9 Best duck decoys for hunting in 2023

If you are into duck hunting, you should know about the importance of using decoys. Most seasoned duck hunters do not play with the tool and that is the reason you should get the best duck decoys if you are serious about hunting ducks.

The ducks are very smart and it is quite hard to get reach to them in the air. It is the reason the use of decoy has been lifesaving. It helps to lure the ducks closer to your reach and then you can aim and shoot at them.

There are many duck decoys for sale out there and the best I have ever used is the MOJO Elite Series Spinning Wing Motion Duck Decoy for Duck Hunting. It is easy to set up; it has an innovative design and many other features that make duck hunting easy and successful for any hunter.

Also, many others match the performance of the decoy. It is quite clear that some prefer other decoys and I can tell from the preference of my friend for Avian-X Top Flight Wigeon Duck Hunting Decoys.

There are many decoys you can consider out there and you do not have to work yourself out. We have the right selections for you on this page. The message we want to pass across to you is that the use of duck decoys should never be overlooked if you are serious about duck hunting.

Best duck decoy for beginners

Best duck decoys for hunting

So, let us check out some of the best duck hunting decoys you can consider from our list below. The selection is a product of several reviews and research and I am so sure you can never get it wrong.

1. Flambeau Outdoors 8700FBU Storm Front 2 Mallard Decoys

The Storm Front 2 Mallard Decoy system is made of lightweight, waterproof foam that is extremely durable. These decoys are designed to “pop” like real ducks when in the water, making them easy for avid waterfowl hunters to spot.

Combined with the variety of drakes and hens, these mallard decoys will make hunting exciting again.

You can always feel the excitement of the season when you see mallards move in and hear them call to one another.

The mallard hen and drake decoys come with a durable weatherproof cushion that adds realism and ensures that your decoys won’t sink during water hunts.

This 2-piece set offers an affordable option for avid hunters and provides realism when birds fall for the trick.

Also, the Storm Front 2 Mallard Decoys is an excellent product and one of the best available on the market. It has all features of higher-priced products without compromising quality.

It is outstanding value for money and comes highly recommended for any successful duck hunting outing.


  • It appears too real to be fake
  • It efficiently lures duck your way
  • Easy to spread and pick up for hunting
  • A great waterfowl hunting decoy


  • It has no significant setback

2. MOJO Outdoors Duck Hunting Motion Decoys

The MOJO’s Duck Hunting Motion Decoys are the most life-like swimming duck decoys on the market. The spring-wound mechanism makes these decoys move their wings, wiggle their tails, and shift their bodies as if swimming. The heads and necks pop up and down together in a heron-like hunting motion. The design makes it highly effective, easy to transport, and extremely realistic once placed in a spread.

The decoys are weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. It will surely bring the realism of actual ducks and geese to your duck blind or spread.

Also, the decoy combines the latest in motion-based technology with realistic motion systems to bring you mobile duck decoys that make all other decoys look like statues.

The mechanism of the MOJO Duck Hunting Motion Decoys is powered by an included CORE rechargeable battery and generates realistic head, body, and tail movements when triggered by passing birds.

These motion decoys run on batteries (not included), have a decent range so they can be moved to locations you wish to attract ducks, and will help cover up your stationary decoys by creating an active waterfowl area. No need to add weight or drill holes into these lightweight, portable decoys. They are extremely easy to carry and will fit easily in any hunting boat or vehicle trunk.


  • One of the best motion duck decoys
  • It creates a natural swimming motion and incorporates a brass weight system for greater stability
  • These lifelike decoys are crafted with durable plastic, then painted and sealed to look like the real deal
  • It creates the illusion of real ducks


  • None

3. MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Pintail Decoys

Optimized MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Pintail Decoys are hand-painted for realistic detail and designed to be set up easily. Before the paint is applied, the decoys are soaked in Liming Wax, which penetrates deep into the feather structure for lasting durability. The traditional technique improves the waterproofing of the paint, enabling them to be used in ponds, rivers, reservoirs, or any other open water.

Also, the handcrafted MOJO Outdoors Elite Series pintail decoy will give you the edge over other decoys. The waterfowl lure tool has expertly combined realistic looks, crisp detailing, and the perfect amount of weathering on each decoy. Organizing 5 to 10 of this decoy will surely get the attention of any duck out there in the air.

In addition, the MOJO decoys are made out of the highest quality materials, fully buoyant, UV protected and can sustain all forms of weather conditions.

Each of the designs offered by MOJO Outdoors is built with its signature drainage system that keeps them from tipping or sinking and allows them to stay out on the water longer.

The wings can move with the help of 4 AA batteries that can last 16 hours in a day. The decoy is safe and easy to use and it gives great performance with the help of its design and realistic appearance.


  • Highly realistic
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Effective wind-driven spinning wing
  • Operates on batteries


  • Just one in a package and you might need more than 5 to become effective for serious hunting

4. Lifetime Decoys Flocked Head FlexFloat Mallard

The Lifetime Decoys Flocked Head FlexFloat Mallard is more lifelike than others you’ll find. The flocked head, realistic coloring, a full neck, and unique motion when whistling, will quickly have your decoy spread turning up hits.

These lightweight decoys are perfect for those people who want to control their decoys and are designed to float or sit upon the water. You get the same great action you love but now with stakes that will never need replacing after season after season of hunting.

Also, the material used to build these decoys was thoughtfully selected so they float perfectly in all types of water, from ponds to open water lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams.

It is one of the best duck decoys spread you will find out there in the market today. In addition, the fully-movable head and neck mimic a real duck swimming on the water surface, encouraging birds to draw closer.

The design boasts of built-in buoyancy system that supports the weight of the decoy, making it easy to cast and retrieve. Your floating decoy is ideal for ponds, lakes, rivers, sloughs, or backwaters loaded with ducks.


  • It has a weather-resistant flocked head that is flexible and moves with the body
  • It has a fully-movable head and neck to mimic a real duck swimming on the water surface
  • They float perfect in all types of water, from ponds to open water lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams


  • None

5. MOJO Elite Series Floater Spinning Wing Duck Decoy for Duck Hunting

All Duck hunters need the best duck decoys to use for hunting and the MOJO Elite Series Floater Spinning Wing Duck Decoy for Duck Hunting is a good option. It has realistic tail action, wing position, and flotation. The design of the decoy helps it catch the most attention of all waterfowl.

With unprecedented attention to detail, these full-feathered decoy heads float level on the water for hours. The durable yet flexible foam construction offers outstanding castability and a true 3D profile that fools even the wariest birds.

Also, Spinning wing floaters have been used in North America since the early days of waterfowl hunting. Due to their lifelike appearance and synchronized movement, they are difficult for ducks to resist.

These unique decoys are made from durable, lightweight materials and can be easily deployed with a throw rope or a paddlewheel. They’ll last for years if you take care of them properly by cleaning them after each day of hunting and storing them off-season in a dry, protected area.


  • The spinning wing moves with both wind and water currents to create instant duck attraction
  • The decoys will work in any water condition and weather to ensure you are always ready for that shot
  • It is made from durable and lightweight materials
  • Operates on 4AA batteries (not included) in a convenient snap-in battery housing


  • None

6. Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Decoy

The Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Decoy is one of the best motion duck decoys you can consider out there in the market. The Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Decoy features the same innovative design and 3D wing technology as the rest of the PowerFlight series.

Also, the decoy is an effective tool when used with a spread of at least two decoys. It’s incredibly lightweight and can be used by itself or in conjunction with other decoys within a spread.

In addition, Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Decoy delivers a realistic toon-like flapping action and audible quacks. Its unique mount allows for mounting on any standard 1/4″ or 20 threaded-post, so it fits on all major decoy bases. The PowerFlight Mallard is also constructed of lightweight materials, making it easy to carry around the field.

Without a doubt, the decoy will bring more birds into shotgun range with less disturbance of those already on your spread. It is constructed from lightweight, durable materials with a weather-resistant polymer coating.

Also, you can use this decoy for years to come in all seasons and conditions. It is available in a variety of realistic colors that match the surrounding environment to further conceal your position. Furthermore, the PowerFlight Mallard combines a cutting-edge paint scheme with the lift of a remote-control spinning wing system for unmatched realism.


  • It has a system that allows for a lifelike flying motion that attracts ducks to your spread
  • It is made from an all-weather high-density foam, which is lightweight and easy to carry
  • It comes with a molded base that offers great stability on land for even the roughest hunts
  • Offers realistic appearance on land or in the water


  • None

7. Avian-X Top Flight Pintail Decoys 6 Pack

Avian X Top Flight Pintail Decoys 6 Pack

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hunter, Avian-X Top Flight Pintail Decoys by GSM Outdoors are sure to draw attention to your spread in the field. These mallard decoys feature lightweight air foiled bottoms and durable fiberglass bodies that help them float high on the water.

The Avian-X Top Flight Pintail Decoys 6 Pack is a must for the serious waterfowler. These six-packs of realistic pintail decoys offer lifelike realism, making it easy to attract your game to you. They come with tough and resilient polystone materials, and they are sure to withstand the toughest conditions.

Also, these 3D decoys are easy to set up and feature weighted keel lines, helping them stay upright. Whether it’s an early-season waterfowl hunt or an all-out goose hunt, the outstanding design of these 6 decoys will help you attract those prized hunters from a distance.

In addition, the realistic look, motion, and lifelike action of these decoys will lure those predators right into your line of sight.


  • It creates a natural swimming motion and incorporates a brass weight system for greater stability
  • These lifelike decoys are crafted with durable plastic, then painted and sealed to look like the real deal
  • It is simple and easy to use


  • None

8. Higdon Outdoors Standard Bluebill Decoys

The Higdon Outdoors Standard Bluebill Decoys pack a lot of life-like detail into a compact, easy to carry whole-bird package. Ideal for novice and intermediate club and recreational hunters running small boats over shallow water or duck hunters in large marsh situations.  

They are easily transportable while offering the detail and natural appearance serious waterfowlers demand. These ducks decoys look realistic, and they’re tough enough to withstand the rigors of the duck hunting season.

Also, the Higdon Premium Classic Decoys are a great addition to any waterfowl hunter’s arsenal. Whether you’re hunting solo or as part of a larger party, these steelhead bluebill decoys will get the job done.

In addition, they are tough and durable, with screws strategically placed to hold their shape in the roughest conditions. The paint is UV protected, so it won’t fade, even after years outdoors.


  • The decoys are excellent for hunters that are on a budget or are working with limited space on their hunting fields
  • It delivers a realistic appearance and high-end quality at a budget-friendly price
  • It is great for attracting bluebill, redhead, and pintail ducks, and come with a PVC stake so you can stand them up in any body of water


  • None

9. Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards

Dakota Decoy X Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards

You can always add a realistic touch to your spread with the Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards. These heads are life-sized and are finely detailed for a look that can’t be overlooked by ducks. The durable Lifeguard body material will withstand years of use and is buoyant, so it won’t sink even when used in heavily weeded waters.

If you’ve been looking for head decoys that are super lifelike, affordable, and easy to use, look no further than the Dakota Decoy X-Treme Mallard Drake Head decoys. These high-quality decoys are designed to be used with waterfowl hunting blinds or with a spread of other X-treme Flock or Head Dressed decoys.

The decoys have beautifully detailed, top-quality head that is handcrafted and painted, ensuring a creative and realistic display. The durable decoy is made from molded resin and hand-painted, a great addition to your private duck hole or spread.


  • A great accessory for staging a successful hunt
  • It is easy and effective to use
  • Float on the water and doesn’t lose its appearance of the look
  • It helps every hunter with the best duck hunting performance


  • Expensive

What duck decoys should I buy?

Best duck decoys for hunting

Duck decoys are an important piece of gear for any avid waterfowl hunter. The purpose of a duck decoy is to provide a realistic representation of a duck’s swimming motion and scooting on the water. This causes other ducks to circle in for a closer look, exploiting their natural curiosity.

The first thing that you need to figure out before you buy any duck decoys is what type of waterfowl will be in the area. This will determine how many movable decoys you need to carry. Immatures are usually less cautious than adults and will hang around the edges of open waters looking for food. You may want to buy more floating or swimming decoys for this type of waterfowl.

For a typical duck hunter, wood mallards, wood and lead pintail decoys, and wood drake or canvasback teal decoys are good to start with. If you plan to hunt other species of duck such as Canada geese, snow geese, or diving ducks a few of those types of decoys would also be worthwhile.

How many duck decoys do you need?

There are lots of factors that contribute to choosing the right number of decoys that you need. You need to consider the area where you hunt, the sizes of the duck and how you are going to transport them, and the traffic of duck in those areas.

You can get as much as you want as the number of decoys you get also depends on the budget and how much you have to invest in decoys. But having 10 to 20 decoys is never a wrong investment for anyone serious with duck hunting.

Does it matter what kind of duck decoys you use?

The two main kinds of duck decoys are floating and still-hunting. Floating decoys are meant to be used on a body of water, while still-hunting decoys are placed on the ground and “crocked”. However, it comes down to your preference.

If you’re using a blind in the water, then floating decoys can be very effective. If you’re hunting on land without a blind, then you’ll need to use still-hunting decoys. The key to a successful hunt is to make sure you have enough decoys spread around to create the illusion of a large flock, or group

How many decoys should I use for duck hunting?

When it comes to hunting duck, more is better. If you are hunting a pond with multiple blinds, I would suggest using at least three dozen decoy ducks. However, if the area is uncrowded and you have no intention of moving the decoys after sunrise, one dozen will work just fine. One thing is for certain – it is all about personal preference!

If you’re hunting on private land that holds mallards and wood ducks, set up a couple of dozen small decoys. Mallards generally key in on size and a spread of three to four ducks will often trigger their landing behavior.

However, if you’re hunting in public land that holds mostly wood ducks, using fewer decoys and placing them with more spacing is recommended. Woodies tend to key in on movement-so unless they are visual hunters, they’ll ignore an overly large setup. The surest way to know what works best is to try it out and learn from your mistakes.

Why do hunters use duck decoys?

The problem with hunting waterfowl is that the animal you are looking for has wings. Ducks in flight present an incredibly difficult aiming task, so hunters often use decoys to fill in the flock, tricking avian eyes into thinking there are more ducks than there are.

Whether to increase a hunter’s chances of downing a duck or simply to aid in observation and enjoyment of nature, duck decoys thus help the hunter in having good hunting performance.

How far apart should duck decoys be?

The answer to, how far apart should duck decoys be? is all about knowing your state’s laws, understanding where you’re hunting and the cover of the water, and understanding how the ducks are flying. By exploring these factors in-depth you’ll find that there’s a lot of leeways when it comes to placing your duck decoys.

Therefore, when setting out duck decoys, they should be spaced far enough apart so that one flush of the birds will not cause them all to fly away. This usually means that the decoys should be 10 to 20 yards apart. For general hunting, it is best to use decoys placed in a line and spread out in a fan shape facing where most of the ducks are likely to land when they come down to feed.

On a large spread of decoys, typically you want to space the ducks approximately 4 feet apart. It creates a realistic look and keeps the ducks from bumping into each other. Thinned-out flocks can be spaced further apart while they’re on the water, around 30 feet apart. With a small spread of decoys, you can ensure that buddies are never more than a foot apart.

Can you have too many duck decoys?

Most hunters are aware that the number of duck decoys you need depends on the number of ducks in your hunting area. Our survey found that 95pc of hunters used between 1 and 3 decoys in their favorite hunting spot.

An experienced hunter knows too many duck decoys are better than not enough, so you should probably include at least one extra every time you go out to your spot.

Are black duck decoys worth it?

Having the right duck hunting decoy is crucial for any duck hunter. Decoying ducks to your blind is a fun and exciting part of the sport. So naturally, you want the best decoys to help you out.

However, no one knows what’s best unless they’ve used them before. I’ve used various black duck decoys over the years and I’m confident that there are high-quality ones that will help you out in your hunts.

Should you mix duck and goose decoys?

You might be wondering, “Should I use duck or goose decoys?” Mixing them both is the best way to achieve success with your decoy spread.

Putting a few goose decoys on your spread can help you continue hunting as early as possible in the morning because geese typically lose their fear of humans much quicker than ducks do when hunting. If you do not want to use goose decoys or if a limit of geese is not desirable, try adding some additional duck dividers and rafts to increase the number of visible ducks in your spread.


Are you a hunter in search of the best duck decoys? all that you need to know is on this page. This page covers all information that you need to know about decoys with lists of those that you should consider for your hunting.

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