How to Remove Rust from a Gun and Prevent Corrosion


Just like death and taxes, your metal is sure to catch rust. But taking preventive measures is always important. A gun is also a metal object, so the chances are that it will catch rust anytime. Even if the gun has the best finish after a time, skip the finish is sure to fade away.

So, there is a chance of catching rust anytime. Now, your gun has just caught rust, and you need to remove it. How can you do so? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. In this context, we are going to talk about removing rust from a gun or how to remove rust from a gun. Make sure you keep a sharp eye to get the best idea.

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What is rust?

Mainly the process of rust is termed as Oxidization. Mainly, when the metal starts to react with oxygen and moisture from the air, metal catches rust. Generally, the process is very slow. But when the metal comes in contact with saltwater or water, the process speeds rapidly. That is why on the rainy season, firearms tend to catch rust a lot.

What to Use and Not to use for Removing Rust from a gun?

This is a very important thing you should have in mind. Removing rust is quite easy if you know the method. But still, there are some important pieces of information that you should know. You should use copper wool, copper brush, and dry rags to remove rust from your gun. But never use rust removal products from the market. Yes, you can use them on other types of metal or accessories but not on guns.

Using chemicals on firearms is not a good idea. The main reason for that is that you are not sure about the surface of the firearm. So, the chances are that you don’t even know what sort of materials the manufacturers used to make the gun. So, using chemical products may ruin your weapon. Using or storing on a gun safe seems a good idea.

5 Simple Ways on How to Remove Rust from a gun

Now, we are right at the center of this context. How can you remove rust from a gun? Yes, we have given you some important suggestions on this case and now we are going to talk about simple steps on the process. We have broken down the steps into different headlines so that you get a good idea about the step by step process.

1st Step: Collect your cleaning materials

Collect your cleaning materials

The first step is always going to be collecting the cleaning materials. Like we said, cleaning rust from a gun is not a hard process. In this case, using another metal that is not harder than firearm metal is a good choice.

Using a harder metal will always ruin the finish of your gun. But you want the finish to stay smooth. So, using copper is always a good idea. You need to collect copper wool, copper brush and dry rags to remove rust from the gun.

Mainly, the copper wool will help you remove the rust from the surface. The copper brush is going to help you reach the tight spaces of the gun and many more. The rags are there for cleaning up your mess and bringing out the shine.

2nd Step: Use a liberal amount of gun oil

Use a liberal amount of gun oil

Now getting on with the work. You need to use a liberal amount of gun oil. Make sure the gun oil is good in quality. Anyway, you can keep the oil on the gun for a little while. This will help you to let loose the rust from the surface of the gun.

One thing you should keep in mind. One should apply gun oil depending on the amount of rust. If the rust is quite deep, you should use a liberal amount of oil. But if the rust is recent, you should use little oil.

3rd Step: Wipe the rust

Now, you need to wipe off the rust from your guns surface. The gun oil will help you to remove the rust easily. Use the copper wool to wipe off the rust. If the rust is deep, take a little time and try to remove it.

If you hurry, your gun surface may get ruined, and the finish will fade away. But we don’t want that. Try to wipe the rust gently. The gun oil will help you to get a good grip, and you can remove the rust.

Anyway, keep on with the process. For the tight spots, use the copper brush and in this case, do it gently. Use the dry rag to remove the dust and rust after a few sweeps.

4th Step: Make sure you clean it off nicely

Well, the cleaning process will not be done that easily. It may take you several hours to clean the whole gun. Just applying pressure on the gun will do you no good. Rather, it will fade away the finish and ruin your gun.

Your gun may lose its functionality. So, better keep it slow. After you are finished with your cleaning, you need to check out for the rust that came off. Look on the tight spots. If you find something, remove it from the spot with your dry rags.

You may need to use the gun oil again. But before that, check out if there is any copper string from the brush or any wool stuck on the gun or not. These things are important for the gun. After checking out that everything is ok, use the gun oil again to make the gun shine again.

5th Step: Some other ways to remove rust

You can also use power tools, rust cleaning acid, Elbow grease, Electrolysis to remove rust from a gun. But they are expensive and sometimes not reliable. But these new methods are improving day by day and make cleaning your gun easy and fast.


Just like death, a gun catches rust. It is like a human falling under a disease, but without taking preventive measures, he might die. Same goes for a gun. But cleaning a gun is not that easy for some people.

They think that just by applying force or using a steel rag will do the job just fine. Some like to use chemicals on the gun. But this is not the case. You need to know the method. To guide people about the case, we have given them the suggestions so that they can clean their guns.

Yes, it will consume a lot of their time, but you will get the gun back to normal without ruining it. There are other processes to do so, but they are not tested or reliable enough.

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