How To Start Bow Hunting

Before proceeding to learn how to start bow hunting, it’s paramount we understand the meaning of bow hunting itself. Bowhunting is a process whereby animals are hinted through the use of archery. Several hunters make use of this technique to hunt their games, which has made the practice widespread.

In this article, we would be discussing how to start bow hunting, especially for beginners or anyone who hasn’t got the hang of it.

Listed below are essential tips on bow hunting

Go with a hunter that is experienced

Before hunting, you should first practice in the field. For your first few trials, you should go together with someone who has the experience of bowhunting. You can learn from them the techniques and tools for effective and safe hunting.

Have your hunting license with you

At any time, your license, stamps, or permit can be requested by state game officials or officers. You should make use of a plastic bag that is sealed to keep your documents from getting wet before you put them inside your hunting pack or bag.

Each state has their hunting rules and license requirements. Before hunting, you should familiarize yourself with the regulations and laws of where you are hunting because of your safety and that of others.

Look for the right bow

Bows aren’t made to fit all sizes. The bow you should look for should go along with your body according:

  • Draw weight
  • Game
  • Draw length

To know your bow fits perfectly; holding your bow at the target level, pointing it, and drawing it without moving too much should come at ease.

States do have minimum weight for bows, so you have to find out which limit is for your country.

Choose a release style for your hunting bow

In releasing a bow, there are two ways you can do that: mechanical releases or traditional shooting fingers

In an automatic release, the bow makes use of a trigger for the bowstring to be released. Today, several bowhunters prefer to make use of the mechanical release.

While in traditional releases, the bow depends on your shooting fingers. This illustrates that your finger has to be on the bowstring until you are set to shoot.

Releases increase accuracy. You have to calm down and relax regardless of which releases you are using. Some bowhunters will hold their breath and exhale out on release, or make use of techniques for them to stay still for their shot.

Sighting your bow

This needs a lot of practice and discipline to learn. Every bowhunter that is a newbie has to learn how to sight their bow. Your sight has to be adjusted to your style of shooting.

How can you sight your bow?

If you want to shoot at a target or bullseye, then you have to search for patterns. For example, you shoot four arrows, and it all land 4 inches to the bullseye right. Make use of that and have the sight adjusted. Move it sideways or up to look for patterns.

Change your arrowhead

Your arrows and bow type changes alongside the target. When practicing, you will make use of field point arrowheads. These arrowheads are in the shape of small bullets. They can’t be used for hunting.

There aren’t ethical and sportsmanlike for you to hunt with, and they are also illegal for massive games. The arrowhead passes through animals, which will cause little damage immediately. The animal wounded can survive for days before dying

When hunting, you have to change your arrowheads from the field points to the broadhead. These arrowheads look like a razor blade, and it cut broadly.

Put on the safety harness

Protect yourself when going on game hunting. If you are hunting from a tree, put on your safety harness. If you go with children, make sure everyone is wearing protective gear.

Make use of bow hanger

It’s not idle for you to hold your hunting bow all day, especially if you are hunting on a tree; you have to get prepared and plan. You can have a bow hanger screws on the tree for you to rest your bow conveniently on


It’s a tough job spying on an animal. You have to gear up. When gearing up with camo or hunting clothes, you should try not to show your skin. You should make use of gloves and face paint or face-covering clothe. Have your odor masked. You can make use of scent eliminators and field spray. From 400 yards away, a deer can get your scent. It would be best if you considered having scent-control to your hunting wardrobe.

Take promising shots only

When you are taking shots, it should be when the animals are facing sideways or slightly angled to you. These positions are okay because you can be able to hit their vital organs ( heart and lungs), and it will be a promising shot. It’s essential for you not to aim for the head, ear, or neck.

Don’t rush to your target

Now that you have shot at your target successfully, you will want to rush over to see. Pls be mindful, you running to where your aim is shot down isn’t a good idea. The best thing to do is to wait for a while, if you don’t do so, you might scare off the deer to run off, and you might lose it forever.

The time you will wait after a shot depends on the shot you took. You can expect an hour if it’s a double-long shot. If you missed shooting the lung, you have to wait for like 12 hours.


Learning how to start bow hunting, even though you are good with archer, is an excellent way of expanding your choices. It will help you to understand animal habits and behaviors’ apart from learning archery automatically. The benefits of it are endless.


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