Lone wolf climbing sticks – Is it worth it or not?

The undeniable truth is that lone wolf climbing sticks stand out among many other climbing sticks for hunting you will find out there. Hunting from the tree stand is very dangerous because you need to be high off the ground. However, climbing the tree is more dangerous which is the reason you need a lone wolf climbing stick.

Climbing up and down from your stand can be challenging considering gravity will work to your disadvantages, and that is the reason you need a quality climbing stick. Your safety must always be the most important thing in hunting from a stand, and the climbing stick offers you the safety you need.

The best climbing sticks for hunting game is one that will let you ascend to your tree stand quickly and safely, and all lone wolf stick delivers that in style. There are many types in the market, and we have them on this list for you so you can find it easy to make the right choice.

Lone Wolf Climbing Stick

The best climbing sticks for saddle hunting or for all forms of tree hunting must have the power to support any hunter to ensure they don’t fall off the tree in the process of climbing the tree and the Lone wolf climbing stick is a reliable one to keep you safe and secured.

It comes in two different options for you. It has three packs and four packs, and they are quite different in design, and the price varies. The climbing stick is a quick one to fix and use. It is very quiet to use, and it is designed for you to nest together and mount directly on a tree stand.

The climbing stick has a single tube design with a reversible step which ensures you have all that you need for smooth tree climbing. Also, it has pivoting V-brackets, which makes it easy for you to adjust the climbing stick to match the natural contour of any tree.


  • 350 pounds weight recommendation
  • Single tube design
  • Reversible steps
  • Fits 4 to 22 inches tree diameter

Are Climbing Sticks safe?

A climbing stick is very safe, and the rate at which it garners recognition among tree stand hunters shows that it is reliable and safe. It is safer than the use of a tree saddle, especially for beginners that have little idea or knowledge on how to climb the tree using a tree saddle.

However, with little training or following the instruction given on how to install and use a climbing tree on trees, one can find it easy to do. Climbing the tree with a climbing stick is safe as long as you’ve properly installed the stick rightly into the tree. 

How high can you get with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

If you are using four lone wolf sticks, you have the potential of getting as high as 20 feet, give or take. This is the level you can attain if you are using a 4-stick lone wolf climbing stick.

How high can you get with three lone wolf sticks?

If you are using a 3 stick, then you can get as high as 15 to 16 feet. However, if you are skilled at getting around your safety harness and line, you can go above that feet.

How much do lone wolf sticks weigh?

It all depends on the type of stick you are getting. However, none seems to exceed 10 pounds which is the weight for 4 sticks lone wolf climbing stick.

How do you use Lone Wolf sticks?

For you to use alone wolf climbing stick, you need to be in possession of one. You can either get the 3 sticks or one of 4 sticks. Now that you’ve got the climbing sticks, you should get your safety harness and line with you to climb up the tree.


  1. Get your safety harness and line and wrap around yourself to the tree. You need to ensure you don’t have too much space for you to have smooth movement on the sticks.

  2. Get the first climbing stick and strap it around the tree. Do ensure it is very firm and doesn’t dance around. At this point, you need to position it where you can easily climb.

  3. Now you can climb up the stick, and while on the last one, you pick the second climbing stick and strap around the tree while you already have the harness moved up where it will allow you to mount on the second climbing stick easily.

  4. Then go ahead to climb using the climbing stick, and when you get to the last step, you just have to wait to install the third climbing stick if you are using 3 sticks climbing stick.

  5. Move your harness a bit higher, and be ready to install the third one.

  6. Pick up the third climbing stick and strap it tightly on the tree, and then you can move up while you climb on the step and set your tree stand.

Alternative climbing sticks you can consider

Novix NX MIN Mini Climbing Stick
Muddy Outdoors Pro Aluminum Climbing Sticks Designed for Use on Crooked or Straight Trees


If you are looking for the right information on lone wolf climbing sticks, we are here to deliver the information you need on this page. The lone wolf climbing stick thus has the strength and power to support any hunter as it is built with top-quality materials and very easy to use.

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