How To Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of firearms.So let’s check out our today’s topic How To Keep Moisture Out Of your Gun Safe.

A gun safe is one used to keep guns, other firearms, and their ammunition. Their primary function is to prevent unauthorized access to those firearms and ammunition, thwart burglars away and protect these valuables from damages that could occur as s result of natural disaster, water penetration or fire outbreak.

Back in the day, gun cabinets were used for these purposes as well but their functionality was limited and hence the gun safe came into the picture.

Ways To Keep Moisture Out Of A Gun Safe

While a good gun safe should be fire-resistant, no gun safe is waterproof. So one way or another, moisture can’t get into your gun safe.

What Moisture Can Do To Your Safe

Guns in your gun safe are safe from intruders and fire, but they can be subject to another type of damage. This damage is called gun safe humidity. Moisture can make your guns rusty and in the long run, the parts of firearms can stick together, leading to a misfire. You certainly don’t want that. As a gun safe owner, you have to find a way(s) on how to keep the moisture out of a gun safe.

Causes Of Moisture

Whether you notice it or not, moisture is ever-present in the air. Some parts of your house undergo temperature changes that cause evaporation and condensation to occur. This, in turn, causes moisture and hence, damage. There are places in your house with higher humidity levels so more moisture would be present.

Also, the area you live in and the general climate determines the humidity levels.

Ways To gun safe moisture control


Hygrometry Level

Check the hygrometry level. Know the humidity level of the safe first before you will know what to do that will really work. Or whether you even need to do anything at all. You will need a humidity gauge. The best will be the kind that has a smart sensor with alerts to can connect to your mobile phone.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Gun safe dehumidifiers, the electric ones such as Golden Rod, are one of the most efficient ways on how to keep the moisture out of a gun safe.

They operate by heating the surface temperature and keeping the safe interiors at a stable temperature. This prevents overbearing moisture from damage to your firearms.

Install one into your safe by mounting it to the wall or floor of the safe, connecting the cord through a hole behind the safe and plugging it in. If the safe doesn’t have a hole already, you’d have to make one.

Silica Packs

Silica packs are an inexpensive way to keep the moisture out of your gun safe. Silica naturally absorbs moisture and keeps everything around it dry. They can be found in other places asides from gun safes, such as shoe boxes and bags.

Place at least three silica packs in your gun safe and ensure they are not in direct contact with any of your guns, as they can cause damage (rust) if they do so.

Over time, you would need to regenerate these packs because they would have absorbed all the moisture they can. Regenerate the packs by heating them in an oven of up to 120 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 1-3 hours. They would become reusable after this.

Use Light Bulb

An inexpensive way to keep moisture out is to use a light bulb inside the gun safe. All you need do is drill a hole preferably at the back of the safe to pass a wire through. Some safes comes with a hole at the back so you won’t need to drill. The space within the gun safe will determine the voltage of the light bulb to use.

Baking Soda

This is another good moisture remover for your firearm safe. Baking soda is known contains Sodium Bicarbonate which helps absorb moisture. Put some baking soda in the safe and replace it once it begins to lose it moisture absorbent quality.

Damp Rid and Moth Ball

Damp rid and Moth Ball is also used by many gun owners and has proven to be helpful. It absorbs moisture very well because of it calcium chloride content. It is also toxic so it should be used with care. Don’t touch it with your bare hand and don’t allow your gun touch it as well.

 Buy an Inbuilt Sealant Safe

If you don’t want to go with the humidifier or silica pack options, another great way on how to keep the moisture out of a gun safe is to simply choose a safe that comes with an inbuilt sealant as a feature. The sealants could be made of foam, caulking or silicone. It is placed inside the safe around the door jamb to keep moisture at bay. If the case you have already bought doesn’t have an inbuilt sealant, you can modify the one you have with silicone, foam or caulking to prevent moisture.

Overall, it is important to keep the moisture out of your gun safe to get the best of your firearms. Periodically check for rust and dirt on your firearms and clean as necessary.


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