snaps securely into place alongside of the premium composite sheath. This package is extremely useful for anyone who wants an all-in-one solution for knife maintenance and fire starting, although it does cost a bit more than just the basic package. (Reference


The Bottom Line

When it comes to survival knives, Morakniv has been building them in Sweden since 1891. Although Morakniv’sBushcraft is relatively new to the American market, it already has a large and growing following of satisfied users. Anyone who wants their first survival knife, or even just an affordable backup blade, would do well to take a close look at the MorakniveBushcraft carbon black tactical knife. This model has all of the traditional features that have made Morakniv a longtime favorite in Europe, as well as a few modern improvements, like an ergonomic handle and powder coated blade, which show that Mora is not afraid to innovate and improve on the design.

Above all else, though, the MoraknivBushcraft is an excellent value. No other fixed-blade survival knife on the market can match Mora when it comes to delivering high quality at a low price. It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t love to have Mora’s Bushcraft at their hip when they hit the trails or head out camping, the knife is just so well done, sharp, rugged, and versatile that it’s a nearly ideal survival tool. Our MoraknivBushcraft carbon black tactical review has covered just about every aspect of this excellent blade, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine anything that Mora could have done differently in order to create a better survival knife.

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