Best Video Camera for Hunting 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

The increasing popularity of using best hunting video cameras has begun in last several years. The hunt filming has exploded at this time. Before that hunt filming, that was for documentary or researching purpose for movie, television or any research project which only shoot by professional videographers.

But now many hunters, especially the young hunters, are starting to film their hunt ventures and share their thrilling experiences with among nearest people even with the whole world. Those who are looking to start filming hunts but don’t have any idea how or where to start, can surely get some idea from this review article of best 9 video camera for hunting.

9 Best Video Camera for Hunting

To make secure all process I have outlined the main qualities to look for the best video cameras for hunting. But at first, let’s start with some discussion of 9 best video cameras for hunting.

Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Hunting Camera

Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Hunting CameraThis best hunting video camera could be your ideal companion for both day and night time. The Bestgurder HD Camera is perfect for outdoor shooting even the worst weather of the year. It contains black IR LED, 36 pcs, and the camera and video functions can record full-color shots and footages in the bright lights.

This best hunting video camera can give you sharp and clear black and white photos and videos within 75 ft range just with its built-in illumine-night sensor. Moreover, this device has a very delicate PIR sensor that immediately detects wildlife movements which trigger the lens automatically take footage or pictures. Besides, it has some unique program like audio/video and language identity the program. For surveillance and detecting cold-blooded animals, it has a unique motion detect function. This feature can display images overly that can affect hunting activity such as barometric pressure, Moon Phase, Temperature, GPS Geotag and so on.

With this best hunting video camera, you will have a USB cable, TV output cable, a belt, and a warranty card. This camera mostly used by videographers for their wildlife observation, nature study and other activities.


  • Completely weather proof.
  • Quick trigger time.
  • Can produce AVI and JPG output.
  • Record 1080P video and images up to 12 MP.


  • Requires 8 AA batteries.
  • Afar focused images are little fuzzy.


TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P Full HDThis is one of the best hunting video cameras which comes in an advanced and unique solid case. The case protects the Tec.Bean 12M 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera for dents, scratches or any other damages. However, it’s a password protected hunting camera which prevents unauthorized access and misusage of your necessary data. This camera is water and snow resistant so you can use it any weather or any situations.

Like, you can hunt for your biggest catch even during winter of fish rolling rivers or seas. Also, its long night vision range allows you to capture full color still images and footages in the evening. The black and white photos taken by this device during the evening are made possible by its built-in 36P of 940 mm Black IR LED. Besides it can perfectly shoot from 75 feet range.

This best hunting camera can save power and SD card storage space because of its built-in patented motion- freeze program. It can eliminate unwanted recording of movements such as falling leaves etc.


  • Weatherproof product.
  • Comes with a durable camera case.
  • Crisp and clear photos.
  • Comes with one year of warranty.


  • Does not show some picture taken.
  • Use lots of batteries.


Browning Trail Cameras Command Ops Pro Trail Camera

Browning Trail Cameras Command Ops Pro Trail CameraThis best hunting video camera can capture HD photos and videos with its 10 MP CMOS sensor. The Browning Trail Camera has AIP movement sensor which can detect movement of wildlife within 100 distance ranges. Its zero blur motion technology can automatically freeze moving wildlife until you can take more bright shots or video clips. Also, it has shooting intervals with its Time lapse and Time-lapse Plus systems so you can identify the end of the day of shooting.  Besides you can take photos and footage in up to eight individual frames with its multi-shot/ rapid fire system for moving wildlife.


  • Camouflage exteriors to blend up with hunting environment,
  • Can store up to 32 GB data.
  • Two ways for the power source- 6 AA batteries or 12V power jack for the external source of energy.
  • Mounting socket for tripod or another stand.
  • Comes with the 6-inch nylon strap for security.


  • The SD card gives trouble t storing data sometimes.


iON CamoCam Realtree Xtra® Texture Camouflage – HD Video Camera

iON CamoCam Realtree Xtra Texture Camouflage HD Video CameraThe major advantage of having this hunting camera is its small in size and can be attached to anything you want. Its camouflage texture makes it useful to blend with tree, branches or bushes to shoot undetectable preys. It’s made of high-quality aluminum and its completely heat and corrosion resistant. So you can use it harshest outdoor, marine and salt water or any other environment. This camera can be used in 30 feet to 9 meter underwater and can record 2.5 hrs in full 1080p HD videos. It 14 MP camera is splendid to capture crystal clear photos.


  • High-quality image and footage.
  • Easy to attach with anything lie, gun, arrow, etc.
  • Extremely corrosion and heat resistant.


  • Not so good in far away object shootings.


Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam

Bushnell 14MP Trophy CamThis 14MP high-resolution camera is perfect for still images or video footage. It’s like lightening fast with .2 second trigger speed and extended night time photo shooting range can give your clear and accurate picture as your need. This best hunting camera also comes with GPS Geotag; Audio record; Hybrid Capture takes photos and video simultaneously; Freeze Frame Shutter; Field Scan 2X time-lapse technology and so one. It runs on eight AA batteries but also has customizing battery saving option too. However, it comes with one year of warranty.


  • 14MP high-resolution camera.
  • 48 no-glow black LED night vision flash.
  • Anti-reflective removable cover.
  • Easy open latch system.
  • Adjustable PIR sensor, date/time /temp/moon and GPS stamps.


  • Flimsy off/on setup switch.



This camera seems different in design in others, but the Stealth Cam G30 is one of the leading hunting video cameras among all others. Its retina technology allows you to take crisp and clear photos or videos in the late evening or pre-dawn. The device can virtually reduce hazy effects that affect the quality of images by using the Matrix Blur Reduction mode. There are several functions includes a device which will change your hunting filming experience.


  • 8MP camera with 3 resolution 8/4/2 MP HD video recording.
  • Includes Reflex Trigger system for maximizing speed and accuracy.
  • Geo-Tag GPS Meta tagging.
  • Password protected.


  • The included strap could be better in quality.


Primos 12MP Proof Cam 02 HD Trail Camera with Low Glow LEDs, Ground SWAT Camo

The Primo 12 MP Proof is a reliable and simple video camera for hunting which is great to use for all kind of hunting adventure. This camera doesn’t have extra hassle of functionality or anything to bother. It has 12 MP zoom camera with .4 second trigger speed. Also, its 48 850nM Low Glow LEDs are ideal for night light shootings. The Primo 12MP can shoot at 100-foot night range. However, this best hunting video camera offers photos, HD videos, HD time lapse and audio with all the video formats.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Screw hole for attaching the tripod.
  • Produce sharper photos and video clips.
  • Very cheap in price.
  • Comes with 9 months of warranty service.


  • Take lots of battery which uneasy to insert or remove.
  • No option to adjust sensitivity.


Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera

If you are looking for the best cheap yet excellent quality images with lots of function, then the Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera have fit the bill. This camera can distinguish the hunting areas on the ground in many accurate ways. Like with the PIR sensors, this best hunting camera can automatically activate and take a shot or record any subject once it enters the area of the lens. However, you can take high definition images with the cameras including the time, date, temperature and the location. The cameras include with 42 high-intensity LEDs which serve as IR light up to 65-foot range. With this feature, you will get clear and crisp night shots in black and white format.


  • Built- in monitor for check previews.
  • Wider detection sensor for accurate shootings.
  • Multitasking video and photo mode so you can have video and images together.
  • Includes with battery power saver option.


  • Not theft resistant only comes with a strap to attach to try or any stand.


Midland XTC285VP 1080p HD Wearable Action Camera

Here is another budget friendly video camera to can capture either your fishing or hunting trips in HD format. The Midland XTC 285VP 1080p HD wearable action camera comes with two design- mossy oak camouflage pattern and plain silver. This camera can take both 1080p and 720p HD picture and videos by focusing 5 inches to 200 feet range. This camera is very lightweight so you can easily keep it in your pocket or pouch. This best hunting video camera comes with submersible case, universal mount with two adhesive pads and a mini cable.


  • Two recording option- 720p and 1080p HD recording.
  • Image stabilization maintains stable image during motion.
  • Super quite an operation.
  • Best for arrow hunters.


  • Works for only a few hours.

Buying Guide of Best Hunting Video Camera

Before going to buy the best hunting video camera, you should consider these six factors. Such as,


  • Quality and price

Quality is must when you are going have hunting video cameras. After all, it’s an investment for your hunting adventure. Besides, you don’t need to experiment with lots of video camera to getting the best one. But high-quality cameras cost you also high. But if you have a small budget and need to go through the mid-level hunting cameras than you just one option left. You have to resourceful enough to search the market to find the best hunting video camera within your budget. And don’t forget to see the warranty also.

  • Record Memory

Look carefully the record memory the manufacturer offering with the video cameras. It’s important to go for high storage capacity and capabilities of the device you are going to buy. If possible consult with an expert who has knowledge in this particular section.

  • Size and Weight

A good quality video camera will small in size and lightweight including with its other features. In the present time, the manufacturer is producing small and light cameras to ensure their versatility. Also, the small and lightweight cameras will cost you cheap. Professional videographers mostly use the bigger and heavier cameras. Those are seeking or making documentaries for television or movies.

  • Zoom

Zoom features are important for distance photography. Like the particular distance or range that you want to cover for your hunting area will be magnified by these zooming features. So if you want to get sharp and clear images then choice the higher zoom for your hunting video camera.

  • Field of View

For the wide range of field, view chooses the small lens diameter for the hunting video cameras. The less number of the lens can cover a wide angle of your hunting area. Your field of view must not be included even your subject is standing in a short distance away from your camera. Smaller lens is out of this kind of problems.

  • Additional functionality

This is an optional factor but pretty useful. Get the best hunting video camera with viewfinder if possible. It helps you to take a closer look at the subject or action during recording personally.


Hunting is an exciting and fulfilling hobby for every hunter. And a hunting videos camera with perfect range, crisp videos/images can enhance this experience even more. So, next time when you’ll go for hunting adventure be sure to have an excellent hunting video camera to capture all the priceless moments.  Besides this is a great option to know about wildlife and let the world know. So, all the best for your upcoming hunting adventure with the best hunting video camera.

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