How to find a good Hunting Partner- choose your wisely

Hunting Partner

Hunting could be more enjoyable if you are with your good hunting partner of Buddy. But it’s not always easy to choose a good hunting partner; it requires little time, attention and knows about the factors of a good quality hunting partner. After all, hunting is a solo sport usually.

A good hunting partner can turn the view of successful hunting in a positive way. And if your luck is bad then it could be worse for having a wrong partner that could make your hunting in a nightmare. So experienced hunters know the value of a good hunting partner or buddy. Especially, if their primary purpose is to target the tremendous prey of the jungle.

How to find a good hunting partner wisely

Even if you like to hunt alone, you should have someone with similar interests around. It could be beneficial from various ways. However, we will discuss it later, let’s start with you need to a good hunting partner for yourself.

Begin with the end goal

It’s essential to finding a balance between you and your partner’s expectations. Some people may be won’t understand the relationship of matching tone. Because hunting may be brought them together, but the hope from the hunting can throw them miles away from their goals.

Such as, you may think of hunt some trophy animals, but your other partner may interest in only filling a tag. Besides, there may also some mismatch wit accommodations. Like your partner wants the back country experience of hauling your camp in with you, but you just can’t stand it.

So see, how these works on a hunting trip still having the same interest in hunting between two people. So finding like-minded individuals for hunting can make the entire trip much smoother and efficient.

Equal dedication

A good hunting partner will work with you hand to hand, well almost. Establishing your hunting goals from beginning to end requires equal contribution and works both of you.

Even if you are going for seven days hunting and prepare you bag pack on this day basis, your hunting partner should want to do the same. It’s meant of commitment to any adventure. This thing applies from other things as well, researching the hunting gear to food stock. So when you are going to talks all about it make your partner also on the same page of your actions and expectations.


Hunting is an exciting sport, but it’s expensive also. It’s better to find out someone who has the interest in both hunting and sharing the expenses. It should divide the equal hunting cost or bear the cost individually but more efficiently.

Like you can ask for the current trip expenses from your partner can you will assume the cost for next trip. Having more than one or two partners will lessen the overall cost. So choose any one of the options as you like. Ask them about their financial planning and find out something that works for you all.

Self-seeking vs. self-sacrificing

Hunting may require devotion but the question is how much? Is your partner devoted enough for you exact the same way for him? Lack of devotion or being self can make a hunting trip worse.

No matter how much cost your good hunting partner is going to bear or how much committed he is if he is not devoted to your success as much you are then it not going to work. It’s better to play with caller and shooter. But if you both going to shoot then it’s can hardly work for both of you. So at first figure out something that can work for both shooters. Otherwise wanting of having the biggest pray will make your partner or your self-obsess and both of you may return to empty hand.

Physical conditions

It an important issue for having the good hunting partner for you. Hunting requires the great physical strength and ability for lifting, walking running and other activities. These are not requires hrs of workout on a daily basis, but yes requires some bit of workout at least. If you are good with tracking, then choose any one who at least useful in dead-lifting. Hunter should be interested in their exercise spicily the weighted pack training and cardio exercise. If you are partners far behind of workout at least ask to do some.

Mental conditions

Like the well physical condition, it’s important to understand about mental conditions. A mentally strong and tough partner can keep the game on, even in the hardest situations. During the final task, a hunter needs to cool his head to finish the hunting.

During the pacing out the pray from the woods for distance longer form your camp you will have a lot of time to be stuck in your head as you slog out to the truck. This is the time when people think about quieting of start to telling them the cant continues until the end. Here comes the mental strength option for both. This ability will help each other encourage and perform better in the tasks.

Be the hunting partner you would want

The most important thing is about getting the good hunting partner or buddy is, being the best hunting partner you would want. The quality you want to look into your partner should remain deep down your inside as a partner too. That is how other can learn from you and may return you as the same way you were for them. Otherwise, only expectation won’t work in the real field of hunting.


A good hunting partner is a person for other hunters who share same ethics, principles, priorities and devotion in the entire hunting trip. So, see these characteristics first. It’s better to clarify all the requirements and expectations of both parties each other. Knowing about their previous hunting trips details will help you to understand all about their work and abilities. But, before choosing the good hunting partner is the best one first. Thank you for staying with us with your valuable times.

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