Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Reviews 2020

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Reviews

Joining or engaging yourself in hunting would make you think about your weapon of choice. You cannot simply barge through a forest or a mountain hoping to hunt with nothing but yourself or your pocket knife.

A knife can only do well when you are near a prey but animals have survival instincts and they can sense a threat around the area, fleeing before you can even get close. The speed of the animals alone can send you off track when it starts to speed up and do some evading maneuvers. You need something that can level with the animal’s pace and movement, something that draws minimal attention and makes a quiet sound, a crossbow for instance.

The Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package is a high performing crossbow that differs from other crossbows in the market. You’ll experience the thrills of trying to own the mountains during your hunt. The Centerpoint crossbow can accommodate and cater different shooting styles because of its fully adjustable stockings that feature a pass-through grip.

This is a high-performance crossbow that is used by many experts and professionals. The Sniper 370 Crossbow has an immense accuracy that is compatible with most shooting styles. It has a suppressing feature that keeps all of your shots clean, vibrate-free and very quiet.

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Centerpoint Sniper 370 Features

  • It has a velocity of 370 feet per second and a draw weight of about 185 pounds. This crossbow ensures high speed bolt firing capacity that your target will have a slim chance of dodging.
  • The tactical stock of the crossbow and its forearm are adjustable. You can adjust it with your stance and your shooting style. The comfort it provides will relax your body better and eventually aid in your shooting accuracy.
  • The rail of the crossbow is made of aluminum that makes it light on its weight and highly durable. It is also rust-free and very easy to clean up.
  • Sniper 370 has a nice integrated suppressor feature that keeps your crossbow stable and quiet when shooting. This feature is very useful for hunters. There is only minimal sound created wherein your target might not scramble off the moment you miss.
  • The Centerpoint Sniper crossbow set has 2 free bolts included in the package.

Pros and Cons of Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow


  • This is a very strong and sturdy crossbow. It is sure to last long and can withstand extensive use. The limbs are of solid construction. Prolonged use won’t affect the sturdiness and performance of the limbs holding the strings.
  • The bolt locks and secures nicely on the grooves. It fits just right with the appropriate amount of allowance for different bolt sizes, but regardless of what size of the bolt you placed, the grooves in this product holds them in place very well.
  • Its string is very reliable and it doesn’t break easily. The string of this crossbow is designed for prolonged and intensive usage. It can also survive harsh weather unlike any other bow string that turns brittle when cold.
  • It comes with two free pieces of bolt that can save you some extra money. This is a very practical crossbow set for all skill levels.

The Cons

  • The crossbow’s power is very strong which makes it a little dangerous for beginners or starters if not handled carefully.
  • Even though it can shoot the bolt with high velocity and power, it does not go further than 20 yards. Shooting beyond that point lowers the accuracy of the crossbow and will have a great chance that the target, if hit, won’t have sufficient damage and could still survive and escape.
  • The scope is not well detailed and not that accurate. You need to make some adjustments to the targeting mechanism for it to be close to its target.


Choosing a type of bow or a weapon when you want to hunt or to compete in sports is all dependent on your preference. Each type of bow has its advantages and disadvantages and all are most likely to have specific specialty or purpose.

Before buying one, you must take note of the things you want with a bow. Try to find out how much power you want, how far it can shoot, how fast is the velocity, how safe, how comfortable and lastly, weight the features you look for with the price of the bow you are looking.

Don’t waste too much money with an expensive bow if you only want its free arrows or bolts or you only want to test if you have hidden talent in the field. There are bow sets for beginners which cost less. Use that to your advantage to find out if you have the likes for hunting or archery. Buy Now On Amazon


Centerpoint sniper vs Tormentor


Possible Alternatives

If you prefer a more classic and native kind of bow with strong power, versatility and tolerable weight, then you can opt to look for a Recurve bow or a longbow. Longbows were used way back between the 12th and 13th century.

It is the only efficient long-ranged weapon people used during the days but trying to aim using a longbow is very difficult and with stress and discomfort, your accuracy is greatly affected. A Recurve bow, on the other hand, has unique limbs that shape opposite to the user.

If it is unstrung this means that the limbs power if placed with a string is immense and more powerful compared with a longbow. The most stressful part of the recurve bow is its limbs. It is also the first part which has a tendency to break because of the pressure the string holds on the reversed limb design.


The CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow is a great buy. The price is very reasonable and it includes a very nice and well-detailed manual about most of the things you need to know, especial with the basic safety of how to load a crossbow properly.

All parts of the crossbow are made from high quality materials that are proven to give you a long lasting crossbow to enjoy different hunting season, sport or competition. This is probably the best crossbow for all skills levels whether you are a beginner, an amateur, expert or professional.

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