How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting in 2021

Shooting, for the longest time, has been something many people have shown great interest in. There is a form of recreation in it that is unmatched by any other activity done by different people. However, in order to do it correctly, you need to make sure you have all the necessary items and devices at your disposal.

One of the devices you would want to use while shooting is a scope. This simply a device that will enable you to see the target better. Give you the exact visuals so that you are able to hit the target with great accuracy each time. Now, this is something you will need very dearly when you go for long range shooting.

But how are you going to use it? I will explain how to use a scope for long range shooting.

How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting – Set Up The Scope for Long Range

There is a whole learning curve that goes with using a scope if you are new to them while shooting. But trust me it is not a very complicated process, so you just need to give this a good read, and you should be good.

The Right Rifle and Rifle Scope

According to Geekypicks, the very first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to using a scope for long range shooting is finding the right combination of a rifle and a rifle scope. They need to be compatible with another.

As for the rifle, you might want something long and on the lighter side. Even though heavier rifles are more powerful, but in this case, something lighter would be easier to control, and adding the scope will make it heavier, and you wouldn’t really want to carry it around for a long time.

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Along with that, you want something that will enable you to see your target well, but you also have to keep your budget in your mind. Some scopes can be very expensive, they are more powerful and provide a clearer image, but they can be heavier.

You Have to Develop Your Dope

Dope stands for ‘Data on Previous Engagement,’ and you are going to need this when you want to set up your scope with your rifle for long range shooting. This data can be gathered through the use of a few apps like Ballistic AE.

All the data gathered about your rifle, ammunition, and optics will provide an accurate Dope with which you will be able to order your turret.

Ordering The Right Turret

There are a few different types of turrets; this is something you would be used to set your scope with your rifle. But in order to get the right one, you have to get information about your rifle, ammo, scope, and the atmosphere. According to the information you would place an order for a turret which is the best fit for you.

You would send all the information you gathered to the seller or manufacturer, include everything so that they can send over a turret that would work best.

Originally you would get a turret, but you are now going to have to exchange it with the customized one you are going to receive. Try to be as careful as possible while making the switch as you don’t want to damage any of it. Also, you need to check the rifle’s zero matched up to the new turret you installed.

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Now, it is time for you to dial in the distance according to the yardage mark, along with that, you also need to set up the target. With that, you should be ready to make the shot.

Seems a bit too easy? Well, I wouldn’t say that you will get it right the first time. As there are many mistakes, you might make when setting up the dial. So you have to keep practicing so that you set up correctly. Your accuracy will also get better with time and practice.


As I said in the very beginning, the process is not difficult, and you should be able to follow through properly. It might be off the first few times, but it will get better, don’t worry. For any further questions, type away!

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