Best Tree Saddle For Hunting 2023 – Are Tree Saddles Worth It?

A tree saddle for hunting on a tree stand is a piece of equipment that helps you climb trees effortlessly. It’s made out of a Y-shaped, zip-tied railing and can help you climb a tree in places where it is hard to get your foot in the right spot on the trunk.

A tree saddle for hunting is a great way to minimize your downtime sitting in a tree stand. You can have a comfortable place to hang out to better view your environment with great advantage to see your target clearly.

While many tree saddles can give you joy, the joy you get from using Helium Hammock Tree Saddle is unending. It is the best with lots of strength and features to keep you convenient and comfortable on any tree. It is loved by most hunters that hunt from the tree.

So, without losing focus, we will take you through some of the tree saddles that you can consider if you are the type that loves to hunt from the tree or you love to take wildlife photography from a good view.

Our Top Pick

1. Helium Hammock Tree Saddle

2. YXGOOD Treestand Harness

3. Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness

4. PETZL Pro Sequoia SRT Harness

5. Weaver Leather WLC 315 Saddle

Tree saddle hunting reviews

Best tree saddle for hunting

1. Helium Hammock Tree Saddle

The Helium Hammock Tree Saddle brings the comfort you need with climbing trees and hunting on the tree. It is accomplished with the help of the SoothingFlow straps, which conform securely around your tree, providing a stable and comfortable place to sit or lay without tying a knot.

It is super comfortable with an innovative combination of flexible mesh fabric, polyester straps, and tree-friendly rope. Also, the tree saddle is strong enough to support 300 pounds weight to ensure you have the perfect balance and comfort for smooth activity on the tree.

The saddle features adjustable no-slip straps, which helps to ensure you get a secure fit around the tree. Once you’ve had the experience of relaxing in a suspended, bouncing hammock, it’s hard to go back to other tree saddles.

Also, the ridged design makes getting into your hammock easy and natural, then when you let go and take a breath, you’ll feel like you’re floating. Also, the Helium Saddle comes equipped with Dyneema strength webbing and two leg straps to support your weight.

Furthermore, the Helium Hammock Tree Saddle offers 360-degree support, stretches to 6’6″ for more room, and is made from weather-resistant nylon fabric. It weighs only 3lbs, so carrying it shouldn’t be an issue, and most customers agree that it will fit perfectly into any backpack, even badland backpacks.


  • Very easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • It keeps you convenient and comfortable on the tree
  • Perfect for climbing up trees for tree hunting
  • Padded and removable seat
  • Very easy to pack


  • Their ropes need improvement

2. YXGOOD Treestand Harness

The YXGOOD Treestand Harness provides you with a comfortable, safe, and steady, bearable working condition when hunting from your tree stand. It is made from durable climbing gear material, which means it can handle heavy-weight individuals. 

This harness was created with comfort in mind as it holds up to 330 pounds of weight with a large padded saddle for comfort. It offers adjustable straps for custom sizing while it offers a simple and affordable solution to keeping you safe while out executing your hunting or bird watching passion. 

Also, the YXGOOD’s Treestand Harness is perfect for hunters who are looking for a safe and comfortable way to get up the tree. The harness is available in two styles and has several attachment points to allow you to customize the rig to your specific needs or hang it into certain types of trees.  

Its comfy saddle and full-body cushioning straps are responsible for the exceptional comfort you get from the device. Furthermore, the YXGOOD Treestand Harness features a thumb loop to hold binoculars or bow holder with safety snap, a D-ring to hang your accessories such as knife or bear spray, padded leg straps with carabiners clips, and an adjustable waist belt for long sitting in hunting stand.


  • The enduring black buckle allows quick and easy-adjust the waist and leg belt.
  • High strength polyester material provides strong stitching, high density, strong tensile strength to keep you safe.
  • Perfect frame construction
  • Strong and durable
  • The maximum load capacity of 330 pounds
  • Strong straps keep you comfortable while climbing


  • Not an ideal option for a fat individual

3. Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness

Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness

The Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness is designed not only for tree stand hunting but also for professional climbing and adventure sports. With three adjustment buckles & 3D mesh padding, it is highly breathable yet durable for the toughest use.

With three adjustment buckles & 3D mesh padding, it is highly breathable yet durable for the toughest use. The leg loops design and construction help to reduce stress on the hips and contour to the leg efficiently.

This one size fits almost all climbing gear with its adjustable buckles around the chest & waist. Also, the Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness features two easy-to-use adjustment points that allow you to fine-tune the fit for your body type.

Also, the harness features thicker straps that move independently and absorb shock to reduce pressure on your joints. Two gear loops provide plenty of space for trad or alpine draws, plus haul systems, and rear-entry/exit design makes different approaches quick and easy.


  • It is safe and very easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • It makes climbing fun and exciting
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Comfortable and convenient to use


  • It has no significant setback

4. Weaver Leather WLC 315 Saddle

The Weaver Leather WLC 315 Saddle features elegant stitching and diamond quilting with a deep-seated comfort swell with knee blocks made of contoured foam for a customized saddle fit. To use for climbing the tree, you need to attach the harness to it.

It comes with rubber-tipped stirrups for safety and leathers attached to the front and back of the saddle for great climbing performance. This totally new type of saddle offers the ultimate comfort combined with great looks and exceptional versatility. You’ll stay comfortable with its perfect fit design.

The Weaver Leather WLC 315 Saddle is made of high-grade leather that is lightweight, water-resistant, and durable.

Also, the Weaver Leather WLC 315 saddle has a split seat for extra comfort and offers a quality product at a competitive price. The saddle seat is made from durable cowhide leather, and the stirrups are oil-softened, hand-tooled in the traditional manner.


  • Great quality
  • Very safe and easy to use
  • Durable and strong
  • Comfortable and convenient to use


  • None

5. PETZL Pro Sequoia SRT Harness

PETZL Pro Sequoia SRT is a stand-alone soft-shell harness designed for climbers and tree stand hunters. The extremely lightweight design and foam leg loops make this harness easy to wear over other clothing for warmth in cold weather climbing.

The amazing side of the harness is that it offers excellent freedom of movement, flexible back padding for comfort and safety, combined with a reinforced back support to give you total control.

The harness features speed buckles on the leg loops, a light and breathable back system, gear loops combined with gear attachments, and an extremely strong and durable waist belt. This high-quality harness will be comfortable enough for tree climbing, irrespective of the height where you have your tree stand.

The PETZL PRO Sequoia SRT’s mesh back belt is designed to be more breathable than ever before. The formed foam panels of the new hip belts have been moved closer together, resulting in better and more evenly distributed weight distribution on the hips with significantly reduced pressure.


  • Built for comfort
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Lightweight harness that is easier and faster to put on
  • Breathable and safe to use
  • Extremely strong and durable


  • None

6. SOB Half Body Climbing Harness

SOB Half Body Climbing Harness

The SOB half-body climbing harness is made of comfortable yet super-light webbing. The fabric is treated to be anti-bacterial that will reduce unpleasant odors. The SOB half-body climbing harness is the perfect piece of tree climbing equipment for both professional and beginner hunters.

The webbed buckle waist belt ensures maximum comfort and good fit, while the stainless-steel ring system makes for easy attachment of a variety of carabiners and other climbing gear. 

A full range of motion enables the climber to stay comfortable and relaxed while maximizing their performance under the bar.

This harness was designed for both men and women with its comfortable contoured design and fully adjustable leg loops. On all fronts, it is ever reliable and safe to use. It has a breaking strength of 23KN and can accommodate users within 220 pounds.


  • It has a maximum breaking strength
  • Adjustable design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Very strong and comfortable to use


  • It has no setback

7. Drayer Tree Austria 3.2 Saddle

The Drayer 3.2 is an excellent choice for the hunters who want a saddle that fits them perfectly right from climbing the tree. The extensive fit options and multiple tree designs allow this saddle to be adjusted to almost any position making it one of the most versatile saddles on the market.

True to its name, the Drayer Tree Austria 3.2 saddle makes it easier to climb trees. A wide central relief channel conforms to the trunk as you move up, keeping you centered and stable.

Also, the Drayer Tree Austria 3.2 Saddle offers perfect support for tree climbers who need a secure seat, optimal ergonomy, and maximum comfort. The saddle was developed based on the demands of experienced tree-climbers with distinctive designs.

Furthermore, the full leather saddle features a rotating tree padding for optimum positioning on the tree and a rear cinch strap with hook and loop closure. The Tree Austria fits most tree climbing frames and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Extra safety
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • None at the moment

Tree saddle platform parts you should know

You must become familiar with the parts of the tree saddle you want to use in climbing the tree. Getting familiar with the climbing gear will make it quite easy for you to operate. So, if you are a novice, beginner, or expert hunter, here are things you should know.

Lineman's belt

The lineman’s belt is responsible for helping you move up and down the tree. It makes it all easy for you to climb and rest away from the tree, as you can see in the image above. The tether is not enough to do the task, which is why the work of the lineman’s belt is never overlooked.


The tether is also part of the tree saddle, and it is a length of rope that comes with a loop at one end, which must be wrapped around the tree. It has to be about head height. It helps ensure you can move up and down the tree easily and remain in a position with confidence and comfort.


The carabiner is affixed to the tether on either a prusik knot or a commercially made ascender. It is the meeting point of your tether and bridge that host your saddle.


The bridge is the support unit of the saddle. The bridge goes through the carabiner and then around the saddle, with the tether also supporting it to give the adequate strength needed by the saddle to hold the climber. 


The saddle is the point where you rest your whole body, and it thus comes in a comfy design that makes it easy for you to stay put on the tree without any hassles. It makes it easy for you to climb and come down of the tree as well. 

How do I climb the hunting tree saddle?

hunting tree saddle

There are different ways you can climb up the tree and down, such as using climbing aiders, climbing sticks, and climbing spurs. The climbing aider is not safe for me, which is why I will not recommend that you try it out.

Climbing sticks

There are many climbing sticks out there from a hawk, Muddy pro, summit, and many more. However, none of them is as reliable and effective as a lone wolf climbing stick. You sure need a device that will keep you safe and secured, and the lone wolf sticks are one you can trust.

For you to climb the tree with it, you need to strap the climbing stick on the tree and then climb while you use the tree saddle to find your way up the tree towards your tree stand.

Climbing spurs or spike

Using the spur or spike is an alternative to using a climbing stick. It is the best I love to use. It doesn’t stress you neither do you have to worry about the length you can go or how you can strap a stick to the tree.

You just need to strap on your leg and pin it into the tree as you move up the tree with the climbing saddle. There is more to know about the climbing spurs, and we have a page already for that on this website.

How to set up tree saddle

Get the best saddle

The best tree saddle for hunting is Helium Hammock Tree Saddle, YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness, PETZL Pro Sequoia SRT Harness, and Weaver Leather WLC 315 Saddle, to mention a few. They come with great quality and an abundance of strength and features to deliver the best performance.

Get the climbing device

From my point on how to climb the tree using a tree saddle, you need to get a climbing device to support this task. You can choose any of the two means, such as using a climbing stick from the lone wolf or choosing from any of the best climbing spurs out there in the market.

Wear the climbing spur

With my experience with climbing spurs, I will suggest this method of climbing the tree. Pick up the spur and then wear it on your kenetrek boot and ensure it is firm and secured so that you do not have to face difficulty thereafter when climbing the tree.

Wrap the saddle around yourself

The next things are that you should wrap the tree saddle around yourself. Pick the lineman’s belt and wrap it around the tree, then you move it around the saddle with the bridge as well. The two must meet at the carabiner while you can wrap the tether to the tree while your tie is firmly on the carabiner.

You need to ensure you do it the right way and the rope is firm so that you don’t have to struggle climbing the tree. Once you are through with the setup, then you can move up the tree.

Best tree saddle for hunting buyer's guide

What are the things that you need to consider when buying a tree saddle? This is the question you need to ask yourself, and we have the answer for your below. They are very important if you ever have to enjoy the best of your tree climbing adventure.


Obviously, you have several options to climb the tree, but the safest is the use of a tree saddle. So, you can agree with me that a device that is all after your comfort and safety can never come cheap. It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get one, but they do require that you spend some dollars to get one.

However, there are some that are affordable and yet of great quality that you can consider. We have them all on this page above for you to find it easy with your purchase.

Saddle weight and your weight

You must consider the weight or load capacity of the tree saddle you are about to get. The most manufacturer ensures that their tree saddle comes with load rating so that you can know the one to choose for yourself.

For instance, if your body weight is 250 pounds, getting a tree saddle with a load capacity of 250 pounds and above is the right thing for you to do. You should never opt for one that has low loading capacity. If your bodyweight exceeds that of the tree saddle, you are likely to fall off while climbing.

Saddle and rope

We have heard of many complain that the rope of their saddle is not strong, and then they get scared to even get on the tree with it. You need to check the quality of the rope too. However, the most important is the saddle. The saddle is where you rest your whole body, and you need to be sure it can keep you comfortable.

The truth is that they come in different sizes, styles and are made from different materials such as fabric, polyester, and many more. Always choose a breathable and comfortable one to use if you have to stay longer on the tree.

Why choose the best tree saddle for hunting?

There are advantages to using a tree saddle for hunting. Although most hunters love the use of ameristep blind or ghost blind, the seasoned one loves to hunt from the tree because of the advantages.


The mobility of the tree saddle is one of the reasons you should consider it above all other means. It is lightweight, and that makes it very easy for you to move from one point to another on the tree. Also, it allows you to climb up the tree with some other hunting accessories without you feeling like you carry a heavy load.

The portability and simple design make it easy for you to wrap and keep safe in your vehicle trunk or badland backpack.

Shooting ability and wide range view

There is a clear difference in the way you shoot from a tree stand or tree saddle. Tree stand will restrict your movement as you can only shoot perfectly in the direction you are facing. However, the tree saddle comes with the ability for you to shoot 360 degrees from the tree.

The tree saddle will allow you lean and reposition to give you a wide-range view of your environment so that you can have a clear view to shoot at your target. Either you hunt with bows, or you make use of firearms, hunting with a tree saddle is the next thing you want to try out.

It positions you above your target where they can’t get to be aware of your presence. Also, instead of running after your target after shooting so that you don’t lose it, you can remain on the tree and watch the direction where your target flees, and then you can easily come down and head over for recovery.


It is one of the things that most hunters complain of, and it is only those who haven’t tried tree saddle hunting. The truth is that it is very comfortable and convenient. The tree saddle is designed in a way that helps to distributes your weight more evenly between your back, ass, and legs. This has the effect of more gently cradling your body as opposed to the rigid bleacher-like feel of some tree stands.

Frequently asked questions

How do you pick a saddle to hunt a tree?

You need to do your research and pick from one of the products of the best brands. There are frontiers in the industry, and choosing their saddle will never be a wrong decision. However, when doing that, you should consider the quality of the saddle, the load capacity, and the pricing that meets your budget.

What's the best tree saddle for hunting?

The best tree saddle for hunting is the Helium Hammock Tree Saddle which boasts 300 pounds loading capacity, and the materials used for its construction are of great quality. Climbing the tree is fun and easy with the saddle.

Can you gun hunt from a tree saddle?

Gun hunting is one of the ways you can hunt from a tree saddle. It is not only for bow hunters. I’ve once tried hunting with a gun, and it was indeed a great experience. 

How high should a saddle be to hunt?

There is no limitation to the height you can go with saddle hunting. It all depends on the hunter. So, you decide the height that is comfortable for you to hunt on the tree. 

Is tethrd tree saddle the best?

The quality design and construction of the tethrd tree saddle make it one of the best you can consider for saddle hunting. The comfort and convenience you get from using the saddle are second to none. 

How safe is a kestrel tree saddle?

If comfort and convenience are all you crave, the kestrel tree saddle has it in abundance, and it sure will keep you safe because it is made with top-quality materials.


Are you looking for a tree saddle for hunting? You are just in the right place. We have the list of 7 top saddles you can consider above. Our selection is based on our experience and reviews with some of them, and we are so glad and confident to share them with you.

Also, we have great information for you too so that you can find it easy with the selection and operation of the tree saddle.

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