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Best spotlight for hunting 2020 – Expert Buying Guide

Hunting is not merely a sport or pastime; it is a culture for those who understand the passion and exhilaration it brings. A good hunter knows when to engage in hunts and what equipment to use. As a hunter, you are already aware that hunting at night brings you into contact with a variety of animals and is essential to have best hunting spotlights.

Crepuscular (animals that are active during dawn or dusk) and nocturnal animals venture out of their lairs to feed, mate or wander about during the darker hours of the evening/night. These may include hogs, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, deer and a host of other game. However, with the abundance of game, night hunting also brings a particular set of risks and obstacles. To overcome these obstacles, you need to prepare, scout the location, be alert and very importantly, show up with the right gear!

How successful a night hunt is, depends on the luminosity and how visible the animals are. The ability to spot and locate animals in the dark is the key to hunting at night. This is why hunting spotlights have become vital in the hunter’s arsenal.

While the traditional white lights are known for their brightness and range, more and more people are beginning to use red and green spotlights for hunting because of the specific advantages they have over white lights

Advantages of using red spotlights for hunting

The best thing about using red spotlights for hunting is that they do not scare off the animals as quickly as brighter spotlights would. This is because most animals have a limited receptivity of color and they do not readily notice red lights being cast near them. This gives a massive advantage to hunters at night because it gives you stealth and lets you approach the predators without instantly being seen. Additionally, red lights are known to cause less strain on human eyes. So, it takes less time for our eyes to adjust to the darkness when the red light is switched off.

Advantages of using green spotlights for hunting

Green lights let you see further and gives more clarity of sight too, compared to red lights. This is because human vision is more conducive to green shades, meaning it is easier for the hunter to discern the shape and size of things on which the green light is cast. However, a small liability here is that the color green may be more visible to animals compared to when you use red spotlights for hunting. An added benefit of green light is that the beams are less noticeable when viewed from the side. Also, the green shade attracts fewer insects and mosquitos, so they are less distracting than other lights.

It is now clear that both colors bring specific benefits to a hunting expedition. And since both colors are indispensable in their uses, we need to make use of both the green and red spotlights for hunting. This does not mean that the white lights are obsolete. They remain unparalleled in casting brightness and making your surroundings visible (especially needed if you are scouting the route or location).

The shrewd hunter makes use of each light and color according to its strengths so that he has a complete arsenal of equipment required to take down any predator or prey he encounters. If you are out on a night hunt, you deserve the best lights and equipment to ensure you don’t return empty handed.

However, before we decide what the best hunting spotlights are, we have to remember that there are a host of factors that differentiate a regular spotlight and a predator hunting spotlight. These factors include size & weight, power, range, adjustable focus, LED colors, rifle mounted or handheld, etc. Furthermore, the price and durability of the products also show whether they are value for money.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, here are the three best spotlights for hunting that you can buy today.

The Orion M30C 377 Flashlight kit – another best spotlight for hunting

The Orion M30C 377 hunting spotlight gives you a staggering 377 yards of visibility distance. It has proven to be one of the most useful lights not just in long range sight but also in the dispersion of light in the surrounding areas.

This predator hunting spotlight can emit 700 LED lumens which makes it easy to spot all types of predators, hogs, and varmints. Whether you want to use a green spotlight or a red spotlight for hunting, it is available as separate products in both the colors. The Orion M30C 377 kit comes with the following contents:

  • One high-performance, long-range hunting spotlight with triple Cree LEDs
  • One scope mounting kit
  • One rail mounting kit
  • One barrel mounting kit
  • Two sets of Nitecore rechargeable batteries
  • One smart charger with two channels (along with car charger)
  •  One dual control remote switch with a cord

Here are some of the features that make it stand out from the competition:

Size and weight

One of the reasons why the Orion M30 377 is considered one of the best hunting spotlights is because of its compact built. This high-performance hunting spotlight weighs only 7.6 oz. It has a head diameter of 2.5 inches, a tail diameter of 1 inch and a total length of only 6 inches. Judging by the power and reach this spotlight has, one would expect a much more cumbersome and bigger device. Its small dimensions make it all the more useful because the user does not face the hassles of having a long and heavy flashlight bearing down its weight on your aim and stability.

Power and range

With 700 lumens of LED light, this powerful predator hunting spotlight outshines its competition (literally). The range of 377 yards even gives you the edge over other hunting spotlights when it comes to sheer distance. Unless you are a trained sniper, you probably would not be shooting at 377 yards.

So this serves as an incredibly vast area of scanning and scouting you can do too. Each light is made of three CREE XP-E2 LEDs which ensures that you don’t lose out on light quality when focusing. The triple LEDs keep the volume of light at a steady and consistent flow which leaves fewer distractions to spook the animals.

Built and durability

This hunting spotlight also scores points on its make and quality. If you were wondering why it does not come in a hard case, the reason is probably that it is so strong and sturdy, it doesn’t need one. It has been designed to withstand a variety of temperature and exposures. This hunting spotlight will deliver whether it’s in blistering temperatures or downright cold. It is also IPX – 8 rated for water resistance. This means that even the rain cannot stop you from using this predator hunting spotlight.

Light intensity control and battery life

The M30 377 has three intensity settings for brightness. You need to tighten the head of the spotlight for full brightness at 700 lumens, loosen for the middle range at 400 lumens and loosen it further to operate at the minimum level of 75 lumens. The battery life should last you around 1.8 hours at 700 lumens, 3.5 hours at 400 lumens and up to 22 hours at 75 lumens. If you can switch between the three settings wisely, one battery should last a whole hunting session. This makes the battery life exceptional, and the second battery merely becomes a spare that you can carry around as a backup.

Three individual Rifle mounts

The best hunting spotlights come with the best options of where to attach them. Most hunters prefer the spotlight to be connected to the rifle so that the light follows the aim and direction of the hunter. The Orion M30 377 comes with three separate mounts for the light. The first is the conventional scope mount kit that can fit on scopes with a diameter ranging from 1 inch to 30 mm. It has a knob design that is easy to fix as well as remove. The second is the Picatinny or Weaver mount that can be attached on the rail of the rifle at a 45 degree offset.

Finally, you also have the option of connecting it to the barrel (universal mount). You can combine the rail mount with the barrel adapter so that it can grip on a barrel of any size.

Dual remote switch

This hunting spotlight also comes with two options for switches. One is the push button switch that can be attached to the tail cap. The user can push it halfway for temporary light and push it all the way in for consistent light. The second option is in the form of a pressure switch. Extended by a cord, the pressure switch can be fixed on the stock of the gun. Putting pressure on this switch turns on the light and releasing the pressure will switch it off.

The Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit

Predator Tactics continue to be a leader in the manufacture and marketing of red and green spotlights for hunting. The Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit has almost become a classic favorite when it comes to purchasing the best predator hunting spotlights. It does not contain unnecessary parts, and it provides all the essential equipment for a basic spotlight set-up. The great thing about this set is that every item in it is a quality product that delivers to its potential.

Listed below are the equipment that you will find in this hunting kit:

  • One Coyote Reaper hunting light
  • One adjustable 5 point rail mount
  • One Scope rail mount
  • Two rechargeable 18650 batteries
  • One wall and vehicle charger set
  • One battery extension tube
  • One remote tail cap switch

Size and weight

The shipping weight of the Coyote Reaper containing all of these items is only 2.4 pounds which makes it a comfortable pack to carry around while moving from one hunting location to another. The weight of the hunting light is only 8 oz, so it does not add any substantial weight to your rifle.

Light intensity and range

The most powerful feature of the Coyote Reaper is the fact that it can allow you to identify your target (usually through eye shine) up to a distance of 500 yards. The built-in halo system does not allow light to be dispersed in the wrong direction. This means that all the brightness and power is projected in the direction towards which you point the spotlight. Acquiring a target game at a distance of 500 yards gives you enough time to anticipate how to engage the prey. Even before you reach 200-300 yards, you will have enough time to scout and position yourself in the most effective location to go for the kill. This light intensity can also be switched between flood mode and zoom mode.

Push button and remote switch cap

The Coyote Reaper hunting spotlight allows you two modes of switch control. The first is the button at the tail of the spotlight which you can operate manually. The second option is to use the remote tail cap switch. The remote switch can be extended by a cord, to a location that is easy for your fingers to reach. This allows you to retain your mobility even when transitioning between turning the lights on and off.

Scope and rail mount

This spotlight also comes with two mounting kits that can be attached to your rifle. One is the Scope rail mount that can be fitted to your scope. It can fit on scope tubes that can be any size from 1 inch to 30 mm. The other kit has an adjustable 5-point mount that can be attached to the rifle’s rail. These options allow the hunter to place the spotlight where it is convenient to operate.

Battery extension tube

The 18650 Lithium batteries do not compromise on power and can support the spotlight for a considerable amount of time. However, an encounter with predators or prey can sometimes leave you with precious few seconds to make a move. If you don’t want to risk running out of power in the middle of an encounter, Predator Tactics provides you with a unique and excellent solution. This pack comes with a battery extension device that can be fitted on the spotlight which lets you insert an extra battery. This should fix any power related shortages that you may fear. Some users report that they even forget to charge the batteries for days because this extension allows the spotlight to function for so long.

Replaceable LED module

The LED module on the Coyote Reaper has a threading insertion. This can be carefully removed and replaced by an LED of different colors if you so wish. This function gives the hunter the ability to switch between lights (provided he has modules of different colors). Given how the red and green lights can affect the hunting experience, this ability to replace the module will prove to be a handy option.

Batteries and charger

The kit also includes two durable Lithium-ion batteries and a charger that can be connected to a wall socket or can be charged via the lighter port in your vehicle when you are on the move.

Wicked Lights W403IC Predator Pursuit Pack – Best hunting spotlight

The W403IC kit by Wicked Lights is an all-in-one pack that can meet almost every requirement as far as predator hunting spotlights are concerned. This hunting spotlight kit comes packed with the following contents:
  • Two W403IC lights that have full intensity control.
  • Two green spotlights for hunting (LED heads)
  • Two red Spotlights for hunting (LED heads)
  • One white spotlight for hunting (LED head)
  • One 4-slot battery charger with DC/AC adapters
  • Four Li-ion batteries
  • One Ergo Grip (to be used as a handheld spotlight)
  • One windage (adjustable) and elevation mount kit
  • One remote tail cap with coiled cord for easy control of the Rheostat

All of these items come packed in a high-quality and durable plastic hard case. The price of this pack is also much lower than if one were to buy the LED lights individually. The metallic elements are all made from T6 aircraft grade aluminum and each part is designed and serviced in the United States.

Size and weight

The light has a length of 7.28 inches with a body diameter of 1 inch and bezel (head/face) diameter of 2.6 inches. At 15 oz (along with battery), it is not the lightest or smallest spotlight, but it is not so bulky as to affect the accuracy of your shot. Also, the adjustable elevation mount more than makes up for the size and weight of the light.

Light intensity and switch controls

A unique feature of this hunting spotlight is the full measure of intensity control it gives. The rheostat gives you complete control of the lights. You can dim or brighten the LEDs to the exact degree of luminosity that you want. It lets you set the intensity of the light even before you turn on the light. It also gives you the option of putting the lights in focus or flood mode. The tail cap also functions as an On/Off button so you can switch on the lights at the exact level of intensity that you want.

Interchangeable LED heads (Multiple colors)

This is one of the best features of W403IC predator hunting spotlight. The green, red (2 LEDs each) and white (one LED) lights come in interchangeable heads that can be attached and removed depending on what the situation requires.

This gives you mobility between the colors and allows you to quickly adapt according to the light sensitivity of the animal you are hunting. The maximum visibility distance of the white, green and red hunting spotlights are 400, 350 and 300 yards respectively. But you can detect the eye reflection of animals even up to a distance of 500 yards (depending on the type of scope you use).

Four batteries and four-slot charger

The kit comes with four premium batteries and a charger with an equal number of slots. Each cell is a 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery. This fully charged set of batteries should support both lights, so you need not worry about power issues as far as the spotlights are concerned.

Two W403IC lights with adjustable elevation mount and Ergo grip

The W403IC light can be attached to the Ergo grip and can be used as a handheld hunting spotlight. This gives you more versatility and allows you to scope the area more conveniently. Or you can use the elevated mounting kit to place the light on your scope and control it by your rifle’s movements.

The mount on the scope can also be adjusted so that the light points directly at you reticle (crosshairs) and not over or under it. The elevation mount comes with a two-piece design which makes it easy to attach and remove. However, since this predator pack comes with two W403IC lights, you have the added option of using both lights simultaneously – one for shooting and the other one for scanning.

With unique features such as the full control of light intensity, convenient mounts and multiple LED bezels, the W403IC Predator Pursuit Pack remains the go-to pack if you are looking for the complete solution as far as hunting spotlights are concerned.


The Final Verdict

When it comes to using spotlights for hunting, how well these great products perform will also depend on the context in which they are used. The terrain, weather, moisture, moonlight, quality of scope, hunter’s vision, etc. are just some of the factors that can increase or decrease the effect of these spotlights. Therefore, the user should always understand and identify the situation in which he is using this equipment so that he can utilize them to the optimum effect.

The last and most important item in the checklist of hunting with spotlights is making sure we do it in a safe, cautious and legal manner. Take every precaution to ensure that you do not harm yourself or other humans. Remember to adhere to local hunting rules and avoid anything that is restricted or illegal. If we can keep these final instructions, we can avoid depleting the animal population and also ensure the wellbeing of people nearby.

Remember that the best hunting spotlights in the world cannot replace the discerning mind of a good hunter who knows both the risks and advantages of his equipment and uses them wisely.

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