Best Bedside & Nightstand Gun Safes 2022 Reviews – Our Top 10 Picks

The process of finding a high-quality nightstand gun safe is not as easy as one would want it to be. Shockingly, you may find that the process of selecting a gun safe is much harder than picking the gun itself. There is so much that you will have to consider and a lot of factors have to come into play.

Fortunately, I have made this much easier by narrowing the options down. You will be able to pick the best nightstand gun safe. Here are the 10 top picks for 2022

Still, Are you worried about selecting the best one from our top 10 picks? Then don’t worry; for your convenience, I am narrowing down the list.

I will also recommend three of the best nightstand products with a comparison between them. The difference and similarities chart of these three best bedside gun safes are given

6 Best Nightstand Gun Safes 2022

Bedside Gun Safe Reviews 2022

The nightstand gun storage safes come in different designs and you will need to find one that serves your needs. Everyone has specific places where they love to keep their personal effects and the same applies to firearms. The fact that there are so many styles out there, So Make a shortlist of 10 Gun safes that will help you narrow down the options.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Smart pistol safe

Features of Vaultek VT20i gun safe

  • Security is complemented with smart technology, with the fingerprint system having the capacity of storing upto 20 IDs.
  • Offers flexibility to the user in terms of carrying
  • Body with the exterior dimensions of 11.5 by 9 by 2.75 inches and the interior dimensions being 11 by 5.75 by 2 inches.
  • Lithium-ion battery available with a lifespan of 1 month.
  • USB charging option available with the feature of getting the device charged within 2.5 hours.
  • Keypad button is equipped with backlit, making it easier to work in dark.
  • Hinges within the safe and anti- pry bars makes it free from all sorts of theft.

If you are looking for a relatively small gun safe, the Vaultek T20i is the best bedside gun safe for you. You will enjoy using it like its features are so flexible that makes it easy to handle. So it is the best gun safe under 500 with excellent design with superb security measures installed.

As you already know that it’s relatively small in size, it has a weight of just 7.2lbs and is made up of carbon steel. The overall dimensions of this safe are 11.5 by 9 by 2.5 inches.

You would be amazed to know that, you can pair Vaultek VT20i with your phone. It’s a unique feature that only a few gun safes available in the market provide.

You can handle your gun safe from your phone with the Vaultek app that too remotely. You can find this app both on android and IOS platforms. Other than this, its carbon steel construction makes this safe has a very substantial exterior. The durability of the construction makes the gun safe free from all sorts of weaknesses.

Another interesting feature that this gun safe has is Anti-pry construction. In the gun safe, you will find that there are anti-pry bars and hinges. The installation of these bars helps to safeguard your gun from anyone if they are trying to break the safe with things like a crowbar.

But for you, access to the safe is quite easy. There is a high-resolution fingerprint scanner available which will enable you to have very quick access to the safe. One more added feature that you would love is you can have 20 different fingerprints stored in it.

The battery life that Vaultek VT20i offers is also great. There are USB charging options and you can get it charged within 2.5 hours. You should also know that the keypad button is equipped with a backlit which makes it easier to have access in the dark.

Overall, if you want smart, flexible, and innovative features, do consider buying Vaultek T20i.

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun safe

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun safe

Features of SentrySafe QAP1E

  • Offers quick access biometric lock system.
  • Equipped with keypad, so you can set a code
  • Specially designed for handguns or pistols.
  • It has the dimensions of 12.2 by 9.9 by 3.2 inches and also with the interior dimensions of 9.7 by 6.7 by 2.2 inches.
  • Limited chance of theft or breach due to solid steel made-up.
  • It has gas strut doors that enables, whisper free entries.
  • 4AA rechargeable batteries are there with an override key for backup.

If you are preferring a gun safe with a stylish and unique outlook then SentrySafe QAP1E is the one for you. It is a stand out among most other gun safes, just because of its modern look.

It has dimensions of 12.2 by 9.9 by 3.2 inches. You should also know that the interior dimensions are 9.7 by 6.7 by 2.2 inches which are quite good compared to its overall size. It has a weight of 10 lbs. The capacity it has to offer to you is 1-2 guns which vary among variants.

Now, if you are concerned about the security of the safe, the thing you need to know is this model offers a secure system. The lock system of this safe has the feature of the gas strut. As a bedside gun safe, it is an ideal option for you. It has a digital keypad, where you can set your own type of combination. Once you get the combination right, it gives you quick real-time access.

You will also find the interior very reliable as it has the features of anti-pry resistance. A pry-resistant door is there which makes the model much durable. The brand offers you a high-quality alkaline battery with a warranty of 8-10 years. Overall, it is a product with long-lasting capability that has excellent features for you to offer

Gunvault GV-1000C STD

Gunvault GV 1000C STD

Features of Gunvault GV-1000C STD

  • 16 gauge steel house for giving a durable storage facility.
  • The access codes that are input through the keypads are programmable
  • It has a spring loaded door with tamper resistivity.
  • It has a LED light that Gives a warning when battery level low
  • It has flexible mounting options.

There are users for whom if the gun safe can just hold a single gun, they are okay with that. For such users, the Gunvault Mini vault GV-1000C STD is the best nightstand gun safe. As a gun safe, you will find it quite small in size and due to its lightweight also find ease in using it. Its compactness is also one of a kind.

As far as its build-up is concerned, its exterior is made of steel which is the reason behind its top-notch compactness. The 16- gauge steel house is what it makes stand out among all other options available.

If someone tries out using priers to get it open, it would take a huge toll on him just because of its superb construction. There is also an interior foam available which you would find very useful for keeping your valuables safe. Adding to that, the foam will also keep your gun free from all sorts of scratches.

Unlike most other brands there is a way to know when the battery needs to be charged, only if you use this one. There is a LED light that will beep whenever the battery of your gun safe gets low.

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe 

Features of First Alert Portable Handgun Saf

  • This gun safe has dimensions of 9.2 by 11.1 by 3.5 inches
  • It has 18 gauge solid steel construction.
  • Offers easiest of the accesses
  • Noiseless keypads
  • 2 override keys available
  • It is possible to configure No-see passcodes
  • Limited battery life

If you want easy access to your gun anytime, this gun safe is for you. The First alert Portable gun safe 5200DF makes life a lot simple for you. Quick real-time access is the most exciting feature that it offers.

This gun safe has dimensions of 9.2 by 11.1 by 3.5 inches. The size that this safe offers is enough for storing pistols or handguns, sometimes even ammunition too. Being made of 18 gauge steel it has a weight of 6.3 pounds. The outlook that this model has to offer is quite stylish with a black-coated finish. The interior is quite dark and simple making the overall safe much durable.

To access your gun, you have to type a 3-8 digit code on the keypad that you had set earlier. There is a spring door that will open quickly after you enter the code correctly. The keypad makes almost no noise, which makes it an excellent option if you prefer less noise.

Above all, the First alert portable handgun safe can be a value for the money for you it offers suitable features at affordable prices.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Fort Knox FTK PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Safe Features

  • Has a 10 gauge steel construction with smooth finish
  • Has enough space to store two handguns
  • A hydraulic hinge is there to help to open the door smoothly
  • The door has tamper resistivity power
  • Anti-pry lids are there making it free from breach though crowbar and other related tools.
  • Quite expensive compared to the size.

The fort Knox FTK-PB gun safe offers you the maximum security measures that you can have. This model always ensures that you can keep your gun safe.

The design that this gun safe has, enables it to move frequently and store it in different places with ease. You can have it on your bedside or in the drawer or in the corner of a closet. The construction it has is quite durable with 10-gauge steel.

You might be amazed to know that it is almost impossible to pry it as it has a tamper-resistant wraparound. This always keeps your handgun safe and keeps you free from unnecessary tension.

It also offers an amazing capacity that you would be able to store two pistols with ease. If some space is still available you can also store other valuable stuff.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock –


  • Electronic model that is easy to use
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware and accessories
  • Fits into almost any nightstand drawer.
  • Has 2 liver action bolts and hidden hinges.


  • The electronic lock system fails often and this leaves you with no option but the use of the emergency keys.

If you are in search of a biometric nightstand gun safe, then this Stack-On PDS-1500-B Personal Drawer Safe with Biometric Lock will not disappoint.

This is designed in such a manner that it will fit in almost any nightstand. The biometric locking system enhances the safety that you will need for your firearm.

You will be the only one with access to the safe and your biometrics will be used to unlock the safe. Besides having this safe in your home or office, this is also the most convenient storage while you are on the road.

With the way this model is designed, it will need a one-touch to unlock it. This is why I consider it to be a quick draw gun safe. Even when you are in panic mode, you do not have to worry as you can program it to accept up to 20 fingerprints.

It comes with a sold steel door which is pry-resistant. The hinges are concealed and the action locking bolts help in achieving a silent entry mode. There is a low battery warning system, and you will also have emergency keys, for times when the battery is off.

Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe / Handgun Security Safe –

The other nightstand with a built-in gun safe that I also liked is the Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe. This is also locked biometrically and you can rest easy knowing that your gun is safe, yet easy to reach. You will not have to worry about gun accidents by your kids as the safe is designed in such a manner that children cannot access it.

Besides keeping your firearm, this is a spacious safe where you can also put in other valuables that you would not want to lose. It will give you the confidence of knowing that your possessions are safe.

This is certainly the best nightstand gun safe and has been designed in such a manner that it will give you a whole lot of convenience, without compromising on security. The Second Touch is a fingerprint scanner that is quite accurate.

This model allows you to save up to 200 different fingerprints. It is a compact size and can easily fit under the bed, but it is spacious for most handguns. It has 4 AA batteries that will last for a whole year and approximately support up to 4000 biometric operations.


  • Child resistant and has anti-child features.
  • Comes with a finger print scanner that rotates to 360 degrees.
  • Made with very strong and durable material, which is similar to bulletproof glass.
  • Easy to use, yet advanced in technological features.


  • Takes quite some time to comprehend the system.
  • When the battery is low, the scanner may fail to respond.

GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe 

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

This is yet another nightstand gun storage that comes with a digital keypad. You will get quick access to your weapon since there is a fast activation drop-down drawer. The 18 gauge steel that has been used in the construction of this vault is what makes it strong and durable.

The interiors are protecting with a foam lining and this makes it a safe haven for your weapon and other valued possessions. While it comes with an electronic keypad, there is a key that will be used to override the system.

All the hardware to be able to mount this biometric nightstand gun safes are provided, giving you the convenience of mounting it anywhere you would please. There is a courtesy light that will come on when you open the safe and this lights up inside the safe. With the GunVault safe, you will be at ease knowing that your gun is safe and can be accessed easily. It is quite discreet and as such you will not have to worry about prying eyes. It weighs only 10 pounds, which makes it light and easy to move.


  • Has a fast activation drop down drawer for speedy access.
  • Solid construction of 18 gauge steel, with a protective foam interior lining.
  • Comes with an electronic keypad.
  • Has hardware to facilitate different mounting options.


  • TThere are instances when the digital keypad fails.
  • The lock is not solid enou

Wolverine Holsters under the Desk Holster –

Wolverine Holsters under the Desk Holster

Wolverine under the Desk Holster is not exactly a nightstand gun storage, but I have picked it because it can easily fit under a nightstand. As a matter of fact, you can place it under any des and this makes it easier for you to access the gun at any time.

This would be as good as the safe by the bedside and you can have it in your home or office. This gun holder is made of rubber and metal grommets. This gives you the convenience of placing any size of the gun without a problem.

Besides using it at home, you can have it in your car, or RV and this is ranked as the best small gun safe. The stability of the installation is admirable and the good news is that you can actually install it. It is durable and will allow you to have easy access to your firearm, but also keeps it away from children and other unauthorized people. It is one of the affordable options that you can consider buying.


  • It holds all sizes of hand guns conveniently
  • Versatile and can be used at home, office or even in your vehicle
  • Made of tough synthetic plastic, rubber and metal.
  • You can hide you firearm in places that people would hardly guess


  • The elastic starts to stretch, eventually and this poses the risk of the handgun falling.
  • It is rather small for a full size g

Home Defense Night Stand with Hidden Firearm Safe 

Home Defense Night Stand with Hidden Firearm Safe

Last, but not least, I also would pick the Home Defense nightstand as one of the best options. This will give you quick access to your weapon and is quite discreet. While the firearm will be hidden away, you can be sure that it is within your reach.

It is just a matter of seconds to have the safe open and gain access to your weapon. Unlike other models, this one is quite spacious and will be able to accommodate a mace, stun gun, or even a large frame pistol.

This nightstand hidden gun safe is quite convenient as is built to last. You can choose to have one that is made of metal, rock, or even maple and allows you to pick if you want the door on the right or the left side.

It is powered by a single 9-volt battery, which means that you can even use it on the go. It is not one of the lightest options as it weighs 42 pounds, which is attributed to the heavy-duty material used to make it.


  • Choice of left or right side door.
  • Uses the Knight spring system to open particular compartment.
  • Has a dual function of a nightstand as well as a concealed safe.


  • The price is rather higher, compared to other similar models.

What to Look out for Best Bedside Gun Safe

When it comes to the search for the best nightstand gun safe, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind. These are considerations and are meant to make your gun safe useful for you. Here are some of the key features to help you in finding the right quick draw gun safe

Type of Lock

Consider the type of lock that the safe has, so as to establish that it will serve your needs. The biometric nightstand gun safe is one of the best, but you will have to pay the price. The conventional gun safes are not secure and may not serve the purpose intended.

Risk Assessment

If you live in a place where gun accidents are bound to happen frequently, then you would need to find the best nightstand hidden gun safe. You do not want to regret having gun accidents in your home. If the risk levels are low, then you can buy the cheaper safes.


There are different sizes out there and you may want to analyze your needs so that you can pick the ideal size. The small gun safe may not be suitable for everyone. You need to consider having a safe that can accommodate a full-size pistol.


How secure is the nightstand with a built-in gun safe? The ones with fingerprint scanners and biometric locks are more solid and will keep unauthorized people away.

Access Time

You will want a quick draw gun safe, which means that it takes very little time to load and unload the gun. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to draw out the weapon fast.

Nightstand Gun Storage

The last feature that I believe is critical is the storage space it has. You will want a nightstand gun storage that can be used for purposes of storing other valuables, besides the gun.

Additional Features

Nowadays, gun safes offer a lot of quality features that secure the safe much more. Here are some of the features of the gun safe that you should look for before buying it.


Fireproofing is a feature that will protect your guns from fire for a specific period of time. Guns are costly things and fire can severely damage them. As a result, the fire protection feature is highly important to consider while buying a gun safe. Go for a gun safe that comes with the fireproofing feature and protect your gun from 30 minutes to 150 minutes.

Biometric Access

Biometric access is a specialized locking feature that you will find in very few gun safes. With the feature, you will be able to lock and unlock your gun safe easily with your fingerprint. When the lock is activated none but you can open the safe. This is a recent feature in gun safes and is normally found in costly gun safes.

A Stronger Build

Build quality of the gun safe is highly important. When the intruders fail to break the lock they target the inside walls to access the guns. But if the safe is made out of high-quality gauged steel, it will become almost impossible for them. The gun safe you choose should be constructed with solid or rugged steel and the door and other sensitive areas should have drill-resistant hard plates in their construction.

More Room Inside

The size of the gun safe does not always ensure that it will have a lot of room inside for your guns. So before you buy a gun safe make sure how many guns it can store at most. Besides, make sure that the gun safe has additional space to store gun components such as ammo and scopes.

Thicker Steel Walls

Don’t rely on a chip-thin metal wall of a gun safe as they can easily fail in a drill or pry attack. Go for a well-constructed steel gun safe that has enough thickness to protect your firearms from any kind of attack. Normally, gun safe walls which are made from 7 to 10 gauge steel are highly strong and provide solid security.


It is important to understand the essence of the biometric nightstand gun safe before buying one. You would not want to end up with an accident in your home, using the same weapon that you had intended to be for your safety.

From the models that I have highlighted in this guide, I recommend the Home Defense Night Stand with Hidden Firearm Safe as the Best nightstand gun safe. This will serve as a nightstand and also a safe for your firearm, giving you a double advantage.

When you have a firearm, you should put the safety of your loved ones first, by keeping it secure, but easy to reach. Please share your thoughts about this guide and feel free to share it around.

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