Best Crossbow For Women

Best Crossbow For Women 2020

The surge in production of crossbows for women has made it much easier for men all over the world to convince their wives to go hunting. Most men get in trouble when they say that they want to go hunting because that means they are going out with their friends. If they can get their wife to come with them by buying them a pink crossbow, she can’t complain about it!

All of these new pink crossbows make that much easier to accomplish than it was before. You can get your wife excited about buying that pretty crossbow online and then use that against her since you spent the money on it. It is much easier to get them to do something when you can remind them that you spent a couple hundred dollars so that they could spend more time with you.

We are not experts in relationships by any means but that was some free advice. Now we can get down to what we really can help with, sorting through all of the crossbows for woman. Selecting a crossbow that is going to last is one of the hardest things to do in today’s hunting market. The market is flooded with “zombie killers” that are designed to look good on your wall instead of take down an animal. You want to make sure that you don’t make the mistake of purchasing a crossbow like that to get your started.

Hunting or archery used to be an activity that only men participated in. However, more women are getting into this, whether as part of hunting trips or for recreational shooting in target practice facilities.

There are a number of crossbows available in the market, with several makes better suited for women. Factors such as accuracy, weight, design and price are to be considered as well as women’s body structure and strength compared to men. Choosing the right crossbow is key for comfort and enjoyment.  Safety is another important consideration as this tool is a weapon that must be handled with care.

What to Look For

Crossbows for woman are catered towards people that need a lighter and shorter crossbow than average. Much like shopping for youth crossbows, you want to make sure that you are not buying her a crossbow that she will be sick of carrying 20 minutes into the trip. We are not saying that women are inferior hunters in any way, don’t get us wrong, they just tend to have shorter arms.

You probably want to stick with crossbows that weigh less than 10 lbs. The lighter the crossbow is, the better; emphasis on “we don’t suggest going over 10 lbs.” Most crossbows on the market today are made with light materials and you should be able to stay under that limit under any budget.

The other thing that is important is that you do not sacrifice power. You are still going to need plenty of power if you want them to actually hunt anything and stay entertained. If she doesn’t plan on actually hunting, we hear Nerf has a pretty good sticky dart crossbow, otherwise, you need power!

Power is measured by how many Feet Per Second (FPS) an arrow is traveling at the optimal target distance. You want to stick with a crossbow that is rated somewhere around 300 FPS. Anything less than that is best used for target practice and small game.

The last thing that you will need to consider is looks. Woman tend to care more about what a crossbow looks like than men and that should be taken seriously. A nice pink crossbow pattern can mean the difference between a sarcastic excitement and a real excitement when they unwrap their new crossbow!

Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow Package

Barnett crossbows are some of the most comfortable crossbows on the market for both men and women. They spend the extra time to make sure that their product is well balanced and ergonomically correct. Their crossbow is no exception to that rule and would make the perfect women’s crossbow.

Rated at 330 FPS, this weapon can take down anything you could ever want to hunt in North America. Featuring the Barnett premium trigger and safety system that makes this beauty perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Another great feature is the adjustable cheek piece and butt stock. This makes the Raptor suitable for any hunter, adding to its versatility.

Parker X401-IR Pink Crossbow

This pink crossbow package has everything that you could possibly ask for in a quality crossbow. It comes equipped with a 3 X Illuminated scope, providing you with that much more value with your purchase.

What makes this crossbow so amazing to us is that it weighs just 5.5 lbs. and still packs a punch. We don’t understand how a crossbow that light can still be rated at over 300 FPS.

The X401-IR is also equipped with EZ draw technology, which is extremely helpful in the field. It takes 100 to 150 lbs. of pressure to cock a crossbow of this caliber without any help. If you miss with your first shot, you do not want to sit their making a ruckus while trying to get ready for a second shot and that’s why the EZ draw technology is a plus especially for the novice.

Excalibur Vixen II

The Excalibur Vixen is another woman’s crossbow that weighs just 5.9 lbs. yet still packs a punch. It is not quite as impressive in the power department as the X401-IR, but it does manage to make it into the bottom of the recommended power  ratings with 285 FPS.

We really like that “realtree pink camo” color of this crossbow. It is pink so that the women like it, but also blends in because of the real tree aspect that they incorporated. Most animals don’t see in vivid color patterns like we do, instead they see mostly in black and why. The shades of color on this crossbow will be perceived in the same way as the shades of color on a bush or a brush pile; part of nature (as long as wifey isn’t wearing her shiniest dangley earrings!)

Darton Terminator ll

Darton is an up and coming crossbow brand but they are here to stay. Their second product in the Terminator line is one of the best crossbows for a woman that you can find. It is light, easy to cock, and has plenty of power.

The Terminator II is also equipped with a string suppressor to help reduce the noise and vibration of every shot. This allows you to take a second shot, if you miss the first, before you are spotted. This can also help keep you hidden from a pissed off bear if you don’t take him all the way down.

TenPoint Lady Shadow

TenPoint continues to raise the bar in the crossbow market. If you are looking for a top quality crossbow and are willing to spend the money, this one could be perfect for a woman or a man and women love to match their husbands!

The carbon injected polymer frame allows them to sell a solid product that only weighs 6.4 lbs. This is an incredible weight for such a durable crossbow that is going to last longer than any of the other crossbows for women on this list.

Rated at over 350 FPS, this is also the most powerful crossbow on this list. With that much power, you can take down anything you could possibly look to be hunting. That is enough to take down a full size Buffalo.


Parker Bows Challenger Ladies Crossbow Package with 4X Multi-reticle Scope – Best women crossbow

A person’s upper body strength and size are very important factors in using a crossbow.  With most females having smaller body frames, a smaller size and lightweight crossbow is more suitable. The Parker Bows Crossbow has these qualities, making it ideal for ladies

Despite these, it packs quite a punch, with its ability to draw arrow speeds of 300 fps. The device comes with four-times multi-reticle scope, four quick–detach quivers and four arrows with field points. It has an adjustable draw weight which makes it easier calibrate for individuals. The multi-reticle scope also provides good magnification to improve aim. It also has features such as auto-engage    and anti-dry fire mechanism, which ensure the crossbow doesn’t accidentally let loose while loaded and prevent damage from the intense pressure to push out the bolt.


  • The device is merely 5.5 lbs making it easier for women to carry and hold it firmly while shooting. This lightweight feature also made suitable for beginner.
  • This crossbow comes in pink camo called Muddy Girl ® for those looking for alternatives to the usual masculine colors of crossbows.


  • The price is relatively higher compared to many other crossbows and may not be affordable to others.


It is slightly more expensive compared to other models in the market, but its attractive design makes it truly stands out from many other conventional crossbows. It will be suitable to you if style is equally important together with functionality.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package – Best Crossbow For Women – best crossbow for women

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package is also another suitable crossbow for women. At 11 lbs, this device is slightly heavier than Parker Bows. It is able to shoot at 300 fps speed. This crossbow comes with three 20” arrows, premium red dot sight and rope cocking device.

The main difference between Parker Bows and Barnett Recruit crossbow is that the former uses a scope while the latter use red dot sight for targetting. Scopes work by increasing magnification for better view of distant objects. On the other hand, the battery-powered red dot sight paints a dot on distant targets for better aim.

To take care of the device, the manufacturer suggests storing it in climate-controlled storage and waxing the string after every ten shots. Following the instruction will enable the device to work well for a long time. The manufacturer also strongly advises against dry-firing as this will damage the crossbow and void the warranty.


  • It is relatively cheaper than Parker Bows model thus suitable for beginners who are on a budget that are interested in trying out archery or hunting.
  • It is equipped with red dot sight for more accurate aim.


  • This device is slightly heavier compared to Parker Bows model, and thus may be slightly more difficult to hold and manage for smaller individuals.
  • The red dot sight requires battery to operate thus increasing the maintenance fee with additional battery purchases.
  • The design is more masculine as the whole body is black making it less appealing to ladies.


Barnett Recruit is suitable for women who prefer smaller and light crossbow. The reasonable price is also another attractive factor for consideration. Though it is relatively cheaper than many other crossbows, it is able to deliver equally good performance.


Both crossbows have pros and cons so the choice of device depends mainly on your considerations. If you need a lighter device, Parker Bows is recommended. The design is also very refreshing and attractive, moving away from the conventional design. Another plus point for Parker Bows crossbow is its multi-reticle scope for more accurate shooting. If budget is your priority then Barnett Recruit is the better option.


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