Best Hunting Backpack Reviews 2020 – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Here you will found all top rated best hunting backpacks reviews 2020. Choosing the best hunting backpack for yourself always depend on what type of activities you will do, and on the season and terrain around you. A hunting bag should have enough space to hold all your necessary things.

It should allow for enough room for what you are planning to do and equipment you are going to take. It’s better to have multiple bags which fit different situations. Having more than one bags let you choose the optimal one for each situation. And it’s a kind of investment, though. Moreover, having particular hunting bags for specific terrains and elements goes a really long way of your hunting journey.


9 Best hunting backpack 2020 reviews

Hunter who is serious about hunting should know the importance of having quality hunting equipment, tools, weapon, and gear. And this page will help you identify what makes up the best hunting backpacks and what special a backpack offers you. Also, you will able to read our detailed reviews about 9 best-hunting backpacks 2017 and able to spot the proper qualities that you are looking for.

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

This best hunting backpack is up for the grueling task like haul gear to base camp etc. the ALPS OutdoorZ traverse EPS hunting pack specially designed with modular pattern and plenty of pockets. You will get more than enough space to hold your firearms, spotting scope, gears etc. its padded waist belt and h-frame design evenly distributes your packs’ weight to keep you comfortable and less fatigue. Its modular design with large main pocket expandable pack section offers the additional 1200 cubic inches and its lightweight tubular ‘H’ frame design allows you to carry as much gear you wish. You can carry meat, arrow, bows, riffles anything you need.


  • Made for hauling out game.
  • Suitable for larger items like tripod, camera arms and bulky clothing.
  • Best for weapon carrying also.
  • Consist of padded spotting scope pocket that fits most of the large spotting scops.
  • Storage- 3300 cubic inches.


  • It’s better to have more padding and wideness on shoulder straps.
  • Adding more detailed pocket will be great idea.


Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

This best hunting backpack offers the backcountry adventurer pack which has a small enough profile to quietly navigate thick timbers. The Timber Hawk Killshot is perfect for accommodate enough gear for a couple of days in woods. Its made with polyester brushed tricot with Pvc backing. This cloth pack has large capacity on its main and other compartment. Also its Raptor compression straps is great for load stability and right left hip belt accessory pockets for instant access o gear or foods. Furthermore, it features the Hawk-Eye binocular strap system, silent stalk quick ejection clips for dropping the pack while in rush. Also it has blaze orange pull-out rain fly, bottom and top lashing points for external storage and drop-down scabbard for secure rifle storage. Its other features like blaze orange pull-out rain fly, bottom and top lashing points for external storage, drop-down scabbard for secure rifle storage will pleas serious hunters.


  • Made with polyester.
  • Includes 2 ltr reversible hydrapak bladders with insulated hose.
  • Suitable for carries bow, rifle and tripods.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap system.
  • Padded waist belt with ergonomic tightening adjustment.


  • The wrist and shoulder straps could be wider for comfortable use.
  • Don’t come with large size for taller people.


ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

It’s the best hunting backpack that could serve you five different bag purposes. You can carry all your gear, bow, knife and also use it as a daypack, haul away your meat or use as a fanny pack. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack is made for accommodating all your hunting needs.

It’s fanny pack mode is great to haul along the essentials while scouting or going to your stand. It has a nice padded waist bent and shoulder harness system that make carrying the Pathfinder a comfortable fit and helps equally distribute the weight.

If you need more room for your gears, just unroll the daypack mode out from the fanny pack and get the additional space. With daypack mode, you have the option to use the hauling mode or bow-carrying mode. It has extra fabric and straps that create additional space to carrying meat or gears.


  • Universal, versatile design for fits a wide verity of compound bows.
  • Comfortable and secure to create.
  • Adjustable shoulder harness.
  • Lots of accessory pockets.
  • Maximum capacity 2700 cubic inches.
  • Lightweight and affordable in price.


  • The wrist belt is little uncomfortable to tighten.
  • It seems big for small hunting like the deer hunting.


Badlands Monster Fanny Pack

Here is another fanny bag for hunters. The Bandlands Monster Fanny pack has Delron flex-frame which help to prevent the load from sagging backward the adjustable shoulder straps keeps the load from creeping down below your hip bones. It could be your good companion for sweat-free hunting in warmer weather. This hunting bag is very roomy and has lots of pockets. You can carry lots of accessories during hunting. Its numerous pockets will be very helpful in organizing your equipment. Besides, it comes with lifetime warranty of repairing and replacing.


  • Suitable for heavy load carrying.
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder straps.
  • Can hold one water bladder snugly and safely.
  • Contain lots of pockets to hold your things.
  • Made with waterproof material.
  • Provide lifetime unconditional warranty.


  • The hydration pocket is small, just can hold a litter of bottle.
  • Hard to attach your pistol holster to the hip strap.
  • Bladder to hang. That can make the center of gravity sometimes.


Maxpedition Gear Zafar Internal Frame Pack

For carrying the heavier loads, the Maxpedition Gear Zafar Internal Frame Pack contain with internal sheet frame with the aluminum stay. That gives the backpack external support and makes your carrying comfortable. You will find a soft-lined sunglasses pouch and a sturdy button lock on the top which secures the zipper pulls. Moreover, inside of the backpack you will found a pouch for 100oz hydration bladder, ports for drinking tubes on both sides, and a variety of mesh pockets to organize your hunting gears. Another great side about the bag is its padding. This soft and breezy egg creates padding wicks moisture during the warmer season. However, its padded removable waist belt distributes the load, and handy pouches keep your small item organized.


  • Made with a triple coat of polyurethane for water resistance.
  • Consist of Ykk zippers for smooth sliding.
  • Military grade nylon webbing for straps handles ad modular attachment points.


  • Suitable for heavy and numerous gears, not suitable for carrying few things. Because is built like a tank, with lots of detail pocket and storage.


Tenzing TZ 2220 day pack hunting backpack

You will receive the attention to details and quality of this Tenzing TZ 2220 day pack hunting backpack. This bag is lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry. Even it’s comfortable during hunting or carrying your gun as well walking on a trail with it. Moreover, this daypack has a spot for you hydration bottle, and other necessary things. It’s yellow; no rattle zippers add clasps are made with high-quality materials for smooth and silent access. However, the backpack has channels padded for air flow, which doesn’t get you warm for long term use. So, you can work while sweat, climbing, running, stalking or crawling. Yu can strap on extra gear, rain gear or sleeping bag on its padding around the area. It’s built in bow/rifle pocket, and rain cover makes up more of the features of this best hunting bag.


  • Internal aluminum frame stay.
  • Padded hip support.
  • Air Cooled back pad.
  • Foldout rain cover, bow and gun carrying boot.
  • Function well between 25lbs or less.


  • A bit uncomfortable for lumber supports.
  • Not well suited for heavyweights.


Mossy Oak Silver Leaf 2 Day Pack

This is one kind of traditional hunting backpacks which great for taking two days of supply. Like two water bottles, a hoodie, hunting gears etc. the Mossy Oak Silver Leaf 2 day pack looks pretty good and provide decent amount of space for storage. Its mossy oak pattern blend with the environment of hills, forest etc. this hunting bag has large front pocket with detail storage, cell or glasses pockets, two side water bottle pockets and other features. Its adjustable straps for shoulder and wrist give you security and storage loaded goods or equipment you are carrying. If you are looking for something basic, simple and useful hunting bag in affordable price then the Mossy Oak silver leaf could be good to use.


  • Comes in mossy oak camo pattern.
  • Includes large front pocket, cell pocket, side water bottle pocket etc.
  • Compression straps.
  • Big enough to carry 2 days supplies.
  • Consist of water proof trays.
  • Very cheap in price.


  • The straps are not sturdy while heavy loads.
  • The quality could be better more.

Eberlestock X1 Hunting Pack

It has been said to the Eberlestock X1 Hunting Pack

the made is carefully with the premium components and laid out thoughtfully. However, this best hunting bag comes with exclusive patented features. Like the Quickdraw Backscabbard and the Ripcord Bow Tether. Also its front x pockets form a saddle for you bow to ride in, so you can get the completely stable performance while you go hard deeper scabbard accommodates a full- scale hunting rifle. This all rounder day backpack is overall comfortable and suitable for heavier loadings. Besides its adjustable torso lengths and straps is great for all kind of hunting.


  • Made with 1000d Nylon.
  • Provides 2800 cubic inches including the scabbard.
  • Consist with quickdraw backscabbard and ripcord tether.
  • Includes high tech shooter’s harness.


  • For the divider in the main pack, the upper compartment becomes too short for your water


Allen Pagosa Daypack, 1800 Cubic Inches

Last but not least, the Allen Company pagosa 1800 camouflage daypack is good for providing back support especially when your bag s fully loaded on those long trails. Its back support panels are designed to help keep you comfortable. With lots of storage pockets or compartment this bag also has a waist pocket to hold handy stuffs. The zippered pockets on the adjustable waist belt help you to keep something that you forget to add in last time on packing. Moreover, this backpack allows you to insert your favorite water pouch or extra supply of foods and beverage. This backpack will provide you 1800 cubic capcity with internal and external pockets and organizers. This might so huge but for small hunting trips between one or two days it will perfect for you.


  • Padded shoulder straps and back support panels.
  • Sternum straps for stability.
  • Adjustable waist belt.
  • Made with quiet brushed tricot fabric.
  • High-viz lining for find gear easily.


  • Little unwieldy camouflage design.



Wise hunters don’t skimp on researching time and money, at least on his ability. It’s always worth investing in multiple bags in order to be preparing for each specific condition. Its may takes lots in to selecting a quality hunting bag but the research & time spent looking is worth it. So, read about the specifications, the brand, and models- as much as details you can read. However, the user reviews also a good help while selecting any product. It’s often made or breaks your decision for certain hunting bags. After all, the best hunting backpack wills your best buddy when you are out in the harsh elements and you are carrying everything that’s keeping you alive in it.

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