Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow Review – What Makes Barnett’s Ghost 360 The Best

barnett ghost 360 review

Our topic is Barnett ghost 360 review.In this modern day, sports is not only about reflexing the extremities, shooting the balls, or hitting the goal. Target shooting and archery using rifles, bows, and crossbows have also entered the world of sports. In fact, these armaments are being sold in the market openly for public.

Crossbows, just like rifles, are used by amateurs and professionals for recreation, sports, or for a hobby. Buying a crossbow is no easy task. Crossbows cost not a dime, so you have to make sure the weapon has the qualities and features that are worth your money. Several brands have come up in the market and assessing one by one is a rather not-so-fun thing to do.

Talking about crossbows, the Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 Crossbow have been making noise in the ears of shooters and hobbyists alike. This crossbow boasts several unique features that you will be proud to brag. Is it worth spending? Let us see.

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Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow Features

When evaluating a crossbow, you have to check the design, performance, durability, and affordability. Professional crossbow users would agree that purchasing a crossbow means buying one that is made from durable materials. That is what Barnett Outdoors brags. They have been producing high-quality, lethal, and robust crossbows for over five decades. Here are the features that you will love.

  • The Barneet Ghost 360 is a compound crossbow that is, according to the opinion of many pros, better and more precise than Recurve crossbows.
  • Barnett ghost 360 has a black finish that makes the weapon look tough, firm, and intimidating.
  • The crossbow features a patented Carbon Riser Technology that removes 43% of weight on the front end while maintaining balance on the center point of the weapon.
  • It has finger reminders and pass-through foregrip for better grasping on the weapon.
  • The cable and string system of the weapon is made from Crosswire Technology that guarantees stable and durable cocking of the weapon.
  • The HD Camo Finish of the weapon makes it look entirely aesthetic.
  • The weapon can shoot at the velocity of 360 FPS.
  • The weapon’s draw weight is 165 lbs.
  • It only weighs seven lbs., approximately 3 kilos only.
  • The weapon is narrow and not space-consuming; the dimensions are 36-inch for length and 22-inch for the width.

Pros and cons of Barnett ghost 360 Crossbow

The Pros

  • The weapon is lightweight; you can carry the crossbow with a breeze in the field.
  • The crossbow is compact; it can fit in narrow spaces. Plus, it is also easy to store and to transport.
  • The finger reminders and pass-through foregrip are very ergonomic; it makes the holding of the weapon secure and comfortable.
  • The Crosswire String and Cable system guarantees no accidental snap of the weapon.
  • Though lightweight, the crossbow sure can slay your prey in a single blow with the draw weight of 165 lbs.
  • When a product is purchased, it will come with three Headhunter arrows and quivers.
  • The velocity of the weapon is 360 FPS. It can shoot your target before you even know it.
  • The crossbow is easy to store and transport. You can quickly place the weapon in the trunk of your car.
  • The Barnett Ghost 360 is perfect for casual prey hunting or target shooting.
  • The crossbow is equipped with a scope for better and more accurate shooting.

The Cons

  • The crosshairs inside the scope are crooked. It is best suggested to buy a better scope separately.
  • Cosmetically, this crossbow has a lot to improve.
  • The Picatinny rail is a bit off centered. You might want to have the weapon modified in crossbow and weapon centers.
  • The price is quite high for the said features, but it should be understandable.

Barnett Ghost 360 Summary

The Barnett Ghost 360 sure does possess several excellent qualities that you will love. The design is good – the structure and color are superb. The weapon looks very robust, especially when modeled in the field. Additionally, the crossbow is lightweight and very compact. Analogous to that, though lightweight, the weapon can blow your subject in a single swoosh with the velocity of 360 FPS and draw weight of 165 lbs. The weapon is no doubt lethal.

The product, frankly, is not the best, but it is also not the worse. The drawbacks are tolerable. Overall, the design and performance are excellent, but still have spaces for improvements. The product is firm and durable. The price also is high, but reasonable.

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If the said qualities do not satisfy you, it would be best to purchase a better crossbow. If you want a crossbow that has more powerful blow and more cosmetics, you can alter to Barnett Ghost 410. It is the latest design of Barnett Crossbow. The Barnett Ghost 410 is also a compound crossbow that can kill your prey in just a second with a velocity of 410 FPS and draw weight of 185 lbs.

The product comes with three arrows, three quivers, a rope cocking device, and a Talon swing. Also, mounted on top of the crossbow is a 3×32 scope that will allow you to magnify your target. This crossbow is perfect for deer hunting or other shooting sports and events. With more robust performance and better aesthetics, the Barnett Ghost 410 costs higher than the Barnett Ghost 360.


If you are using your crossbow for casual deer hunting, it would be wise to settle for a low-cost crossbow. Unless you want to have a premium crossbow for bear hunting, then get ready to spend some big dollars.

The Barnett Ghost 360 is an excellent crossbow that will do just fine for simple target shooting or prey hunting. It has features and qualities that can give you great firing experience. Minor drawbacks of the products are tolerable. However, though, if you want a crossbow that performs better, then you have to spend a little more for it. Though it is not always a guarantee that pricier products do better, it sure can promise you better quality and performance.

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