How to Move a Gun Safe – Tips From Gun Safe Movers

Have a gun or work in a gun factory as a keeper? Then you have to own a gun safe for sure. Now as for gun safety, the safe is not a light thing to carry. It is a big and heavy thing and it really a matter of thinking about how to move a gun safe.

It is a stressful work to move a safe when you are thinking of moving the safe in a different place in your house or moving it to another country. It is not an easy thing to move such a heavy thing with or without things inside and if there are stairs in your house, well, all the best with the safe.

A safe can weigh over thousand pounds, so you have to make the moving easy with smart techniques.

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How to Move a Gun Safe Easily

There are kinds of the gun safe. One thing is common in this safe that is it is large in size and it comes unattached. So you have to keep this safe on the floor on any side of your house. You may tell that way to go for this heavy safe, this safe has thick door and locking tools.

So thieves can’t break the safe or take it on their shoulders to steal. You will notice that burglars don’t get near to the safe because it is hard to break.  The strong and heavy feature keeps safe of your valuable possessions. So you have to follow some tricks to move it safely:

What to Do Before Moving a Heavy Safe?

When you need to Transport your safe one place to another, or one location to different location, the idea of moving heavy safe with or without help of people is a daunting task. It will be more difficult when come to stairs. So for moving a gun safe, you have to plan and learn how to move a gun safe.

Make a plan

When you are getting a safe for your home, keep in mind that it is not easy to move safely frequently. When you have decided to get safe than set a place in the home where you have to keep it and not think to move the safe for a long time. So make a plan before taking a gun safe for your home.

Measure your safe and take help

Don’t even think of moving the safe all alone. When you are all set up to move a safe, make sure you have helping hand to help you in moving this heavy thing. Measure your safe and how many people you want to move it then go for moving. If possible take professional help.

Safety of Yours, Yours gun safe and houses:

While moving safe, plan every movement. You can’t take risk of damaging the safe or your house. So mark your corner, stairs, and corridors and make your moving perfect.

When you are moving the safe, the safest way to keep your wall and floor free from scratch are wrapping the safe with a blanket and use tap to secure the blanket. To keep the floor safe, put cloth or rag to make the movement easy.

So be careful while moving the safe, as it is heavy and it may cause a great damage if it falls accidentally. Also, keep in mind about the belongings inside the safe while moving the safe.

Smooth Moving:

When you want to move the safe then clean the safe and remove all the unwanted things. It will make your move a little easy. Or, If possible use plywood in your floor. It makes the movement easy and fast. Tiles also work great as a safe moving task.

  • Tips for smooth Moving

There are some safe which has the no removable door. If you’re safe has one then remove the door and make the weight a little less. It is not a good idea to move the safe with guns inside. Remove all the guns and keep them in a protected place. While removing the guns make sure they are unloaded. If possible keep the guns in a locked place.

Move with a furniture dolly

Here is a new convenient safe transport which is known as furniture dolly. With it, you can move the safe easily with care. All you have to do is do some investment and learn to use. But with it you cannot go up or down the stairs.

Hire Professional:

There are some gun safe moving agencies. They are professional and make the safe move task easy.

How to move a safe by yourself?

When you have a safe in your home, it is obvious that you will have to come in the situation to move this safe in another spot of your room or other room in your apartment. This moving task is not an easy thing. You have to make decision and face challenge to make the safe movement fast and easy. What to do when you are moving the safe?

You have to know about the safe:

As safely comes with different size, shape, and weight. Then you have to know about your gun safe. If it is very heavy, then you have to think about taking the proper equipment for your safe to move.

Take ideas from others:

Don’t even think about doing the moving task all by yourself. You will need help from others to do the moving task together. But make sure the helpers are experienced or else all of you will get hurt.

Pick safe moving tools:

With the moving tools, you can move the safe easily. You can take strong hand truck, aluminum plate, steel roller, pallet jacket and stair climb tool.

Making the plan of moving the safe:

It is very important to make a plan to move the safe. You can’t just go and move the safe. First, make a moving plan than going for safe moving.

Take all the items out of the safe:

It is the very fast thing to move all the items from the safe. It will make the weight little lighter than before. Your moving task will be easy. When you are done with removing things then wrap a blanket all over the safe. It will keep the safe not getting any damage scratch.

Moving the safe in the stair:

When you want to move the safe down the stair or taking up through the stair, take the wheel tool to move the safe. Before moving it make sure to wrap the safe.

Be safe:

When you are removing the safe, make sure you take all the protective gear. Like gloves for hand, protective shoes to keep your feet protected. It is for safety.

Move a 1000 lb gun safe

A gun safe for the gun owner who has to keep a gun in the house for some reason. You will find a gun safe in different weights and size. It is better to get permanent space for this gun safe as it is hard to move, but sometimes you may need to move it. When you have a 1000 lb gun safe and you have to remove it then you have to make the plan to move it. Because it is not easy to move this big safe. You will need an assistant and moving tool to move this heavy gun safe. Taking help from professionals is the best idea.

Move a 500 lb gun safe

As I told before there are different size of safe. Now let’s talk about moving a 500 lb gun safe. When you are ready with your assistant to move the safe. At first move, the safe a little then take the flat trolley with wheels. Lay the safe on the trolley than take it to the place you want to keep the safe by rolling the trolley. When you are in your preferred place, place the safe by lifting up from the trolley. Of course, you will need help.

Move a 2000 pound safe

It is not an easy task to move this way heavy-safe. First, fix the location where you want to move the safe. Then bring 3 professional people to help you to move the safe. Take towing straps that can perform heavy-duty and attach them to a hook. Use a crane operator to move the safe with the hook. Make sure to place the safe properly in the place.  It is not possible to move the safe frequently. When you are done with placing the safe, remove the straps. Be very careful to move this heavy safe. It is really a risky task. Anything can happen if you are not alert while moving this safe.

After knowing all the importance and system of how to move a gun safe, I think your task has become easy. When you are the owner of a gun and you have children in the house then a gun safe is a must thing for your house. Take a gun safe and follow all the steps and tricks when you want to move in places in the house or out of your neighborhood. I am telling you it is not an easy task, so be careful and smart to move it.

Benefits of moving a gun safe

I know after knowing so hard work with moving the safe you may thinking why to take so much hassle. Well let’s talk about the benefit of having the gun safe:

  • The safe keeps your gun safe from getting damaged.
  • You can protect your family in an emergency state.
  • The safe keeps your gun protected from fire.
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