Best Crossbow Under 400

Best Crossbows under 400

You are probably one of those people who want to have a crossbow and start their hunting experience but are coming across difficulties in choosing the right one. You’re looking for the best crossbows under 400 because you’re trying to limit your budget.

The best crossbow, in general, won’t be affordable or cheap as there are criteria to be met. Also, it can be quite subjective when it comes to categorizing the best. There are some crossbows that could be the best for you but not for someone else and vice versa.

Even if you filter and search for crossbows on the internet for only the ones under 400, it would still bring you results of over hundreds or thousands of products. It would be difficult to assess as most features would show the same. The best way to narrow down your search is to read reviews about its advantages and disadvantages.

Reviews from different people are quite honest and influential. It is a comment or feedback from the people who came across that product or had actually bought them.

It is their way of giving their thoughts about the product and it can either be positive or negative depending on whether or not they were satisfied or not. Take time to conduct some research, you want your money and product to be worth the purchase.

Guide to Choosing a Crossbow under $400

Although you are far beyond acquiring the most expensive crossbow, there are still high hopes to be able to get a very good, competitive and probably the best crossbow for you having your price range. You just have to look for a crossbow with the right criteria.


If a crossbow passes all other criteria but would go way above your limit, it would be a deal-breaker. The first thing you would want to do with a tight budget is to check the price of the crossbow first above all else so you could save a lot of time assessing the bow’s durability, weight, power, speed, and energy.


This would be the first thing you should look into when you’re buying a crossbow. You already have a tight budget and a low durability crossbow might result in you buying a new one pretty soon.

Test the crossbow from end to end. Pull the string towards the lock, or cock the crossbow and check if the limbs can hold the pressure on the string.

The limbs are the part of the crossbow that bear the most stress and it is highly critical for you to check it out. You’re going to use the crossbow for hunting so try to assess whether or not the crossbow’s materials are strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Speed and Energy

Check on the speed and power of the crossbow. The most efficient speed for a crossbow would range between 200 and 400 fps. The kinetic energy of the bolt is greatly affected by the shooting speed of the crossbow.

The higher the shooting speed of the crossbow, the greater the kinetic energy—enough to create a large impact and penetrating the thick and rugged skin of your target.

You should also take note that the faster your bolt flies and the greater the speed, the noisier the crossbow gets.

Crossbow Power

The power of the crossbow refers to how the bolt is pushed by the crossbow’s string. It relies on the string, cocking & locking and trigger mechanism of the crossbow—from the moment the string is held back, locking it in place and then the release of the trigger.


The ideal hunting crossbow should have a weight between 5 to 10 pounds. It is important for a hunting crossbow to weigh only enough for the person to carry it efficiently and effortlessly. Hunting can get you running, crawling or on your knees as you try to make a perfect aim and shoot accurately. The terrain could sometimes be harsh and you wouldn’t want to burden yourself with a heavy crossbow.

Of course, ideally, the heavier the crossbow, the faster the velocity it guarantees. But if a lightweight crossbow can closely compete or is the same with the heavy crossbow in terms of velocity, then get the light one.

Two Types of Crossbows

Identifying the types of crossbows can also help you narrow down your search. You can further filter your search and crunch the numbers down to all the crossbow results you end up with.

Recurve Crossbow

This type of crossbow dates back so many centuries ago and continues to be produced and improve today. It has elongated limbs that point to the direction away from the user.

The purpose of the curves is to act as a locking mechanism and a strain for the string, keeping them from snapping out.

Unlike the old model, modern recurve crossbows have various improvements and come with great innovations such as the scope, stabilizers, cocking mechanism and more. Old ones are made of wood but today, manufacturers have been using durable materials such as alloys, aluminum, carbon fiber and durable plastic.

Compound Crossbow

The limbs of this crossbow are much shorter than ordinary crossbows and points towards the person holding it. A compound crossbow usually weighs light and has smaller designs while maintaining a fast shooting speed and power which makes it very advantageous for hunters carrying them around.


The best crossbow you can buy under $400 is not specific as to what brand or model of a crossbow. As long as it passes the standard criteria and can provide the user comfort and high performance, then it could be considered the best in that price range.

It is highly recommended to gather as many data and information as possible about a certain crossbow before you start your purchase. Keep in mind that reviews, ratings and comments of other people regarding a specific bow can help you with your decisions.

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