Best Gun Safe Manufacturer 2021 – Top 10 Choose For American’s

Have you got some confusion about gun safes? Or, you cannot understand what the best gun safe will be? Well, to clear this out, first, you have to know what the best gun safe manufacturer is.

The reason is, the best manufacturer brands produce best gun safes. It became that much famous because of the best featured products. And that’s why you need to know about the best brands first.

You must check the list of the best gun safe manufacturer brands, so that, you can get a clear note about it. Let’s see what the list is and why the brands are famous.


Here are some of the best gun safe manufacturer list:

  • Stack-On
  • Fort Knox
  • Liberty Safe
  • Cannon Safe
  • SentrySafe
  • Sturdy Safe
  • Rhino Metals, Inc.
  • Browning
  • Hamilton Safe
  • GunVault
  • Winchester Safe

There are several other brands that manufacture good quality gun safe. But we are going to show you some of the best of all. Let’s see further descriptions to get clear about it.

Best Gun Safe Manufacturer In USA

These Manufacturing companies are basically USA based. And the gun safes are also made in the USA. As you know, these are a lot of brands that can produce authentic and good-quality gun safes.

But what we are trying to explain is the best of all the brands out there. So that, you can get a clear vision of the best Manufacturer. Let’s check what the best gun safe manufacturer are, and why they are special.

1. Stack-On

Stack-On company is built in 1972. The product of this brand is produced in China. There are a lot of features and using options that are included in the Stack-On gun safes. Such as storing documents, firearms, and lots more than that.

As you want a full protection, it’s important to have a good quality gun safe that can give you much security.

There are several safes like Elite Safes, basic Stack-On Safes, Defense Safes, Premier Safes, personal Safes, and lots more.

Overall, you can find some good quality safes if you buy from Stack-On. And the 5-year limited and lifetime warranty makes it a perfect one.

2. Fort Knox

Fort Knox is another brand that provides high-quality gun safes. It has a business of over 30 years.

Fort Knox builds several types of safes that have several features, and security functions. The products of Fort Knox is handcrafted. These are suitable for offices, stores, home, shops and many other places.

This company uses precision fire-board cuts that give the safes a complete protection, and good coverage.

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There are also a hallmark feature that includes an extra layer of steel. You can get it by paying some additional bucks. And this feature make the safe a fire resistant and also burglary resistant.

Also, it has a lifetime warranty that makes it more reliable.

3. Liberty Safe

Just like the Fort Knox, Liberty Safe also provides good products for over 30 years. Almost 85% of all gun safes are built in the USA. This company can make up to 700 safes a day.

Liberty Safe provides a proper protection. So, if you are someone who wants a complete protection in a gun safe, you should try any of the safes from Liberty.

Besides, it is expensive in price. So, you should make a decision according to it. But it’s better to get a proper one that can give you a better service. It’s better not to buy a cheap one. But get a gun safe like this.

4. Cannon Safe

Cannon Safe is another brand that can give you better gun safes. This company produces gun safes of different designs. It also produces different options to ensure better service. You can get any of the design according to your choice.

The company serves good quality gun safes for over 45 years. If you want a strong gun safe, then you should select any of them from Cannon.

The entire team work real hard to provide strong technical safes. The team has a good knowledge and experience to create good products. And those products give you good experience. So, it’s something that provides good features and security.

5. SentrySafe

Sentry Safe provides good products since 1930. It has a flagship line of John D, Brush & Co. They have offices in Japan, Britain, and Canada. In this company, you can have not only protective home safes, but also business weapon safes.

There are other kinds of safes such as security safes, big bolt open fire safes, professional safes, personal gun safes, plus fire-safe and many more.

The products of SentrySafe provides a lot of security policies. Such as, fire-resistance, digital media storage, water-proof feature, and also firearm storage and safety. Overall, you can have a good and protective gun safe if you buy any of the safes from Sentry Safe.


AMSEC means American Security that is considered as the world’s most widely known company. This company is establishing since 1948. Glenn Hall was the founder of this company and for his great skill, he made this company a huge success.

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AMSEC provides several types of safes with complete security. You can get any kind of safes like safes for home and also safes for business purposes.

Not only gun safes, it also has floor safes, burglary safes, wall safes, fire safes, money management safes and many more like that. You can totally rely on this brand and get your desired product.

7. Sturdy Safe

You might heard about Sturdy Safe. It’s basically known as the special company that provides good-quality gun safes. This company has an experience of over 53 years. And that ensures better reliability.

It also creates custom-made gun safes. So, it will also be a plus point of it. You can make a gun safe depending on your choice and preferences.

Besides, Sturdy Safe ensures better layers of metal that offers better protection. The company uses actual fire padding and thicker metal. And that’s how it will make the gun safe more protective and good in quality.

Overall, Sturdy Safe offers you a great deal of gun safes with a lot of features in it.

8. Rhino Metals, Inc.

If you want to know about a well-known gun safe company, then you must know about Rhino Metals, Inc. It’s a U.S. based company. It will provide complete security on safes. And that’s why you can totally rely on this brand.

It also has an OEM security. And that’s the reason it can offer you great security facility. This brand also offers you two types of safes. One is the safes of Rhino Safe series. And the other is Bighorn along with Bighorn Classic safes. Both safes are able to give you complete protection and better security.

9. Browning

Browning is also in this list because of the great quality of the gun safes. These gun safes are made in the USA and China. If you are a person who wants a gun safe that is something strong, then you can choose Browning.

Moreover, this company offers reliable products. They do this business for decades. And that’s why you can get any of the gun safes from Browning if you want a powerful and good gun safe.

10. Hamilton Safe

Hamilton Safe brand is a well-known company. It was started in 1967, and now it is one of the best company in the security industry.

They use different technologies, and that’s why the safes of this brand becomes popular day by day. There are several techniques that they use such as, audio/video system, physical security facility, pneumatic tube system and many more.

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They have a variety of options, so that, you can get the desired one as your wish. They also have a safety deposit boxes, vault doors, weapons storage space, entrance control system, protective steel safes for the banks, and evidence locker with their gun safes.

So, in a sense, it has a wide range of fun safes and you can choose between any of those. It will provide much useful products that you cannot imagine.

11. GunVault

GunVault is a name of a brand that remains leading company for last 20 years. This company provides different types of gun safes. Some of them are Mini & Tiny Deluxe, Microvault, Microvault Biometric, the Nano Vault 300, Little & Multiple Bio, and the Nano Vault 100/200.

There are also several firearms that this company is famous for. They use a current technology that encourages the features of every gun safes. And that’s the other reason, everyone consider this brand as the good one.

12. Winchester Safe

Winchester is also a well-known brand of all times. It is basically known for its firearms. It makes great firearms, and that makes it more famous than before.

The company also makes gun-safes that has wonderful qualities. It is another name of a brand that provides good-quality products. And that makes this name into the top and famous brand name list.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the best gun safe manufacturer is, you can select any of those depending on your choice.

Your safety is your need. And that’s why you need to know what kind of security policy you will need. Remember, safes are something that you will buy for storing your valuable things. And those things must be well-protected.

And for giving your stuff much protection, you have to buy the best one. All you need to do is to know your need and select according to your choice. Keep your stuff secured, and your safe too!

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