Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars in 2021 & 2022 – Our Top 10 Picks

After examining an extensive number of gun safes from the market, we have preferred the list of top gun safes under $500. You can select one from this range as per your preference without any further thoughts.

However, before you finally picking one, you should be assured of your preferences. When it comes to the gun safe, different guns owner has different requirements.

Some of them prefer a gun safe that is constructed from solid material to ensure longevity. Some other prefers the one that can store multiple guns and rifles.

If you need top-notch solid quality, then the Moutec Large Rifle Safe under $500 can be an excellent pick for you.

On the other hand, if you want to store multiple guns and rifles, then the Homak 10-gun security corner cabinet will be the perfect suit.

So, let’s jump into the detailed reviews and Specification chart so that you can get a clear view!  Hope, It helps you to make the right decision.

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best gun safe under 500 dollars

1. Verifi smart safe s5000 biometric gun safe – Top Rated Gun Safe Under $500

Verifi smart safe s5000 biometric gun safe

Unlike others, the Verifi Smart Safe features reliable fingerprint technology. This made the model definitely safe than any other biometric gun safes in the market.

Research shows the gun safe approved by the F.B.I and many United State government departments, DHS, DOD are using biometrics around the world. So for social proof, this safe gun is one of the authentic choices to go.

Easy Installation

The most prominent feature of the Verifi Smart Safe is the LCD display and built-in User Management system. In this addition its LCD display lets you program your fingerprint as well as through the Enrollment Setup Wizard, you can set up the whole installation process within 5 minutes. You don’t even need a manual to set up the safe.

Fast Fingerprint Access

A handy auto-lock feature comes with the gun storage box. So no manual process requires here. When the lid is closed, you can see the auto-lock system automatically activates the motorized dual bolt locking mechanism. On top of that, it also features an anti-tamper system. It means that for any unauthorized reset attempts it will alert you audibly and let you know

FBI Certified 3D Scanning

Most of the users who actually use this are crazy about the feature and wonder how accurately it can scan! Verifi Smart. has one of the most advanced biometric features at this time. It can scan below the surface of the skin accurately.

However, you will be glad to know that it’s possible to store up to 40 users with one fingerprint per user or 10 users with 4 fingerprints per person in this biometric gun storage box. One thing you might disappoint with the lacking of sensor light. Though you don’t have to regret it because the LCD backlight allows some light to see the gun safe at night.

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  • Advanced user access controls.
  • Intuitive feedback through LCD screen.
  • Enrollment setup wizard.
  • Solid steel construction gives the highest protection.


  • The back panel of the safe is not flush.

2. Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe – Best long gun safe under 500 in 2022

Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

Basaka quick access biometric safe is one of the favorite ones under $500. This advanced safe provides quick access to the user to retrieve their weapons within seconds by a simple touch of a finger. It is capable to secure 4 rifles maximum.

An optical scanner is adjusted with safe to identify the scanned fingerprint and compare it to those data which is stored in the safe’s 120 fingerprint memory.

This biometric identification system is faster than the conventional key or code matching access system. It allows its authorized user quickly but acts as a strong locker to the unauthorized one. It is 52 inches tall and suits best for the long gun.

Another notable thing about it is that there is an option to mute audio feedback and easy mount with wall or floor where else you want.

The removable cabinet allows you to enhance is storage capacity and you can keep some adjustable household things along with the gun if you want. This biometric gun safe has a compact design and for its quick access, it can be the best one in your emergency situation.

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  • It provides the quick access with its biometric fingerprint system.
  • Constructed with solid steel.
  • Has silent access option.
  • 2 back up keys and external battery pack facility.
  • It has 4 rifle shelves and household rack.


  • Poor capacity
  • Sometimes needs frequent press of finger.

3. 7550 Paragon Safes 8 Gun And Rifle Safe – Best fireproof gun safe under $500

7550 Paragon Safes 8 Gun And Rifle Safe

Moderately and affordably priced Paragon Lock and Safe – 8 Rifle Safe is one of the best gun safe 2022 available in the market. It has a solid heavy-duty steel body for ensuring the best security. Besides, the bottom of the safe is padded with gray carpet. As a result, there is no worry about abrasions and scratches regarding the steel construction. If we talk about the size, its size is pretty large enough to store several rifles and shotguns at a time being.

 Small Interior Lockbox

Paragon Lock and Safe have a small lockbox along the top of the interior housing, which is not available in another model. Users will get a separate set of keys for easy access. Probably you might think of it is comparatively smaller than a typical lockbox but actually not. Moreover, this lockbox does a perfect job to fit a few personal pistols, and other handguns at a time. So no doubt it’s a worthy addition to the already spacious design of the Paragon lock.

Spacious Design

If you are looking for optimal storage for a few long guns then without a second thought you can rely on Paragon 8 Lock and Safe. Maybe you will get many other several options but it will give you the best protection without spending much money. From now, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights because of the quality of its lock alone. In this regard, Underwriters Laboratories gave the honor and certification of the lock to this brand. Further, it is digitally programmable and no unauthorized access is possible in this storage box.

Added Ball-Bearing Adjustable Hinges

The gun safe is equipped with ball-bearing adjustable hinges. In this addition, it gives extra security against forced entry. So it is a great relief for many users who are anxious about the proper safety of their gun lock. However, unless the burglars attack your house with sophisticated tools with unlimited time on hand your weapons will be safe in the box for sure.

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  • Top Quality 18 Gauge Powder coated interior and exterior.
  • Strong steel drill-resistant hard plate.
  • Ability to fit in the smallest of spaces.
  • Accepts 8 guns up to 47.5″ long.


  • Few claimed the sidewalls are a bit thin.

4. Snapsafe Under Bed Gun Safe – Best Under Bed Safe Under $500 in 2022

Snapsafe Under Bed Gun Safe

  In the case of Snapsafe under bed safe 75400 its design would its most eye-catching aspect. Its design helps well with its functionality. It is well constructed and its strong construction is what helps it achieve its impeccable durability.

It was constructed with 14-gauge heavy-duty steel. That makes it last for years on end. It has predrilled bolt holes. This helps in the process of installation. It saves you the trouble of drilling the holes yourself.

The large slide-out drawer is the part that stores the firearms and other valuables. It can be placed under other furniture. You can even put it in your car or any other form of vehicle. Its door is resistant to prying eyes and hands. You can be rest assured children and any other party interested in opening the safe are kept away from gaining access.

As it can be accessed with a digital key. It even includes a traditional key entry and it has a 3 to 8-digit access code. One big selling point of Snapsafe specialty safe is that it gives you the peace of mind that your rifles, jewelry, or other types of valuables are hidden and secure.

As the reviewers of this safe said, this safe is more secure and robust than other safes in the market right now. So, it would really be a good decision to buy this safe as its price is also quite affordable.

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  • Heavy duty construction.
  • There are two types of accesses.
  • The installation process is without a hassle.
  • Its durability is unmatched.


  • The space provided is very low.
  • The lock may have some defects.

5. Barska Large Biometric Gun Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Black

If you search on one of the top leading brands in the market then the name that must come in the race is Barska Large Biometric Safe. You will get both bigger and smaller versions of it. The tool has included mounting hardware and with the pre-drilled holes, it’s easy to mount anywhere.

Apart from this, you need to install the storage tool in an open area because the lid opens from the top. You should know the safe is powered by four AA batteries and it also gives an alert in the low power stage. No matter either your safe goes down for dead batteries or is difficult to open you will get two emergency backup keys with the safe.

Plenty of Room for Storage

Check the dimension of the Barska Large Biometric Safe, it is 57 Inches x 13.75 Inches x 13.75 Inches. With this in mind, you don’t have to struggle with storing any jewelry, pistol, documents, electronic gadgets, credit cards, etc. In this regard, it’s not necessary you have to use it just as gun storage rather you can also store other items in it.

Convenient To Use

Barska gun safe can store up to 120 unique users where the average brands store only fingerprints of 30 different users. Do you know when it comes to the necessity of having Fingerprint and Biometric technology? Well, if you need to store several numbers of weapons at a time in the same place case Biometric technology is the best way to rely on it. This will give the highest security of your guns as well as other valuables.

Come With Extra Two Mechanical Keys

Don’t worry whether the primary biometric system fails or not this gun safe will provide you another key access to your weapon. You will get more two mechanical keys that help you to open the electronic cabinet.

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  • Can recognize up to 120 unique users.
  • Removable racks for storage space.
  • Equipped with Fingerprint scanning technology.
  • Comes with hardware to bolt the safe to a solid surface.


  • Few claimed it takes multiple attempts to open.

6. Stack On GCG 910 Steel 10 Gun Security Cabinet – under 500

Stack On GCG 910 Steel 10 Gun Security Cabinet

The stack-on GCG-910 security cabinet was designed and made to keep usability and comfort in mind. This safe even got approval from the California Department of Justice. This safe met their high standards of quality. You will be getting an amazing safe to protect your firearms at an affordable price.

The stack-on GCG-910 can hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns, so suffices to say that this cabinet has got you covered in the storage department. There is a shelf inside and it is positioned in the back of the cabinet. That means you can store guns that are long in front of the cabinet.

The bottom of the cabinet is padded with insulating foam and that is why your valuables inside the safe do not receive damage while inside it. According to the manufacturer, a special feature of this cabinet is the fact that this security cabinet is impact resistant, meaning no burglar can break it open no matter whichever method he tries. Its locks are pretty simple, but they do get the job done.

One thing you should remember about this cabinet is that it is not safe. What that means is that it won’t protect your rifles against fire or water. But it does hold up against a high amount of foreign resistance. It will definitely keep curious children and guests away from your firearms.

Also, you should remember that the shelf is not adjustable. So in case you need more space you should stack the small things like pistols and ammo mounts to the top of it with pre-drilled holes. You can then do whatever you like at the bottom of the safe.

This product comes with some accessories. One of them being a scope holder. There is also a plastic shelf included. It can be attached to the cabinet to hold small pistols or ammo.

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  • Easy to move and assemble.
  • It has a nice finish and the material quality is also great
  • Its design is fairly compact
  • It can be mounted to the wall or the floor.


  • Doesn’t resist fire or water.
  • A safe would be more secure than this
  • Some of the reviewers said they were not able to store 10 rifles.

7. Stack on TC 16 GB K DS Gun Tactical security Safe

Stack on TC 16 GB K DS Gun Tactical security Safe

This safe is capable to hold 2 tactical weapons and more than 14 short guns as well as rifles. As it is generally fit for 2 tactical weapons and is also known as 2gun tactical storage.

This 2gun tactical storage included the adjustable barrel which is elongated to make allowance for the added depth needed to store especially tactical weapons. Minimum seven rifles or shotguns are enough to store on each side of the tactical gun storage section.

Other items like pistols, ammo can be stored instead. It has one breadth self along with three alterable shelves. The closet is furnished with 3 point locking system and also has a double-bitted key coded cylinder lock facility in order to ensure strong security.

Its cabinet was approved as safe storage for storing firearms by the department of justice of California. The paint finishes black door with a reverted steel plate enhances the security and this safe undoubtedly saves your money with the highest service.

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  • It has a strong security system.
  • Its body is surprisingly strong with a riveted steel plate door.
  • It is easily moveable as it weighs only 100 pound without contents.
  • It keeps your weapons from your kids, guest and people whom you don’t want to touch them.
  • Very easy to install and double bitted key coded cylinder lock system included.


  • It is lack of dust seal on the door
  • Small in size and poor capacity of holding more than two tactical weapons.
  • It is not fire obstructive

8. Stack-On SS-16-MG-C 16 Gun Security Safe

Stack On SS 16 MG C 16 Gun Security Safe

Among all other gun safes under $500, Stack-On SS-16 is one of the most secure safes. It is not battery powered and there is no complexity of electronic devices. Stack-On SS-16 gun safe is strongly constructed and it is too hard to drill it. It is made of harden steel plate nevertheless it is very easy to carry.

The cabinet possessed a huge space as maximum 16 rifles can be stored in it. The 54-inch long storage also allows you to protect your other necessary accessories besides firearms.

It has a combination locking system rather having the electronic one and you don’t need to worry about charging the battery. It is drill resistant and has 6 locking points and also has an amazing design that will certainly draw your eyes with its two matched colors black and green.

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  • Fascinating design
  • 54-inch huge cabinet
  • Combination locking system with six locking point
  • Drilling resistant
  • Easy to carry


  • Unable to resist fire
  • No option for change the combination.
  • Light in weight so there is a risk for preying.

9. First watch / homak 10-gun security corner cabinet 

First watch  homak 10 gun security corner cabinet

The First Watch/Homak 10-gun security cabinet will be considered an amazing safe just because of its innovative and the way it looks and feels. This is the tallest gun cabinet in the market right now with its height being 57-inches. It’s made using steel and it has steel plates that are 3.2 mm in width.

It comes in black and its steel is powdered giving it a nice finish. In terms of material, it is made using 1.5 mm cold steel, making it fairly durable. In the interior of the cabinet, you will find a shelf made of metal, that helps in organizing your guns and ammo.

The top shelf is not removable. The bottom of the cabinet is padded so that the rifles don’t get scratches from the steel surface. There is a plastic barrel rest inside that also prevents the rifles from receiving damage.

There is a full-length piano hinge on its door. The cabinet’s weight is about 70 lbs. making it quite tough to move around, but two people can move it. Its door is quite strong and secure. One of its unique features is the HMC high-security tubular locking mechanism, which has over 100 key code combinations.

If you have a lot of guns and rifles, then this is safe for you. It can store up to 6 long guns or 10 regular rifles. Just from the design point of view, this cabinet is best for storing your guns and magazines at home. It even has stellar reviews from its users.

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  • It is really secure as it has security bolts to secure it to the floor or the walls
  • It has a lot of storage space (8 cubic feet)
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Made with durable and strong steel plates.
  • Strong construction.


  • The shelf is not removable.
  • The gun rack is made of plastic.

Stack-On E-029-SB-E Executive Fire Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack On E 029 SB E Executive Fire Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

There is a lot to like about this safe from its design to its strength. The stack on E has an antique look to it, which makes it quite pleasant to look at. It has a strong build to it and it is quite heavy, you can feel it when you touch it. It was made using top quality materials that make it pretty strong and sturdy.

In terms of security, this gun safe is hard to beat. This safe has an electric lock system. It uses a 4-way locking system and a 1.5’’ live action locking bolts. You can use up to 10 locking points because of that. This safe is designed in a way that it has to be bolted to the floor. Also, it weighs about 225 lbs. Which means it is quite heavy. Its heavy weight makes it tough for any burglar who would want to carry it away.

There are three adjustable shelves. The inside of the safe is customizable because you can remove the shelves. You can also store ammo in it as there is more than enough space inside this safe. The safe’s inside is fully covered with carpet. This is done so that your valuable items don’t get damaged while inside it.

The biggest feature of this safe would be its fire resistance.  The Stack-On E-040-SB-E can hold its own to massive amounts of heat. Its resistance is up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

The stack-on junior executive safe is in our opinion one of the best gun safes under 500 dollars. Its durability makes it stand out among other safes in the market and for the price range, it really is a good bargain.

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  • The door is expandable that helps resist heat.
  • It can be bolted to the floor, making it quite hard for burglars to carry it away.
  • It has a high heat resistance rating.
  • Override key is included in case the battery dies.
  • The keypad has lights on it so it makes it easy to see the numbers in the dark.
  • Low battery warning.


  • Shelves take up a lot of space.
  • The door cannot be removed.

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet Review – Best cheap gun safes

Stack On Tactical Security Cabinet Review

A solid gun safe is one of the top need for a true gun enthusiast. Those who have a gun they must need to ensure a place to store their weapons or valuables.

Most of the users who actually use this recommended others because of its unique features like the reliable locking mechanism, solid steel housing and the prying resistance ability. That’s why the brand has a good name in the market as a reliable locking mechanism and achieved user’s trust in a very short time.

Wide Rooms for Firearms

The Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS is roomy enough to accommodate a fair amount of full sized firearms. A research shows the California Department of Justice rating the gun safe and considered one of the best cheap gun safes around the market.

Versatile Use

You can get the taste of versatility with this product as the carpeted interior divided into 4 adjustable shelves. In this addition, you can customise it according to your needs. Getting this type of versatility is very rare in this budget products. Regardless this one of the prominent features of the Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS is its quoted long gun capacity of 22. As a result, it can furnish the needs of the average gun collector.

Also, Has an electronic Keypad

According to the manufacturer for the primary unlocking system the gun safe uses an electronic keypad. But thinking about user’s extra security it also comes with two mechanical override keys. These keys will come to help in case of any electronics malfunction. So of course, this is a very sensible addition to this brand who thought to add more values because of the nature of low cost of the tool.

Solid Construction to Last Long

The brand has a good name in the market because of their quality and affordable budget range. In this case to assure their customers they also have a good time warranty. It’s very tough to get this option in other same priced models whereas this brand is offering due to they are very much sure about the quality of their products. Neither water nor fire resistant, the first priority is solid theft protection which doesn’t compromise to the Stack On Security Cabinet.

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  • Has lock light signals for incorrect code entry.
  • Patented contoured barrel rests accommodate both rifles and shotguns.
  • Fire-resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400°F.
  • 5 steel-bolt locking points.


  • Some issues with the arrival of few dents and bends.

Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe Reviews

Stack On SS 22 MG C 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe

Those who are looking for a safe gun, not more than 22 capacity they should look forward to Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe. In particular, they will get it below $500, which offers great security. Further, it has a wide space to accommodate your essential weapons and its also impact resistant. Nonetheless, if you think it a right choice for you then doesn’t forget to give it a trial.

Great Finishing

The safe has a nice finishing; you can see it has a double baked epoxy paint with chrome silver accents. With this intention, this attractive piece can be another great addition to your gun collection. Not only has this had enough storage space for your ammunition, magazines, and documents. Hence, the shelf located at the top back of the cabinet so that users can take out their guns easily. This will also ensure you get more space in front to store your taller guns.

Convenient Mounting Option

Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 features a flush mounting option. It also comes with predrilled holes that help you attach the cabinet to the floor or wall. Due to this reason breaking this storage box is not easy for the burglar, they can’t just pick and carry it away in your absence. Nonetheless,

According to the manufacturer, it approved by California DOJ. It meets all the regulations of Penal Code section 23655, so there are no legal restrictions in using it.

Arrives As Assembled

Many users mentioned in their gun safe reviews the item arrives as pre-assembled. You will get all the seams welded before. Just need to put the shelves in the cabinet, standoffs and barrel rest that’s it. However, inside the body, it has foam padding. It keeps the weapons from touching each other and causing scratches, so your guns are completely safe and scratch free.

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon


  • Can hold 22 rifles or shotguns up to 54” tall.
  • Four adjustable shelves can easily remove.
  • California DOJ approval.
  • The large, steel locking bolts provide added security.


  • Few claimed the safe is hard to open.

Things you should Consider before Buying a Best Budget Gun Safe Under $500

Gun safe doesn’t like the common products available in the in the market. If you are a new shooter and look forward to buy a gun safe for the protection of your firearms some key factors you must know before buying it. We have described some 10 pros and Con’ts and some important things that must be considered for you below: Buy a safe which is bigger than your need

Your gun collection may increase over time. Moreover, a smart gun safe is not made only for protecting gun but also it must have room for other valuables. So, focus to purchase a safe that is bigger than you think you need. Don’t hesitate to spend for safe which is fire resistant.

Most of the safe available in the market are not fire resistant. True that safe which are fire resistant may cost little bit more but it will be a better decision to spend for the resistant one if you want to protect you firearm at any cost. Check out the specification of the safe carefully

It is very important to check out the specification of the safe you intended to buy. You must do a mistake if you considered a safe as a secured one just for its weight and size. There are lots of things to consider off course.

For example, you must know whether the body of your selected safe is able to resist drilling or fire. Generally heavy-gauge still is secured because it is more resistant to drilling than the thin one. in this case, we recommend you to buy the safe which is constructed with 10 or minimum 8 gauge steel plate.

Another notable thing is that be sure that your selected safe has the UL RCS (underwriters Laboratories “Residential security container”). Check out the locking system

when emergency comes your finger has to touch the trigger. But what if when your firearms are in the safe but the danger rushing towards you and you still busy to unlock your safe? That wouldn’t bring something good. So, you need to select the safe which has a very quick access. In this case we recommend you to buy biometric one which can be unlock within a second by your fingerprint. Buy the safe which is easy to mountain

If you cannot mountain the safe where you think it safe that would be considerable problem. Some safe are fit to mountain on wall some are on the floor but you should look for that one which can mountain on both floor or wall or anywhere you want. Consider the door construction

Door construction is another important thing to consider before buying a safe. Select a safe which door is constructed with ¼ of solid steel plate or equal elements. Locking system and door construction both are linked up and strong door construction provides a smooth and easy locking system. Removable rack or shelf

Look for a safe which’s cabinet allows you to replace the shelves and place it in its place when you need. This facility provides you an opportunity to enhance the interior space of the cabinet so that you can store other accessories or important paper or documents in it easily. Pay attention on design

Safe shouldn’t be merely a protector of your firearms or valuables rather it can increase the decoration of your bedroom or the place where you placed it.  Colorful and crafted design with good specification safe should take place in your selected list. Look at many different brands and pick out your best one

Different brand bring different specification on the market and among the brands there are notable distinguish and they offers many different features. For example, Barsaka offers biometric locking system, Zanotti provides slide out drawers and removable shelves, Browning offers door-mounted rack etc. The experienced Take suggestions from users or read article on online

Finally, you can take suggestion from the experienced users and to know about the latest model read article on online. Do an experiment and research on particular model individually and consider the key factors described here for buying a perfect safe for a perfect protection of your firearms and other valuables.

Best Gun Safe Under $500 Reviews in 2021

We have described the advantages and disadvantages of having a gun safe. However it may quite clear to you now that why you need a gun safe. But the confusing thing is how you differentiate the best gun safe according to your budget.

We know A quality gun safe is often a once in a lifetime purchase, so we Must be sure to get the right safe for our needs. By comparing and contrasting the futures, pros and cons, we have selected ten . And We have described ten best gun safe one by one below so that you can compare with each and realize why they are best.

Advantage and Disadvantages of having a gun safe

After introducing our top ten best gun safe we feel the necessity of mentioning the advantage of having a gun safe and the disadvantages of not having a gun safe.

Advantages of having a gun safe

It has lots of advantages some are notables and mentioned below. Gun safes are not only for holding guns rather they can be use for many other factors:

  1. A gun safe increases the lifetime of your firearms by taking care it from any kind of tarnish.
  2. It keeps away your children from your firearms
  3. Stave robbery of guns.
  4. Can used as a store for others valuable and accessories.


It is true that, having a gun safe is advantages for your gun but some disadvantages also may make you wonder. They are:

  1. It may resist you to go in an immediate action with your gun.
  2. As you need a password to open the safe it may became a great problem when you forget the password anyhow. But if you have biometric one, then it is ok.
  3. Gun safes are not look like a terrible thing like the gun. So, children can easily consider it as a simple box and begin to play with as they do not aware of what is a gun safe.

How to Choose the Best Gun Safe Under $500

We have described top ten best gun safe under $500 above and now we feel the need to give the explanation why these products are best for the money and which things made them best .

All the gun safes are not crated equally and they cost in a different rate according to their different specifications and features. But sometimes we need to buy good products with a minimum budget and confusion creates then. But if we do a research on the products are in our range by keeping some key factors in mind we can make good purchase surely.

Gun safes under $500 are not equally good but we have selected six products among all these by paying attention on some notable thing which really make a safe exceptional. All these safes have different features and specifications and individually highly recommended for some different individual factors and features. So If you want to choose the best Product you must Follow these feature that are given below.

Body construction

generally, Safes under $500 unable to resist fire but to save your fire arms before it’s too late you should buy a safe that can make a least protection against fire. So hardest steel made strong body constructed safe can give a fight against fire and can resist fire ax and drilling completely. You can have a strong body constructed safe with the budget under $500.

Quick access

Safes under $500 also facilitated with quick access. Barsaka offers a biometric gun safe that allows its users to access quickly in emergency situations. Besides, override extra back up keys and keypad are also available for accessing quickly.

Security system

We already mentioned about fingerprint locking system but there is also some fantastic locking system for the safes under $500 such as 3 point locking system, 6point locking system, keypad locking system, and combination locking system. So, you can grab your suitable one.

Easy mountain

You should keep reaching out from the children because certainly you don’t want them to play with firearm or they learn its use. So, it is very important to the mountain the safe in safest place. There are many safe under $500 those are very easy to mountain wherever you want.

Design and color

Some safe under $500 possessed gorgeous color and design. Double door, water proof with grey, black, green and so on safes must draw your eyes. They not only protect your firearms but add beauty with the furnishing of your room.

Interior size and removable shelves

Actually you can get most of the facility that expensive safes possessed with the safe under $500. These safe has the variation of size according to the variation of your need.  Large, medium, small all kinds of sizes are available. Moreover, removable rack and shelves are also there to enhance the interior space.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the perfect size for a safe?

Simply that one is little bit bigger than your gun. Suppose you need to store 4 gun then you should buy a safe that is perfect for 5 or six gun. It is because your gun collection may increase over time. Apart from, look for the safe which cabinet allow you to store other valuable besides your gun.

Which security rate should I prefer?

Since the users want to protect their valuables besides firearms they always prefer a strong security. In the term of security we suggest to buy the safe which has well body construction or a well built composite, good locking system with the quick access.

What is the least fire rating to protect documents and money?

Money or documents whatever it is, if these are made from paper they must burn in 451 degree temperature. Safe that has less than one hour fire rating is unable to protect your money or documents since it cannot provide adequate protection against fire.

What type of lock would be best for my safe?

Users use to ask some questions about the type of lock. Among those some common questions they ask which type of locking system is best, dial or keypad, is there any chance to inoperable my electronic lock by EMP render?

What type of controlling does a lock need? For these questions we can say the following: 1. Battery powered dial and electrical locks are generally UL rated and they provide a fantastic level of security. 2. All the electronic locks are not EMP resistant. We suggest the S & G brands of electronic locks that are EMP resistant. 3. If you have a combination lock you should set a memorable one and in terms of biometric keep the particular finger sweat free.

Where should I mountain my safe?

It’s actually up to you. you can mountain your safe wherever you think safe for you. but remember, you should mountain your safe in a place where children cannot reach easily. You can place it on wall or floor it doesn’t matter but the matter is it should be kept away from the person whom you don’t want to touch it.

Would it be better if I Anchor my safe?

Undoubtedly, Anchoring is better option for securing a safe. A thief can easily break into a safe if he has the time and tools to move the safe from where it is placed. though you have placed you safe in place known by only you even in that case you can anchor your safe for extra security. Remember, taking extra security is not a loss at all rather it may save you from any preying or unexpected happenings.

Which brands are most reliable?

You should relay on the product specification, warranties, and features not on brands nevertheless some brands are mentionable for their high rated products such as BARSKA, GUNVULT, STACK ON, BROWNING and so on. But we repeat brands shouldn’t be your consideration rather the product’s features really matter.


To store your firearms in a safest place a gun safe is the best option. But find out the best one with your precise budget really a tough matter. Keeping this in mind we have roamed lots of websites related to tactical tools and observe the expert saying and put them precisely to gather for you so that you can grab your expected safe under $500.

Here we have described all the important things that are really important to consider before buying a safe. We have selected six best safe under $500 by considering their specifications, features, pros and cons. These six products have some especial advantages which we found absent in other safe under $500. Be safe with the best safe.

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Choosing the best gun safe is not easy for a gun owner. As this is a matter of investment of money and protection of the gun, so a single mistake can make a serious suffering. Each owner should keep the guns safe so that no untrained or unauthorized person can touch it. It is also important to keep the firearms safe from the children at home.

We especially choose based on unique features and the nature on how well they can protect your fire guns from the burglar. Most of these allow biometric access; some of them have an electronic and mechanical lock. Therefore, they made of heavy duty materials as well as provide easy access to your guns whenever you need them to work.

Different Types of Gun Safes In 2021

Different types of gun safes are available in the market. Each of them may vary in price, features, quality, materials etc. Here we would like to introduce you to various types of gun safe that you can purchase according to your need.

Biometric Gun Safe

In this time, it is the most secure method of locking your safe. These types of gun safe are quick and easy to unlock. It will come to a great help in case of emergency when most of the people forgot to get access to their weapons. With this more advanced technology, your guns will be safe on strong steel plating. In particular, it comes with a fingerprint recognition sensor and users can add or delete the fingerprints according to their need.

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This gun safe run by battery or electric cable and they utilize a keypad locking system. Each user will set a combination of the six-digit code of their choice and they only know about each match. So its literally impossible to gain access into the electronic gun safe by an ordinary thief.

Wheel and pin combination lock gun safe

Here it will have at least three numbers of combinations. Users have to remember the correct order of numbers to unlock or open the safe. For many gun owners, it’s the safest method to go for because of its fire and water resistant.

Manual Lock Gun Safe

These are the most common lock mechanism in the gun safe industry. Besides these are not as much as quick accessible like the biometric safe but price is lower than the previous one. In particular, three types of lock combinations are there, they are pattern combination, manual locks and number combination lock method.

Why Should You Use a Gun Safe

Many reasons are there that made you buy a gun safe. But the basic intention of using it is to keep yourself and your children away from trouble or an unexpected accident. Those who own a gun or pistol for the personal or professional purpose they must ensure the people around them is safe from danger. Here comes the need of keeping a gun safe.

Firstly, it is literally impossible to keep an eye on children 24 hours and make sure whether they touch the gun or not. A research shows there filed many cases regarding shoot by children under age of six and occurs much accidental death due to this reason. In this regard, it is advisable to keep a gun safe at home so children can’t open the lock.

Secondly, many legal requirements are there for keeping guns at home, among them one of the legal formalities is a gun safe. Once thousands of individuals admitted to hospital because of the sudden rise of unintentional gunshots.  From then it becomes a law in some states of US to keep compulsory a gun safe. Otherwise, your government can take legal action against you.

Thirdly, many cases filed across the US where a crime happens with a stolen gun. Later the owner has to face legal actions. You never know when a thief is following you and targets your guns so it’s safer to keep a gun safe of your own. Rather you can make sure you have the only access to your guns, not others.

Fourthly, legally you can keep a gun but there is no guarantee no one would take the advantage of it. Either you do not keep a gun then anyone can misuse it and you have to face the consequences later. Because of you are the owner of the gun. So to prevent anyone from committing a crime with your gun you have to store all your weapons in a gun safe.

Gun safe Under 500 Buying guide – Things to Consider Before Buying

We added some important factors below. These will help you to choose the right gun safe for you. Hopefully, you will get a primary idea about what to look for or not in case of a gun safe. They are-

Consider the Body Wields

It’s a very important feature you should look for a safe gun. In this addition, firmly welded seamless joints guarantee more protection. Few safe has robotically welded joints whereas the others choose joints welded by an individual. But robotically welded joints are greater options to go. If possible, talk to the manufacturer before and ensure the fact.

Brand is a Concern

You might be thinking the brand is not a matter of fact but in case of safe guns, different brands offer different exclusive features for customer’s satisfaction. In this addition, you can check our previously mentioned brands, all of them has a great value for money. Especially the SentrySafe, Barska, Stack-On TC, are very popular in the safe gun industry. They have comparatively bigger storage space and more technically advanced mechanism.

Size and Weights

You should consider both the size and weight of a gun safe. Size matters because when you have a wide interior space you can store more than one firearm in one safe. On top of that, the dimension of each gun is not same, so space could create problems for taller guns. Keeping this in mind you should choose a safe that accommodates both taller and small weapons.

You can get up to 57 Inches x 13.75 Inches x 13.75 Inches room that is specious enough to fit your guns, documents, and valuables as well. Next, the weight, try to buy a heavy safe. The heavier a safe the more difficult for a burglar to carry it away. So save your beast and buy a wide and heavy gun safe.

Consider the Door Thickness

A more rigid and thicker door is preferable by most of the gun owners. The thicker it is the greater ability it has to resist any pry attacks or resist fire. Safe made of stainless steel tend to be more durable and last long. These give the maximum protection to the weapon. In this regard, it is advisable to purchase a 5/16-inch gun safe door or more than this. As most of the thieves attack the door of the safe, so it’s important to use a thicker door.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a Combination Lock or a Digital Lock?

Digitally lock made of more advanced technology and has biometric sensors. So these tend to be more secure than a combination lock. However, even if you would like to go for a combination lock then make sure the sturdy construction and remember the code accurately.

Is the fire resisting safe good to go?

Yes, those safe provides fire protection they are best to choose from.

Does it require any maintenance of the safe?

Not that much, biometric safes require a little more. In this case, you need to keep the scanner clean with a dry cloth. So no prints or smudge remains on the scanner and it matches properly your fingerprint.

Summary of Gun Safe Reviews

As you are now at the end of this article, so you know how to choose the best safe gun. It is literally difficult to answer the question what is the best gun safe whereas the answer lies on your requirements. In this addition, you should buy a safe that works best for you. Nonetheless, you can try our above-mentioned gun safes.

All of them have a good value for the money you invest. Therefore, our vote goes for Barska Large Biometric Safe. It has the ability to recognize up to 120 different users, removable racks, mounting option and five-point deadbolt system. We hope that ours this buying guide of gun safe will help you to reach the best one of your need.

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