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Your purchases do  not end after you have gotten yourself a crossbow. The next thing to consider is to purchase a crossbow case. You do not want your expensive crossbow to be lying around the house without any form of protection. A crossbow that is not well protected will may get damaged and repair costs can be expensive.

Most models require storage in controlled climate condition, so keeping it exposed during harsh seasons will most likely damage it. Safety is another reason for getting a case as it prevents children from playing with it, which may cause serious injury

Choosing the right crossbow case may be as tough as choosing the right crossbow because you need something that is handy and sturdy to protect your device for a long time. So in this article, we will introduce to you two best crossbow case in the market to help aid in your decision.

The first factor that you need to consider in choosing the right casing is whether you prefer a hard casing or soft casing. Hard casings offer better protection because these can withstand a lot of pressure thus preventing most damage by the impact.

The disadvantage of a hard casing is its rigidity which makes it troublesome to carry around. This could also prevent some crossbow models from fitting into the case so make sure you check the dimension properly.

Soft casings are very flexible and may be able to accommodate other items. It is also less bulky, takes up less space, and much lighter so it’s less troublesome to carry around. On the negative side, soft casings do not provide protection as good as the hard ones. So your device will have higher chances of getting damaged if you accidentally knock it on something hard.

Plano CrossBow Case

Plano Crossbow Case is a hard case shell that provides the best protection for crossbows. It is a versatile casing because it can be adjusted to expand or contract by over 11” to fit in your crossbow.  The interior of the casing is filled with high density foam for extra padding to protect the crossbow from impact and also to ensure your gear fits in well in the case.

High quality polyester tie-down straps are to be used to secure the crossbow so that it does not sway from one side to another.

There is plenty of room available inside the casing to store accessories such as arrow, quiver and scope. The size of this case is universal and can fit perfectly crossbow from different manufacturers so you don’t to invest in another casing if you plan switch to another crossbow.


  • Hard casing is very durable
  • Fits into many crossbow models


  • Size is very large so some may find it inconvenient to carry around
  • The package comes unassembled, so you need to do it yourself


This case is one of the best hard casing in the market. It is durable and has plenty of storage room to keep things that you need. The downside is that it is very big in and rigid   so bringing it around will be be a challenge.

Barnett Crossbow Case

Barnett crossbow case is a soft casing to store your crossbow and also give you the convenience to access your hunting gear and its accessories. It consists of padded shoulder strap that can be attached and removed based on your preference. You can use it as a carrying case when hunting or for storage of the crossbow at home.

It is mainly designed to fit crossbow made from Barnett, but other models may be stored there if the dimension fits with the bag’s dimension. This bag is also designed with various zippered storage compartments for you to safely store hunting accessories.


  • Lightweight
  • It has additional compartments to store hunting accessories.


  • Not strong enough to handle impact, not suitable to bring into airplane cargo.


Barnett Crossbow Case is a very versatile casing suitable to bring around for hunting. It helps to give convenience and comfort when we are carrying heavy gears like crossbow. It has many compartments to store itemsso people from most ages and body sizes will also find this bag useful.


Both of have their own pros and cons so the ultimate decision still depends on your hunting lifestyle and needs. If you are someone who frequently travels on air and consistently bring your crossbow along, then Plano Crossbow  is recommended because it can withstand more pressure and impact. However if you merely travel to a nearby forest or archery center, then Barnett Crossbow case  is a good choice since it is less bulky and the lighter thus increasing your mobility.


Pink Crossbow Cases for Ladies

The invention of pink crossbows has attracted many female hunters to join in on the game. It’s not hard to see why. Pink crossbows are not only stylish, but can deliver the exact same level of performance as compared to a regular crossbow. As a woman and crossbow enthusiast, you may already be the proud owner of one of these stylish weapons.

The next step is to look into pink crossbow cases, to suit your crossbow. Generally, the selection criteria for a protective case such as this would be similar to any other crossbow case on the market.

However, since this product mainly targets ladies, there could certainly be different features to look out for, compared to conventional ones.

The first criteria to take into consideration is the types and styles of cases you might prefer. There are two types of cases available on the market, including hard cases and soft cases. Hard cases have a thick wall built into them, giving extra protection to your crossbow.

The crossbow endures lesser impacts if your case is bumped against hard items, such as trees, when you are traveling with it. These can also withstand rough handling, and typically feature good lock protection, and so would suitable for use when traveling by air.

The disadvantage of hard casing is that they are more rigid, so some equipment may not fit or will be too loose fitting, should you purchase sizes that aren’t measured to the crossbow you are using. So you need to make sure the case that you purchase has similar dimensions to the gear you own. Soft cases have the advantage of flexibility, and are lighter in weight.

You can easily adjust your gear to fit nicely into these bags. The materials used to make a soft case are also lighter, so you won’t have to carry additional unnecessary weight as you travel, especially compared to a hard case.

The disadvantage of a soft case is that it can’t protect your device from impact. The padding inside the bag is not thick enough, and your crossbow will unfortunately be prone to damage if you bump into something hard.

When considering a soft case, also look into the material used, to check if it will be easily torn off. Materials that are made from microfiber or non-nylon fabrics can be easily torn if they come into contact with sharp objects. Also, make sure the bag is waterproof, as it will need to protect your gear from damage, in contact with water.

For ladies with smaller body types, you may need to consider choosing bags that are lighter and smaller in size. This is to ensure your movement will be less restricted, so you can carry it for longer hours without feeling fatigue.

Also look into bags that have additional pockets built into them, so that you will be able to store some of your belongings.

30-06 Outdoors Princess Best Crossbow Case

Despite what you might expect, there actually aren’t many crossbow case makers capturing the market for ladies with pink colored cases, yet, apart from one. 30-06 Outdoors Princess Crossbow Case is a pink colored casing, constructed with 28” width and 11” length.

These dimensions are chosen to fit many full-sized model crossbows, such as Parker and Barnett’s. This is a lightweight case, weighing in at around two pounds, so ladies will not find them too burdensome to carry around.

The 30-06 Outdoors Princess Crossbow Case with pink camo design fits your hunting needs perfectly, while embracing your feminine side.  It compliments female hunters who own pink-colored crossbows, well.

The design itself is pretty much the same as other 30-06 Outdoor models, only with pink colored edges, with the logo in pink. The attractiveness of its camouflage design adds a lighter tone to your hunting mood. It makes a nice option for couples who want to use similar model cases, where the male could choose a more traditional color, and the woman could use pink.

The color differentiation also helps you avoid mixing up with your partner’s bag.

The main attraction to this crossbow case is that it is made with Moisture Wicking Material Technology. This makes use of capillary action to remove moisture faster than other fabrics, such as cotton. It is the same action you find when you see water drawing away from wax. This technology has been recently adapted by sports clothing, as it is able to dry off sweat faster. It functions when water or sweat touches the fabric, spreading out the water and creating a larger water surface, making it easier to evaporate.

Fabrics such as cotton work in contrast to this, as they draw water into the fabric, retaining it for a longer time. So, as this crossbow case makes use of this technology in its design, it is invaluable for use outdoors. This is because it is able to dry off fast from rain, sweat, or when you accidentally drop the bag in a puddle of water while you’re hunting.

Because it is a soft case crossbow bag, you will have a similar experience to other soft casing bags. The main problem with bag is that it is not hard or tough enough to sustain hard impact. With this in mind, it’s not suitable to store bows that will be used in a harsher environment, such as putting it in airplane cargo.

While there is padding on the bag, it may not be enough to give full or extensive protection to your device. Your crossbow could potentially get damaged simply walking with it into the woods, knocking it against something hard, such as tree or rocks. You’ll need to take extra precautions when carrying your crossbow in this bag.

If you are looking for a case to store your crossbow, this is definitely one to consider, because of its versatility, convenience and attractive design. Your only major concerns with these pink crossbow cases might be their relatively lightweight padding, so exercise caution when using these in potentially hazardous environments. It can be easily purchased online, for yourself or for your loved ones.

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