ATN X Sight 4k Review in 2023 – Day/Night Riflescope

Leading the initial taking this riflescope out of the package we were amazed by the Ultra HD 4K technology. This fantastic optics makes it pleasant and suitable to acquire with you for the chosen area for hunting. Nearly the whole thing manufactured into the riflescope is intended with compact night vision optics in mindset as well.

We will walk you through every potential benefit and drawback of picking the just-right rifle scope for your hunting in this ATN X-Sight 4k Pro 5-20x review.

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atn corporation x msight 4k pro features
Magnification3-14x; 5-20x
Field of view at 1000 yds460 ft (9°); 240 ft (5°)
SensorATN 4K M265 Sensor, 3864 (H) x 2218 (V)
CoreATN Obsidian IV Dual Core
System Resolution600 lp/mm
Micro-Display1280×720 HD Display
Eye relief90 mm
Video Record Resolution1080p @ 30/60/120** fps
Ballistic CalculatorYes
Wi-Fi (Streaming, Gallery)iOS & Android
Smart Range FinderYes
RAV (Recoil Activated Video)Yes
Smooth ZoomYes
Mount30 mm Standard Rings (included)
IR IlluminatorIncluded

ATN X-Sight 4k Pro 5-20x Review - All Features of This Day/Night Riflescope

Packaging and Components

You won’t have to worry much about mounting gears either because the box comes well-armed with four mounting hardware.

IR Illuminator 

There is another thing you may like to put your hands on, that is the IR illuminator. You may be having hunt and sight in your scope in times that are not perfect. Not the usual clear sunshine that you may expect, in this case, IR Illuminators are a big help to the shooters. IR Illuminator allows you to take magnified shots in low light conditions.

The scope presents a better HD Night Vision Mode for your excellent hunting experience that does not allow the dark shadow to make your shot time-consuming.


The rifle scope includes a nice ATN 20000mAh battery pack as well. These batteries are recognized for being able to power up nonstop 22 hours of use that permits you to make use of every feature of your gadget with no changing of batteries.

These batteries are extremely trouble-free to recharge as well as can power additional gadgets. It’s an excellent experiencing to be familiar with that we will not have got to be anxious concerning a battery replacement if we’re looking for hunting right through the whole night.

As you required, the X-Sight 4K scope does not just stream the video to the cell phone at ideal HD resolution it concurrently records videos as well. Another good thing about the scope is that it offers you SD support. So, in any case, if you’re out hunting in the wild, away from the grid and phone signals then you’ll be able to store your kills on the installed SD card.

Besides, this ATN 20000mAh battery doesn’t put in major weight at all to this rifle scope like further kinds of batteries now and then act.

As you required, the X-Sight 4K scope does not just stream the video to the cell phone at ideal HD resolution it concurrently records videos as well. Another good thing about the scope is that it offers you SD support. So, in any case, if you’re out hunting in the wild, away from the grid and phone signals then you’ll be able to store your kills on the installed SD card.

Obsidian 4 Processor

The Ultra HD Sensor of this scope with amazing Obsidian 4 Processor gets the advanced expertise with superior resolution, more rapidly optics with millions of vibrant colors as well. ATN’s Obsidian processor is the key technological element behind this scope.

It also provides users with an array of image sensors. Equips the scope with the intuitive user interface. The processing unit comes with an advanced scope of environmental sensors. Don’t forget to check the firmware version. Try to keep it updated to the latest version.


While out in the daytime, shooting at your targeted game, you may experience issues related to sun exposure, which may lead to an unhappy shooting session. We’re glad that ATN addressed the issue and they’re offering you a fresh piece of sunshade in the package. By using the sunshade ATN is making your shooting even a lot easier.


The recoil-activated video as known as RAV takes proper care of each and every worry. All you need to do is relax with an accurate focus on the entertainment and allow the brilliant Obsidian Core to act the weighty lifting as it should be. This rifle scope will initiate automatically recording the video previous to as well as later than you take an attempt.

Mobile App Connectivity

With the viewfinder technology, the shooter will also be able to see what the scope is picking up life, comes with zoom in and zoom out feature as well. Gallery in the app lets you access the stored videos which you have captured previously. Watching these stored videos will help you study your shooting better.


Let’s not forget the main feature of the scope. Proper hunting reliably by ensuring the attempt hits the aim all and each time within the range and several weapon profiles. It assists you to settle on precise ballistics for authority on the long-range shots also.

The main reason why you would want to put a scope on your rifle in the first place is because of getting accurate results. After testing this beast it has been seen that it performs impressively even at a distance of 400 yards! Clearly, this riflescope is super accurate


ATN didn’t list the torque specifications which is a slight drawback in the scope of this class. Anyway, you can use 30-inch pounds for the bases and a 20-inch pounds for the ring capped screws. For further installation use the instruction manual that comes with the box.

Further, electroscopes do have some issues with continuous performance at times. With the ATN X as well you may encounter freezing. In this case, you will need to push the power button to shut it down and restart.


Charging is one of the highly discussed elements in rifle scopes nowadays. Many fully digitalized scopes in recent times care a lot about providing the users with comfortable charging units. The same can be said about the ATN X scope as well. ATN is offering you a type C USB charging port which is the latest USB type


The scope seems and experiences identical to your extra traditional optic to be sure. It includes typical mounting rings, extended eye relief, amazing high resolution with absolutely quick viewing as well. There is no Pixelation once you zoom it and so far beneath the cover, it is pure control.

Specifications of ATN X-Sight 4K PRO 5-20X Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Riflescope

ATN X Sight 4K Pro Smart Day


  • This scope Zeroed with no trouble, also held in zero rightly and changed to and from the day and night mode with no problem.
  • The sunshade with a rubber eye relief of this scope put in options for hunting in aims throughout the daylight hours or night time.
  • The scope with outstanding with amazing features within your budget.
  • You will be amazed by are the fitted ballistic calculator as well as the night vision facility.
  • This rifle scope has long battery life with appropriate outside durability as well.
  • You do not require an extra battery pack.
  • This is an amazing scope trouble-free to use with simple to set up


  • Some of the reviewers complain about the ATN customer service does not appear that good.
  • One of the major complaints with this scope is app compatibility.
  • It has also been noted to be the main concern with this riflescope is the regular freezing.
  • Sometimes the external package is a bit damaged as soon as it comes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Is it secure to presume the IR is integrated because it’s a day/night rifle scope?

Answer: No problem! This scope does add in an IR light correctly.

  • How far away can I see and still be obvious with this rifle scope?

Answer: Exactly around some hundred meters. But keep in mind that ATN has the most terrible service constantly. As a result, if a little is missing or else cracks on the rifle scope you or on your own to be sure

  • What definite generation is the night vision system?

Answer: it relies on what rifle scope you’re talking of.

  • What is the longest range of this scope?

Answer: You would have no difficulty shooting with this X-Sight 4K scope at the ranges of 500 yards for the day also 350 yards at night time. You don’t cover any cause to let off this far other than certainly can spot the aim without a doubt at these ranges as well.


On the whole, You will discover the ATN X-Sight rifle scope chosen as a versatile part of the equipment, in particular for its value point. To include every one of these aspects on hand to you confirms to be priceless to you or else still the sporty aim shooter as well. Highly Recommended! ATN is suitable to use as a 22lr scope.

Once you have decided on this ATN X Sight 4k Review, please keep in mind to check out our Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Review here. Have a nice day!

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