M H Robin

I have been hunting for last 5 years. (24 yrs. and that makes me feel old!) I have been very successful at hunting deer, turkey, exotics, and just about any varmint that moves. I have hunted all over the great State of Texas, also into New Mexico, Colorado and a few other places. Hunting has been the prevailing passion in my life only trumped by my two great Sons. I hope some of the bow hunting advice I have provided helps you be the best bowhunter around. Remember, everyone is different. You can tweek one little thing you are doing and solve a host of accuracy problems. Every day, new products come on the market designed to aid your success, but there is no substitute for desire and practice. Tip: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Most importantly: A bad day hunting beats the hell out of a day at work! Robin, Bangs Texas