9 Best bone saw for elk and deer 2022 – Reviews and guides

Are you about to hunt for elk and deer and want to know what the best saw is to cut through meat and bones? Have you heard of far too many people who have ruined good knives cutting those bones up, even with a sharp knife? I sure have. Let’s talk about what is the best bone saw for elk and deer and why.

If you’re about to go deer hunting, you’ll need to buy some equipment before you go. One of the things that I’d recommend is buying a good bone saw. This will be necessary if you want to skin the deer.

On this page, we have a comprehensive and unbiased review of the best bone saws for cutting deer bones, no matter the size. We hope to help you make an informed purchase and avoid making a bad investment in the future.

What is a good bone saw?

Bone saws are special hand saws that cut through bone; medical professionals and butchers can use them. A good saw is user-friendly and also efficient at cutting meat and bone. Most people can struggle with a bone saw, but the best one will always give the best performance.

The Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw is one of those you can refer to as a good bone saw. It has all features that make it perform greatly. So, let’s check out some of the good bone saws you can consider below. 

Best bone saw for elk and deer

Best bone saw for deer

Below are the lists of the top 10 lightweight bone saw that you could consider for your field hunting trip. They are of great value and the perfect option for cutting the meat and bone of deer and elk.

1. Gerber Vital Pack Saw

Whether you’re carving through thick brush or preparing a game for dinner, you depend on your blade to deliver the performance you need, and the Gerber Vital Pack Saw delivers its best. It is one of the best big game bone saws you will find in the market today. 

The full-tang construction delivers exceptional strength and durability, while the textured grip handles help increase control. It can be likened to a butchered bone saw because of its design. 

It comes with a high-quality stainless-steel blade that makes it fast to cut through meat, bone, and hard materials. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue, while the sheath provides you with easy transportation when you are out in the field.

Also, the folding Packable bone Saw is a rugged multi-use knife that will slice through branches and logs while backpacking or camping. Its compact, lightweight design and sturdy construction make it an essential part of any hunting adventure.

2. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Saw

Do you hunt big games such as elk and deer, and you need to skin or prep them always, then you should get yourself a quality saw to do that. The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is one of the best pack bones saw that you can consider. 

The bone saw is great for pruning, cutting meat, and bone. It has a frame made of lightweight aluminum that is easy to handle. Also, the folding saw is lightweight and sturdy, so you can work with speed and ease. 

Also, the durable plastic handle ensures a secure grip for easy and comfortable use. It comes with a blade guard and a compartment that holds spare blades. 

In addition, the saw is superb. The teeth cut on the pull stroke and leave a very clean edge on the meat and bone. Because of its unique design, the saw can be used for any task, and the blade can be sharpened if you have to do so before using it.

3. Weston 47-1601 Butcher and Bone Saw

Weston 47 1601 Butcher and Bone Saw

The Weston Butcher and Bone Saw is an impressively powerful saw by any standard. It can be used safely and effectively on small game, pork, lamb, beef, and more. It comes with a blade that you can easily remove, making it safe for storage or transport. This model comes with a 16-inch blade made of high stainless steel for unrivaled quality and extended use.

Also, Weston saws are essential tools for butchers, chefs, and individuals that like to process their meats. They are quality, affordable, and very versatile. It can handle a wide range of meat cuts with ease. This bone saw will make cleaning up fast and easy, from skinning a large cow to a single deer.

Furthermore, the blade is super sharp and will hold its edge for a good long time as long as you don’t abuse it. Plus, this butcher bone saw is a perfect fit for handling deer and elk of different sizes which makes it one of the best bone saw for field dressing.  

4. Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw

Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw

The Silky PocketBoy folding saw is a unique combination of a folding pruning saw and a pocket knife. The saw blade is concealed in the handle, which has a belt clip. When folded, it resembles a pocket knife and can be quickly used to cut branches or other gardening projects such as cutting tree roots.

One of the things you enjoy with the saw is its cutting ability. Each saw comes with a hard plastic belt case which makes it so easy and safe for you to handle. Also, the saw comes with a rust-resistant feature, and it has hard chrome plated taper-ground blade with non-set teeth.

You have the right to operate the bone saw in a way that pleases you. It has two open locking positions for flush cutting and in-line cutting. It is 170mm long with 8.5 teeth per inch. In addition, it is lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere without stress.

5. Hooyman MegaBite Hunter’s Combo Bone Saw

The Hooyman MegaBite Hunter’s Combo Bone Saw is a great hunting tool. It is perfect for field dressing, big game, processing big game meat, and being extremely tough enough to handle any extreme conditions you plan on hunting in.

If you are looking for the best bone saw for butchering, then you’ve got one here. It is a saw that is designed to take up any task irrespective of how hard it is. Its construction makes it solid as it boasts high-quality material. 

Its construction boasts of high carbon sk5 steel with hardened four edge tooth. It has the strength to handle longer cutting which makes it great for all hunting tasks. Also, it is much easier to use with its two locking positions.

In addition, the versatility of the bone saw makes it a great fit for all kinds of activity that deals with dressing and skinning animals. With its strength to cut through bones, you have got yourself a great and powerful tool. 

6. LEM Products 639 22" Meat Saw

LEM Products Meat Saw
LEM Products 639 22 inch Meat Saw

The LEM Products 639 22″ Meat Saw is great for cutting up large pieces of meat and offering more versatility than some other models on the market. It has a strong frame that can handle regular use, and it allows you to easily adjust the blade angle for straight or angled cuts.

The saw uses a revolutionary blade tensioning system, which allows you to change your blade in seconds without tools by adjusting the blade tension. The saw is very easy to use for anyone, and it is safe as well. The cam makes it easy for you to keep the blade firm and in a secured position.

Also, you can easily remove the blade to replace it with a new one, if need be, for you to do so. In addition, it is handy, and you can take it anywhere you intend to hunt. Also, it can easily fit into any backpack, such as the badland packs.

7. Wicked WTG-007 Wicked Bone Saw

The Wicked WTG-007 Wicked Bone Saw is the perfect tool to use for any butchering task. The Wicked Bone Saw is easily reassembled after cleaning and will not rust or corrode. The serrated blade teeth are saw-like and not knife-like, allowing your bone saw to cut through bones quicker than just using a knife.

Also, the bone saw is a heavy-duty bone saw with a hardened steel blade and a special coating that prevents food from sticking to the blade. The blade gives a precise cut, while the high-quality construction provides precise cutting action. Not only can you use it on beef, but you can use it for cutting pork, lamb, duck, and even bone.

In addition, the compact collapsible saw is ready for action. It’s just what you need for taking down the big game. It folds down to fit easily in your pack or pants pocket when not in use. It is portable, and you can take it anywhere. Also, the blade is very sharp and can cut through anything.

8. Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw

If you are looking for the best bone saw for deer, the Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw is the perfect option for you. Cutting deer meat and bone is easier with the bone saw, which is why most hunters prefer it. 

The bone saw is a portable bone saw that is constructed of stainless steel. The stainless-steel design allows the saw to be strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion by minimizing the amount of air reaching the blade. This helps protect against rust and other corrosion.

The Bone Saw is the must-have accessory for any hunter, tracker, or butcher who wants to reach maximum productivity in minimum time. It has a tough teeth blade system to cut through bone with ease.  

The truth is that prepping large games such as deer and elk can be a time-consuming task, but with the Baracuta Bone Saw, you will be able to get the job done much more quickly. It is a perfect saw for consideration. 

9. Mossy Oak Mini Saw

The Mossy Oak Mini Saw is a lightweight and compact folding saw optimized for cutting the meat and bone of deer and elk. After a day of hunting, dressing your big game is much easier with the saw. It has a design that makes it easy to handle and use for the safest application.

Also, the mini folding saw features sturdy aluminum construction and a serrated blade, making it ideal for cutting wood, bone, and even plastic. The blade has a great cutting capacity, and this handy mini saw folds together to fit in the pouch provided for convenient storage and transport.

In addition, the saw can be used for a wide range of applications. So, investing in the saw means you’ve got yourself a versatile tool. 

Best bone for butchering – things to consider when buying

Best bone saw for elk and deer

When you are planning to get your saw for skinning and dressing purposes of your big game, you need to put lots of things into consideration. There are many things that you should keep in mind when getting the best bone saw for backpack hunting, and we have them discussed below. 


The quality of the bone saw is very important when getting one. Not all bone saws can handle the task of cutting through bone. Even when most manufacturers claim they can, they tend to fail at the point of application. 

Some bone saws will get damaged, and some will fail to cut through bones because they are not made from high-quality material that can stand up to the toughness of the bone. So, you need to ensure you get one that is made from tough and high-quality materials.

Anyone that is made from high-quality material can stand the test of time and perform greatly when duty calls. 

Size and shape 

The size and the shape of the bone saw should be considered too. The shape of the saws is never the same in the market. So, you need to choose the one that you love to use every time. Also, the size is very important when choosing one.

You need to check the size and ensure it is one that can easily fit into your pocket or pack. It makes it all easy for you to pack to the field without any hassles.


The pricing of saws is not the same in the market. Some are cheap, and some are not. Brands, quality of the material, design, blade quality, coating, and many other factors contribute to the price of the saw. Fortunately, you can get some with hundreds of dollars that can perform greatly. 


The design of the saw is an important factor too. You need it to be compact for you to have the smoothest experience or performance with the saw. The design comprises the handle and the material used, the quality and style of the blade, and how lightweight it is.

If the saw is too heavy to handle, it will give you a lot of stress to cut through any animal easily. You sure need a saw that can help you achieve much in a little space of time. Trust me, and you don’t want to spend a whole day dressing a deer or elk. Also, I will advise that you choose a foldable saw above any other out there. 

Blade and teeth

The blade and the teeth of the saw are so important too. You need to be sure the blade is made from high-quality material. The one from stainless steel tends to be tough with the capacity to handle any task. 

Also, you need to consider if you can sharpen the blade or not. Also, you should check the teeth and ensure they can always help you achieve clean and neat cuts. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best tool to cut bone?

If you are looking for the best tool to cut bone, then you should consider a bone saw. A bone saw is a perfect tool you can use to cut bone. Some knives can do the task, but it will be more tedious to achieve that. On this page, you can check out some saws from the list above.

What can I use to cut bones?

The best chance you’ve got with cutting bones whenever you are dressing your big game is the use of the bone saw. You should get quality bone saws that can get the task done. Not all can handle bones from big games, which is the reason you need quality ones. 

What size meat saw for deer?

The size of the meat saw for deer you get all depends on you. Your preference is the decision-maker here. For me, I prefer the 8 inches and something that is compact and lightweight to handle. So, you should focus on choosing one that is easy to hold and use for the best performance. 

Do I need a bone saw for deer?

Absolutely, if you are into deer hunting, and you do love to dress or skin your game before taking it home, then you need a good saw. Only good saws can handle deer bone. So, if you hunt deer often, you need a bone saw to dress the animal.

Do I need a bone saw for elk?

Yes, you need a bone saw for elk. You might not need it if you are not interested in dressing the animal. But if you do the dressing yourself in the field or at home after hauling with elk cart, you sure need a quality bone saw for the elk.


If you are looking for the best Bone Saw for elk and deer, we have got you covered on this page. If you are looking for the best bone saw for moose, best bone saw for elk, best bone saw for deer, we have all here on this page for you.

Also, we have the right information you need to make the right decision above. We are committed to ensuring you don’t make a mistake that could make you end up regretting your choice making. 

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